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Very clean, well done!

thank you :)

nice color theme… !

this is my first my first grey theme, thank you :)

I love the slides in different directions on the landing page—very dynamic. Professional and bold. I’ll definitely be showing this to clients.

Thank you :))

Nice clean design – good work

thank you :)

Clean and minimal design. I like it.

tesekkürler :)

How does the blog work? Is it aggregated from another source?

blog page is only html / css coded (like all html templates). you need some php background or a cms to get to blog page working.

I bought this theme. It is nice and a clean style.

HOWEVER your CSS is convoluted. If I change an attribute in the main CSS (style.css), as an example something in the header, in the IE/IE6 css files, I also have to change the same attribute. Triple the work. The normal way to do IE/IE6 stylesheets is to ONLY include the specific conditional comments needed to make IE/IE6 see almost the same design. You have not done a very good job in your coding practices, and as such, I will not give this any ranking at all. I should have actually looked at the CSS before I purchased this. Waste of my money.

thanks for informing about that, i think it would be fixed when you read this comment, updating now (and sorry i should’ve thought that before)

I would like to not use the JURA font, can you tell me how to replace that? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the purchase. To change the font, you need to disable the cufon font replacement script by opening the corpomino.js file, and deleting the code that starts @ line 1215:

/*Cufon Settings*/
Cufon.DOM.ready(function() {
          Cufon.replace ('#topNav a') ('h1') ('h3') ('h4') ('.cufon') ;
deleting that script disables the cufon.

I really like it so far, but one problem.. When i start changing text in the it messes up, “more” button on the next slide etc. Looks like its fine untill i change the last one. Even if you just change the 3rd header it’s messed up..

Am i doing something wrong here? Bit useless if i cant change the tekst here.

Hey Kaizu, thanks for the purchase, if you mail me a screenshot (or send me a link) I can get the issue better (to sidart2 at hotmail dot com), cheers.