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Hi, in the specs it says this supports IE8. But when I test this on (which is very reliable when compared to other IE8 testing methods) the layout is thrown out – it just doesn’t seem to work in IE8. This is the same with your preview version and the version I have on my server. Any ideas? Is IE8 struggling to find respond.js for some reason? It looks like it could be related to handling of media queries.

I am getting the template reviewed by a IE specialist – an update should be available in a couple of days!

Great thanks Simon, :-)

An update is now available – i have not updated the demo yet but you can get the new download files with optimised IE support!

Hi Simon, a different issue. I’ve just noticed in Browserstack that the portfolio part of your template is unusable in IE8 – I assume you didn’t know this. Obviously IE8 is still one of the most popular browsers out there so unfortunately the portfolio part of the template isn’t currently working for many people.

I am getting the template reviewed by a IE specialist – an update should be available in a couple of days!

Great thanks Simon, :-)

An update is now available – i have not updated the demo yet but you can get the new download files with optimised IE support!

just a quick one…

Can the tour be altered? need a few more steps

btw…. awesome looking

A few more steps can be added to the tour with some HTML knowledge – you can basically copy some of the code of the previous steps – the white zig zag line is created with CSS so if you apply the right classes it will work all right.

Thanks for the kind words!

Did that info help?


Do you have a .psd for the logo?


Hi floe,

If you send me an e-mail via the contact form on my profile, i will send you the .psd file for the logo.

Thanks for the purchase!

Just sent you an e-mail with the psd file – enjoy! :-)

Hi Simon, On Safari, the portfolio items are all out of proportion, the words aren’t centered etc.

On Firefox, when i click a header link a white box appears out of the background.

Also, with the modal popup and the navbar items, is there any way to make clicking the link before the animation is complete work ? Right now i have to wait for the animation to finish before the link works or else nothing happens when i click it. Thanks.

You can see it at . I have been editing the css but only to change colours around and fonts so i’m not sure if i caused it but would love a fix. Cheers


Thanks for the purchase!

For the Firefox nav background issue, you can fix it by adding this to the styleX.css (or .less):

.nav > li > a:hover, 
.nav > li > a:focus {
    background: none !important;
    outline: none !important;

For the safari portfolio, i was not able to reproduce the issue – could you register to the support forums and upload a screen capture?


Awesome work, mate ! Pre-purchase question: Is there any way to add a “to the top” button on the theme ?

I miss a “Newsletter” field too.. Its too hard for myself to add it if i buy ?

Hi Daniel,

The smooth scrolling functionality is already there – so it would be pretty easy to add a link to the ’#home-section’ and use CSS to position it to the bottom-right, then make it display on scroll with jQuery.

I am happy to help you achieve this in the support forum if you purchase the template.

Same for the newsletter field – since there is already a working contact form, you could re-use some of the code (HTML, CSS, PHP) to create a newsletter signup form and add it to the template.

Are you still available and providing support, sir? I really like this template but I need a couple changes. Also willing to pay for your time as a freelancer in addition.

Thank you!


Yes I am available for customisations.

Send me a message (contact form on my profile page) with details of what changes you would need so I can give you a price estimate :-)


Are the colors on the template easy to alter?

Thank You!


If you are using the LESS files, then it’s only a matter of changing the color variables in one place and it will change everywhere. So yes, super easy to alter.

If you use CSS, you can find / replace all instances of a color code to change it.

If you do purchase the item and get stuck – i am happy to help!

Happy New Year (a bit in advance)!

Thank you for your quick reply. Happy New Year to you too.

Thank you! :)

I confess I am not very good at forms, and I need help adding google’s nocaptcha recaptcha. Do you know exactly what code I need to put for that? I know how to generate the keys. Thanks


Thanks for your purchase, and for the great review you wrote :)

Adding Google re-captcha is pretty straight forward. Right there with the keys – there are 2 snippets of code you can grab and paste inside the index.html file:


As instructed, the first snippet goes just before the closing </head> tag, while the other goes inside the form, maybe before the submit button.

When these 2 snippets are added, your form captcha should start working properly.

There are more advanced ways to load the re-captcha via JavaScript, but this technique should work fine for your needs!

If you are stuck – you can e-mail me your site files at along with your API keys and snippets, and i can help you set it up on your template.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Simon. I will give this a try later, if it doesn’t work I’ll email you. I changed the email ID in config.php, but the form isn’t sending me an email anywhere, I checked spam as well, in both sender and receiver emails and nothing. Is it because of the apache issue? How can I check that? I use dreamhost, if this is the issue, is there a work around?

Just tried submitting the form on your website and, from a font-end perspective, things were ok.

Validation was working properly, error notifications showed, and form seemed to submit.

You might want to check with DreamHost – and also make sure your e-mail address is set properly in the config file.

Hi, great website design with flawless functioning. Is this also available in wordpress version ?


Thanks for the kind words!

This template is not available as a WordPress theme, but I am almost done implementing the MODx version, which is going to be pretty cool. :-)

Hello, I am intersted in purchasing this theme. I did want to ask if I would be able to take parts out like the tour section to shorten it up. Also if I had questions with getting this up on the web could you help? Thanks


Sorry for the late reply – I was on a holiday in Bali :)

You can easily remove a section of the template, or reorder the sections to what suits your need.

Since it’s an HTML template – you could host it pretty much anywhere, even on free hosting solutions like / github pages etc.

The contact form needs PHP to work though – but it could be replaced with a service like

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Just curious, I’m interested in this template. Has there been any update since then 7 months ago?


There has not been an update since then. Let me know if you have other questions! :)