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Hi, can I change the red to a shade of blue with html knowledge?

Oh you asked pre-sale question,

Then ok, its easy to change blue or another color scheme. Just you need to change #redhex color to #bluehex color in colors.css

Dont worry about it I’ll explain how is it work for sure.


And that would change the icons colors as well? Or do you have a sprite for the color change from red to blue?

yes icons color change possible :) because they are font icons

Hello, i bought your template, but i didn`t find the PSD files. In information about it, says that PSD files are included. Could you help me?


Hello my friend,

The PSD files not included because of original author copyrights. He dosen’t give us permission for include. Please purchase here http://themeforest.net/item/coursat-awesome-course-psd-template/9303119



I was wondering where do I setup the email functionalities for the forms – can’t find anywhere to define the email where to send. (I have the HTML5 (html) version of the website).

Thanks, George

Let me check and get back to you.


Hello ! I’d like to know how could i remove the login/register bar in the header of the page. Thanks, Nicolas

I don’t see you have purchased.

Hi, Seem to have a similar problem with the contact.php , Wasnt included in the files that I downloaded. Could you please help?

Aah but its working fine at our pc.

Hi, The navbar does not auto collapse on click in mobile version of the site. Working site is http://goo.gl/AJDyUV and the screenshot of the issue for reference. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1knkv65lf0n2miu/aria-expanded%20issue.png?dl=0

I really appreciate all the support given so far. Thanks again.

Working site is not working

Hi, I have bought the template and it’s a great work!, I have just a question about the slide photos and references. How is it possible to change the background red color? Here the link to the under construction site: http://www.mmimmagine.it/vimco/about-vimco.html Please let me have your kind replay. Gerry

You can do by just changing this code in style_green.css

.section-grey { background-color: #FF1313; }

Hi, I can’t find the gallery page in this template. Please share the url if there is any.


Sorry by mistake. Can you email us from our profile so we can help you out easily

I don’t have any other profile.. Why do you need that??

Hi. I purchased Coursat template (HTML5 version) and i encountered a problem to the menu when displayed on mobile devices. I’ve tested it on several devices and on none works well (for now tested only on Android).
  • Case 1. Click on “Courses”, it opens the submenu and if i click on any of submenu’s element (for exemple Courses List) it always open the “Instructors” page.
  • Case 2. If i click on a link menu with submeniu (Home or Pages), the submenu opens correctly but if i try to scroll down (just to see all submenu’s element), it reloads the submenu (or jumps to top i can’t tell exactly) and then fully blocks the scroll.
  • Case 3. If i click on a link menu with submeniu, the submeniu opens not under the clicked element but beneath the entire menu.

Thanks and good luck!

Its a html5 no customisation is provided without premium service

Hi. Thank you for your answer but i think i didn’t explained very clear. It is not about requesting a customisation is about working well and be responsive. On mobile, this template’s menu does’t work proper. It is not possible to navigate through site using the menu (entire site is blocked as i described above). It is not possible by clicking on submenu’s element to visit some site’s sections (because it always jumps in the same page – but if you test on desktop the same submenus element works just fine). Thank you in advance.

Ok give me 24 hours i will get it tested

Looks like a well made template.Can I change the webpage ‘pulsating’ pre-loader icon/logo to our school logo? Thank you!

Purchased and Yes, I found out you can change the logo, Thx!

I like the template but can you please to my two other support tickets? I see other purchasers who have had no response in over a month.

Hi sorry for issue we had some trouble all our server was hacked so we have to transfer all over again.

Are there instructions for the twitter feed? I did not see any in the instructions. Thank you

Hi sorry for issue, its just a html not a Twitter Feed API

thank you, I just used a facebook feed, no problem

The default home page which shows the red colored text-block, that has the three text sections: covers up the next section text below when viewed in responsive mode. It does reformat but covers up the sections below, also covering text. Please advise how to correct this.

Don’t create multiple support it becomes difficult to support

Do you have a current contact.php? It is not in the purchased download. Thank you.


It might be server host issue talk to them please


How do I change the map to a different address, there are no instructions in the documentation.

I got it with some research online @ google thx

the contact.php is not working. Any updates please


It might be server host issue talk to them please


I tested the stock contact-1.html and the stock contact.php, only changing line 46 for the email address. It did not work, Please help. I have not had a response from the purchased support page.


It might be server host issue talk to them please


Hi, I just purchased Coursat Responsive HTML5 Site Template, but the PSD files are not included in the folder which I had downloaded. I got only a 3.6MB file. Can you please send me the PSD. You have mentioned PSD files in ThemeForest. I actually purchased this template because of the PSD files included.

So kindly send me the download link for the PSD files.

Hello sorry for trouble but i don’t think its written PSD may i know where its written

Hi! There are some unusual fonts in your template. Can I use them with Cyrillic symbols? Or just Latin ones supported?

I am not sure that depends on browser

It’s Ok generally but some elements have troubles with Cyrillic symbols. For example, testimonial text (main page). And it doesn’t depend on browser. Please let me know if there is some solution.

Hi ! I am searching a template including a quiz (multiple choice, yes/no, text input, etc). I haven’t seen this included in your template or did I miss it ?

Aah i think its not in our theme

Thanks for replying


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