Discussion on Comet - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Discussion on Comet - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

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How do you change the ken burn animation to “random”?

Hi there. is it possible to change the pink color for the front end developer theme ?

Hello, is it possible to add a re-capta tool to the contact form in this template? I am getting massive amount of spamming through my email-box and I need to find a way to stop this. Any information you would have for me to integrate it into this template will be helpful. Thank you so much!

Does this support schema related tags i want to use for my website https://websiteseostats.com/

Is there a Bootstrap 4 version? If not, if I buy could it easily be upgraded?

No, there are no plans for upgrading the template to bootstrap 4. The new version could break things with the layout, since it has not been tested. It’s not recommended to upgrade it.

Hey there,

thanks for great work!

Can you tell me where can I adjust the zoom factor for the map?




You just need to change the value of the “zoom” attribute, at line 212 of the file “main.js”. It’s currently set to 12.

Hi, if it possible if I want to show video controls in video background?


Yes, it’s possible.

How do you change the colour of the loading icons? Currently defaulted to red, but I want to change it to my own colour. Couldnt find any instructions in the documentation and couldnt find the icon either.


To receive support, please submit a ticket here: https://hody.ticksy.com/

Comments are used only for pre-sale questions.


Please add Variant Builder. Now really hard use for don’t know users. Not everyone is a coder. Please upgrade, i love this theme.

Variant Builder is a tool created by an author exclusively for his own templates, it can’t be added.

Drag and drop page builder is included in my WordPress themes, not in the HTML ones, I’m sorry.

Okey, this is HTML THEME ? I don’t understand you.

This is an HTML template, you need to edit the code instead of using a page builder. The “Variant Builder” you mentioned is available exclusively for the templates of the author who created it.

Claiming that you must just change your email address in mail.php to get the contact form working but I have yet to receive an email from it. They do not provide any support in the documentation :(

This is not related to the template. If you don’t receive the emails, you are having issues with your mail server. In this case you need to contact the hosting provider, because there’s something wrong with your PHP settings.

If you need further help, please submit a ticket here: https://hody.ticksy.com/


I’m using parts of your template in a web app I’m developing. I just can’t seem get the google maps working. I keep getting an error that there are missing API Keys needed for maps. Do I need to generate API keys and if so, where do I need to add them?


To receive support, please submit a ticket here: https://hody.ticksy.com/

Comments are used only for pre-sale questions.


So whats the deal with the Hero Slide with Zoom? Looks to squish the image as it loads and there’s a glitch just before the next slide. Is this a bug?


Are you experiencing this issue on your website or in the demo?

Hi nice template GLWS

If you like Joomla version please contact me

I just send email you.

Hi again. I sent you via your profile. Could you please check it and reply soon

I just send email you.

good job.

I want to buy this template but can you add one more feature?

I want “full name” field on the newsletter form. can you please do this?

and on this page – http://themes.hody.co/html/comet/home-landing.html when i go and see the signup form section with watch at left hand side…so I click on the signup button but the click not display any result and when I click on the footer subscribe form button then I saw the display result….I think there are two signup form on the same page that’s why one is working and other is not working, so can you also fix this issue means both signup form on the same page can be working?

Finally, can also add “name” field in the signup form?


In the landing page the form is just an example, but you can get it work by adding two simple attributes.

Anyway, I’m sorry but I don’t provide custom works, I can’t add fields to the form.

I am not asking for custom work, I just want that please add the name field also in the newsletter form.

Because I want to use your template for landing page in my client website and he also want to collect subscriber name also rather than email id….Because he want to send personalise newsletter to their subscriber.

so you can please add name field in the signup form and you can only add in the landing page just, I am not asking for in all pages….I just want to check before purchase.

Thank You

The form right now supports only the email address, so it will require a custom work to add a new field.

I’m sorry.

For those who have problem in centering the countdown, there is a little bug in the css file:

.countdown li { margin-right: 40px;

The right code is: .countdown li { margin-right: 20px; margin-left: 20px;

In this way, the countdown will center perfectly and not 20px on the left


Thank you! It will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you so much for letting me know!

I’m going to report it.

Hi! I have downloaded the current version of the theme, but I still see 1.1.2 on the documentation, how do I know if I have all the files for current version 1.1.3?


I just forgot to update the version in the documentation, sorry.

You have all files for current version :)

Hi, I would like to now if it’s possibile to add a colour frame to the logo and menu on top of the picture, because I need to use colourful sliders. I suppose yes, but I’d ask for sure. Thank you.


Yes, it’s possible. If you don’t know how to do it, I can help you.



Instagram-photo Html5 does not function correctly 01.06.2016 … can you help me …thx


The template has not any “instagram-photo” feature. Maybe you are using some external library.


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