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Wow very nice work! :)

Very nice indeed!

Awesome theme, any WordPress coming?

Tkans, sytafi. Maybe later :)

I’ suing safari 6.0.5 and the star sprite isn’t aligned right I can see both the white ones and the yellow ones. Is that because the javascript isn’t in place or is that a bug? Just wanted to know before I buy. Also is there a wordpress version?

Star ratings is done just using CSS. Yellow background is visible just on hover. You can easily edit this in “css/style.css” file.

Not sure about WP theme.

Looks fantastic, nice work.

What’s the easiest way to disable responsiveness in this template?

Hey Saman, thank you.

You should open “grid.css” file from ”/css” folder in template folder and remove code from line 24 to 86 and the last bracket on line 47. Second step will be editing “style.css” file from same folder. Find line 48 and change “max-width: 960px;” to “width: 960px;” and replace everything from line 1323 to 1373 with .js #nav { position: relative; } .js #nav.closed { max-height: none; } #nav-toggle { display: none; }

Hope everything will be ok, in case you couldn’t edit it by yourself leave in comment you email and I will send edited files directly to you.

Great support, works like a charm. Thank you!

The Live Preview is down!

Now it’s up! Thanks for reporting.

Why, when i try the automatic installation by wordpress i have “missing css” error message?

I’ve tried also upload via ftp the html-css folder but i’ve received the same error and corrupted theme.

This is a HTML/CSS Template, no Wordpress Theme.


It seems like there are some visual JS bugs on some pages, for example; on the index page (index.html), Share and Like It buttons are wobbling when expanding to the left side. Are you planning to make a general patch for the theme? If visual bugs are fixed, i sure will buy the theme. Great template tho, nice work!


Never mind, it works like a charm. I don’t know why that glitch happened but now its gone on the preview :) You got yourself another sale. Nice work on the template again btw.

Its weird it doesnt show the Purchased tag on my previous comment, lol.

Hey, nice theme :) but one problem since shortly, the ratings stars are bugged on the new safari / ipad air. also i wasnt able to continue on your website in windows firefox (munfactory com).


Hey! Just checked in Safari and it’s looking ok there. Keep in mind that it’s a HTML template so it does not work as normal rating system. About my website I did not really get you. Let me know if I can help you with something else.

Hey, I understand its html only, i will try to send you a screenshot what i mean abou the template, i see bugged yellow stars. And about your website, when i try to flip the coin i cant click it in firefox and doesnt change to Bé. In chrome its all fine =) thanks for your reply.

Hello, I want to be able to select the text on the page. How can I do it?

Hi. I am not sure I understand you

What platform is template?

Multumesc! O zi frumoasa in continuare :)

Am cumparat template-ul ,dar pe wordpres imi spune ca lipseste css style..ce pot face?

Pai acesta este un template HTML. Pentru al folosi ca tema wordpress ar trebui sa fie codat ca tema WP. Scriti mesaj la staff sa va returneze banii. O zi frumoasa in continuare.

The preview site appears to be suspended and will not load. thanks

Solved! Thanks for letting me know.


when i use the demo with my iPhone / iPad the lines from the ingredients are strange!? is this a bug?

regards, Robin

great! thanks :)

hello, do you have more informatie about the problem?

Download last update and replace css/style.css and it will fix bug. Thanks

Repeat – it seems I have issue with my email. Do you interested in partnership for WP themes development? I am willing to negotiate the 50/50 terms. You can give me permission via themeforest website. So the themeforest team could see and support the reliability of the contract. Thanks.