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Hello. Great template!

I have a problem in my home section. The portfolio doesn´t fit the pictures correctly, instead of setting 2 rows of 3 picrues each, it akes 3 rows of 2 and leave a blank space in the right. Please help me figuring this out. Wep page: www.grupoemq.com My email is Adrian@one-man-studio.com

License: e0f02fc8-aa30-41cb-8387-7b88c25a0f61

Hello my friend.

I just saw your comment about the Cooper template, in portfolio section.

The solution: Go to style.css and edit:

.portfolio-box .project-post { width: 33.33%; overflow: hidden; }

change the width value to 33,32%.

.portfolio-box .project-post { width: 33.32%; overflow: hidden; }

Like this! Hope it works!

Bye :)


I have a question about the carousel in the shop section: how is it possible to make it show more the 3 items at a time. I want it to show 9 products, 3 lines and 3 columns.


Hi, I am sorry but I dont see you bought the template from us. If you have purchase code please send to us


on the copper theme I would like to know how I can change the time of the Thempunch Banner Slider. I would like the slides to stay longer (More time for visitors to see the pictures and read the information). Where and how can I change it? I tried to play with the masterspeed in the index.html file, but that didn’t do it for me.

Thank you for your help