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I’m a Application and Development manager for a multi-billion dollar company. This is some of the finest work I believe I have ever come across. I downloaded this for a personal project :)

Hi Espradley,

Thank you for your kind words! :)

Do you do custom work?

Send me a email ;)

I’ve been using this for a while now, but I’m patiently awaiting an update for basic things such as. Form error messages, the top info boxes are nice to notify there were errors found on the page, but i feel there a bit clunky when used on a form with multiple errors found.

Anyway you could think about including this in the next release?

Many Thanks


hey mate!

Just wondering, this is exactly what i need but before i buy it, how easy is it to set up with my website? so the graphs read my data instead of the data currently on there? I know this is a bit of a dumb question but im new to this side of development sorry!

cheers buddy :D

Hi Ryan,

This only a HTML /CSS/JS template. If you put the data from your database in the chart table (html) then the JS will make the graphs from your data.

when you say put the data from my database into the chart html file, is this easy to do? i do have a database set up and working just wouldn’t be sure how to put this info into the chart file? sorry if its annoying getting questions like this, i’ll buy the template if you can just let me know how to put the data from my database into the chart file :) sorry for hassle mate!

it’s just a table with the numbers.


<table class="statics"> 
            <th /> 
            <th style="color : #00366f;">unique visitors</th> 
            <th style="color : #006ba0;">pageviews</th> 

so it doesn’t actually read off the database and update automatically?? I’d have to enter the numbers all the time?

If you program it so that all the data renew eveytime then it will update itself everytime.

This is what I read into Item details TAB … “10 – January – 2012: For those that want a fluid layout… that is now possible!”. How can I set the layout as fluid as you’ve wrote?

Hi Pantomedia,

Open style.css and you will see how you can do it.

Kind Regards, Rory

Do you have a fluid version of this template? The Live Preview shows only fixed layout and I’m looking for similar one with fluid layout.

Hi Rajesh19,

There is no live preview for the fluid but the possibility is in the template. (see style.css)

Ive got demo version of CleanDream n if i get the proper way to work with the tables im gonna get n use your template for my admin panels. so the q’s are here..

how am i gonna get the datas into table i mean json format or xml? n if it is 1 of it, whats the format of the array? may i have an example!? example of creating a table in jquery n get the datas(json,xml – from php) into it. cheers!

Hi Adamoll,

I hope this will help you: http://datatables.net/development/server-side/. (this is the plugin site that i use for the tables.

In the demo it’s plain HTML .

I checked the link i downloaded the sample but its not u r using on ur page. i ll give u example.

they use; jquery-1.8.2.min.js jquery.dataTables.delay.min.js jquery.dataTables.min.js

i tried the demo in ur temp. n in ur jquery which s jquery-1.6.2.min.js doesnt contain that dataTableExt. thats the error it gives. i dont wanna adapt any other table into ur temp. it takes more affort n time. i dont know if u can give me better way but i ll be waitin news from u. cheers! yea in the demo its plain HTML .

The newest Cleandream has Jquery version 1.7.1… (there is no demo?)

But you can replace the jquery with the newest one (1.8.3), datatables.mini.js is include in the template and you can add datatables.delay.js in the templates.

So then all the files are include that you want… it’s 5 minutes work to include those!

ok may i have that demo version? in my celandream it is jquery1,6,2

There is no demo version to download? I dont know where you have downloaded a demo version?

where can i get the demo version? my friend asked me for check the demo version he got n if it is suit for our admin pro he s gonna purchase it n im still lookin for a solution to get the datatable (json-xml). n the one he gave me for check has jq1.6.2.. so where can i get the latest demo version? cheers


There is no demo version to download!

If you have download the template anywhere else then on Themforest i like to here what the website was so i can put the download down.

The only version for a live preview is: http://themeforest.net/item/cleandream/full_screen_preview/490140

Hi dreamwiren.

I download it from nowhere. just i got the table page from ur demo version to try ur table. n everything s gone well n i wanna purchase it now. cheers!

Hi Adamoll,

You can change it to Arial or what font you like?

If you have the sliders js (inline.js) then you can add the steps value:

$(".signle-slide div.slide").each(function() {
    value = $(this).attr('value').split(',');
    firstVal = value;

    rangeSpan = $(this).siblings('input.amount');

        value: [firstVal],
        steps: 0.5,
        min: parseInt($(this).attr('min'), 0),
        max: parseInt($(this).attr('max'), 0),
        slide: function(event, ui) {
            $(this).siblings('input.amount').val("" + ui.value);
    rangeSpan.val("" + $(this).slider("value"));

hi again.. i added this line as u said. but its still not increasing as it suppose to!

i think arial is ok if u can send me!

Can you send me a mail with your online project?

Arial is a standard font on PC and MAC….

Hi. It’s possible buil a form where controlo are on more column? Something similar boxes grid page?

Yes why not?

Please ignore, finally got it.

Finally I’ve I bought your template but how I can solve my problem on form?

There is a way to use your css for button on input tag? I’m using asp.net and control button was rendered with input tag..

Yes it is. Can you send me a email (see the Themeforest profile page) and i will send you the code.

This template is absolutely amazing, however I seem to be having an issue refreshing the generated selectmenu of a select dropdown, after changing the dropdown’s selected value programmatically.

For example the following code does not work for me, although many others on sites like StackOverflow have had success.

$("#selectbox").val(1); //Select object with value of 1
//This successfully changes the selected value of the hidden select dropdown.
$("#selectbox").selectmenu("refresh",true); //Refresh selectmenu.
//However this does absolutely nothing and the select menu still has the old value selected.

Any assistance in this matter would be most appreciated.

I seemed to have found a workaround to my previous problem. Basically you find the index of the item with the value you want to change the selectmenu to, and then you assign that index to the selectmenu’s value.

$("#testSelect").selectmenu("value", $("#testSelect :contains('Alpha')").index() );

Sorry for my late reaction but i see you have found the solution for yourself! Good luck with your project.

Would it be possible to update the message and button backgrounds with transparent backgrounds? I would like to use them on a non-white colored background. I attempted to make them transparent with an online image tool, but the corners still have white showing. Thank you.

Can you send me a email on my profile page? I will respown then to you so you can show your image what you want to do so i can help you…


I was following up concerning my email, I don’t believe I have received a response and am wondering if you received my prior submission?

Thank you.

I have send you a respowns on monday 15-09