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“Attention! You use an ancient version of Blog Extension. It is strongly recommended to update Blog Extension to the newest version 2.7.1”

Is any chance for update?

Hi , please I want your skype if you can

Hi, Please add: hailt1911 . Thanks.

thanks , I add you please accept me


We have installed and configured Magento 2.2.3 with your theme and everything is working fine and good, but we still have one question.

Where can we change colour or code of the "page-preloader" (the red circle that is spinning while loading page)?

If you can point us to the right location or tell us which file we need to edit that would be just awesome. Thank you for your support.

Hi, Please send ticket via email tokithemes@gmail.com, we will check this for you. Thanks and Regards.

We have sent you an email. With all credentials so you can log in and test the site and help us find out what seems to be the problems.

Hi, Sorry, we did not receive a email from you. Please send ticket again via email tokithemes@gmail.com, we will check this for you. Thanks and Regards.

Hello, I want to install the template in magento 2.0.18 but when I install it, it stops working for me to add products. Is the template compatible with this version of magento?

Hi, Please send ticket via email tokithemes@gmail.com, we will check this for you. Thanks and Regards.


I have a problem with extension checkout: payment methods do not all appear in my checkout page and I think it is in relation with the data form (Mail, name, country …).

If the fields are empty or when i refresh page, the payment methods do not appear all but if I fill in these fields then i click on the previous browser button and come back with following browser button—> i see 3 methods.

Hi, Please send ticket via email tokithemes@gmail.com, we will check this for you. Thanks and Regards.

Hello. I was wondering how did you get these category labels above the product grid in your theme? Is this theme’s built in feature or by using some extension? I could not see it in any of your sample websites but only screenshots. Neither could I find anything like this being used on any other Magento theme.

You can see the sample here – http://robert.planet.ee/60/question_categories_complex.png

It is feature, we can get it if you want. Thank you.

Hello! I bought this template, everything seems to work like live preview, but I realized that the “i18n” folder and the relative csv file are missing to be able to do all the missing translations. Is it possible to have it without too many problems, since being a ready-to-use product must be present? Thank you.

Thanks for purchased our theme, Please send ticket via email tokithemes@gmail.com. We will check this and support for you.
Thank you.

One step checkout doesn’t work on 2.2.5…

(I bought this theme from my 2nd profile).

Hi, We’ll check now. Thank you.

ok, thanks.


pasky Purchased

Does it work with Magento ver. 2.2.3 ?

Hi, Yes, Complex theme is working fine with Magento 2.2.3 and 2.2.5. Thanks


pasky Purchased

After upload the theme files. I got this error:

There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

Error log record number: 217560121724

Please send ticket via email tokithemes@gmail.com. We will support for you.
Thank you.


pasky Purchased

sent to your email. Please help me fix it asap…...


pasky Purchased

I installed your Quick-Start Package. But how can I change to HOMEPAGE 04 ?

Please go to Stores -> All Store -> Select Store View -> Set default Store view as you want. Also please send your ticket via our email. We will support for you.
Thanks and Regards.


pasky Purchased

For this demo: HOMEPAGE 04 http://labbluesky.com/magento/complex/en4/ Where can i edit CSS file? Please send me the css file path.

Pls send ticket to our email tokithemes@gmail.com We will support for you

Please, I need help with the theme, I already sent an email, but I did not have an answer, I need to translate the checkout part of the theme and I can not figure out how to do it, I translated almost everything, I miss it!

I send, email: matheus.veras@lobo….

still waiting…

http://prntscr.com/l3whgq Pls check, We supported for you. We don’t get any email after 18/9. Thanks!

Any features/demo about selling ticket . similar to https://www.ticketmaster.com // https://www.tickpick.com/


Hi Does this theme support to display products sliders ( NEW ARRIVALS, FEATURED, HOT SALE, BEST SELLER and ON-SALE PRODUCTS) without tabs?

All of the demo with tabs Can I display it without tabs?


Yes, can be display without tabs. Thanks!

Hello! I have few questions:

1. Can I change the site-layout width as 1020px?

2. Can I display sizes as icons in product and category page?

3. Can I display catgory page as 3 collumns products (with slider on top)?

4. Can I make a left menu as https://image.ibb.co/cLZe8V/5.png (category)?

5. Can I make a main-image size large (exp. 500×300px)?


Sorry we missed your question. Yes all point you can do it.
Thanks and Best Regards.

How to change logo size to increase is than regular , You theme’s default sizing doesnt work.

Pls contact us via email tokithemes@gmail.com we will support for you

Thanks for the fix but I mailed you since three days about how can I adopt a design from demo 2 to demo 1 in email but Im getting no response. Please check email.

Hi, Please check your email. Thank you.

Hello, is this theme compatible with Magento 2.3 ?

We will upgrade it soon. Thanks.

This them is work with Magento 2.3.1?

yes, It is working fine with magento 2.3.1

hi, is there any spanish pack?

Yes, we have spanish pack