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Beautiful template.

Thanks mks6804!!!

I’d guess someone clicked the “Flag this comment” button by accident.

Hi johnb41,

Yes… I’don’t know what happened… it’s the second message flagged with no reason.. The message was “Thanks” :)

Love the colors, awesome work!!

Wow! I’d love to code this for you sometime if you’d like :) Let me know!

Hi webdesigndeluxe! Maybe for the next one :) Thanks anyway!

i wish you made this into a wordpress theme..i would def buy it

Hi missgigi! Maybe for the next one Thanks anyway!

Good Job!! If you could code it in HTML /CSS I def. will buy it!!

Keep the good work rolling.

Love this, especially the pixelated background, job well done.

Exellent work! Trendy but looks very professional!

This template is beautiful. Any chances of converting it to a WordPress format? Great work!!

Hello RockyBelieves,

Tks for your comment!! So many people asking!! :) I’ll try to make a Wordpress theme with this one, maybe for the next month.


SUPERB THEME !!! I love the high contrasts, the vivid color, everything! I do have a question, and would love it if you would reply to the message I’m about to send to you through your profile page. THANKS and best of luck with the sales!

Thanks contrastblack!!!

I’ve just sent you an email :)

Best Regards!! Domenico

Does this come with the HTML files to show how this is all set up? Like in the previews/screenshots?