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Big WOW !

I seem to be replying to all the new themes today – but the standard has been high!

I’m interested in the dual slider functionality…

1) Can it be resized in terms of height? I would prefer to include viewable content in main section below.

2) Do new images have to be disected in order to work?

Thanks – Good luck with sales. Beautiful design…

^Agreed! I love it!

contact form won’t work

Hi guys, thanks :)

Putin thanks for pointing issue with contact form, I have repaired it in the preview and the repaired package is in the reviewers queye but in the meantime to make contact form working you just must enter in sendmail.php this:


in the first line :)


1) There is no problem with changing the height of the slider.

2) Yes, new images must first be sliced but download package includes psd file to help you with slicies :)

Cheers, Shegy

thx man, I appreciate this.

thanks man!

Is there a way, on the Simple Slider, to not have the title / alt text appear in the yellow bar at the bottom of the image? I want some images to have the popup info and others to just be the image with no information appearing. Thanks

can i use demo images? if yes, where can i find them.

Hi sakaraya, thanks for purchusing my theme. Due to images, I don`t think you can use images I`ve used in demo page, I`ve bought them for other projects on dreamstime.com

they are realy good images. and, i bought theme for them, to. when i download theme, i was shocked, images are different.

how much did you pay for images? what are images name or id at dreamstime?

Great template, how can I make different versions of the 3d slider? I need to show different sets of images.

Hi jorgepelaezm, thanks for purchusing my theme :) to change the images in 3d slider just open (with notepad in example) file in “xml” folder named gallery.xml and edit urls to point to your images destinations.

Thanks for your quick reply, I think I din’t ask correctly. I need 1 slideshow per page. Each slideshow will show different images.

As far as I understand I need to tell the galleryloader.swf the xml source file and for that I need the .fla, right?

Any update Shegy regarding the 3d rotator?

Hello Shegy, I really need to know if you can provide me with the .FLA files so I can creat different galleries.


Hi first off great theme. What is the font used in the title as I can’t seem to find it anyway!


What font did you use for the “Power of jQuery” text?

hi, thanks for your purchuse, font used in this template is: http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/fonts/7-league-gothic

Like the theme a lot. Curious how the blog works without using wordpress/database. Is it easy for a person w/o any html knowledge?