Discussion on Creatrix - Flat Responsive Template

Discussion on Creatrix - Flat Responsive Template

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Hi i just opened your demo in my phone and the parallax background is not being responsive. It’s weird though because I opened it in my PC and it is responsive. I would like to know if this is gonna be fixed before I buy? Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

We like this theme and have read the comments. They mentioned a update that would make but not see them, made them okay? Have they resolved the outstanding bugs ?.

Thank you

Hi, I like your theme a lot! And I am thinking about purchasing it. But I have several questions. 1. Is it possible that I delete some part of the site that I don’t need? And also move things around? 2. Can you show how many projects are in the filter when the button is hovered? 3. For the mobile version, can you make the menu show which section we are in when we scroll? Another option is make the menu a hamburger menu on mobile screen. 4. For mobile version, the filters for projects are too close to each other, can you fix that problem? 5. Can I show video for each project? Right now it seems that we only only show several pictures. 6. The last, when i open a project on my phone, I can even scroll to areas that don’t belong to the project page. Can you make the screen only showing the project?

I know that’s a lot of questions. Hope the hear from you!

Hello, when i acess the site from mobile phone, in the place of video dont have nothing, just a whit screen, how i add any image there?

Is there any way to re-size the squares to make them larger? Thanks!

Awesome job.. If I buy the template, am I going to have a copy of the files including drupal? So, all I have to do is plug the drupal and it will run? or just a them?


This is html template, not Drupal theme.

So, they are html and css files?

Very good job!

Thanks! :)

I would like to buy this template but I have a small query.. I could see only one project.html is getting loaded for any works.. can we customize different pages for different works… i.e different pop up for each work…

Project.html is just example for one, and you can create for all projects different.


Firstly i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this stunning piece of work.

I’m very interested in purchasing this and was hope if i am able to get the video + pictures ?

Thank you very much..



Sure, just send me mail whan you buy, and i will send all images + video. Just images from work section i can’t…


hey guys, how you guys how should i change the map location?!?


Edit template.js you will see gmap coordinates.

I would like to buy your beautiful theme, but I tried to navigate it on my lumia 920 (Windows Phone)and does not work. Could you check it?

Pre buy question: CAn I show only 2 boxes in the main menu and center? THANKS

I send you yesterday the mail, do you recive it? The version is CREATIX with only 2 buttons of about 400×400 px , and in a column when the device is a mobile , my

Yes, and I reply to your mail, see image here: http://oi41.tinypic.com/oa17b9.jpg

Hi, i need help please, how can i add a video to it? i have youtube link but i dont know how to add it to website! can you tell me where should i go? thank you


How to change the gmap location? and the info of the map?

new GMaps({ div: ’#map’, lat: -12.043333, lng: -77.028333 });

i have to create a new on js? or css?

Hi, amazing work!. One question to know if is what I need. How difficult is to add options to the menu, for example: Blog, Portfolio. etc.? Thanks, Miguel


Not that difficult. Template have home-menu1, 2, 3 and 4 just need to copy and paste in css file home-menu1 and change to home-menu5 with different positions.

OK, is very easy. Now I´m looking at your other Templates to see which one is the best for my project. Thank you for your fast support. I repeat, your work is really amazing!. Miguel

Thanks Miguel!

there’s an issue with the thumbnail gallery. In certain browser widths (1366px in my case) it shows 3 items per line instead of 4. But if the window width is reduced in more or less 5 pixels it shows the 4 items correctly. This also happens in your Demo.
Can you fix it?
Thanks and GLWS

Hi Ivan,
Thanks, I’ll wait for it.

Hi Ivan,
any news oh this issue?

Hi! We are very sorry, we are late with update, will be this week!

the selection screen, is that a part of the website or just for show?


Just for show, 3 versions.

shame… really, really like the screen.. could be used as entry(landing) page

Yes, if you buy template i will send you files: :)

Hello before buying the template, I would like to know how it behaves with the google sitemap. Thank you, Luciano

hi ya its a great theme but when i submit the email form why is the dialogue box appears and shows all the email content. the page at domain.com says: name=sam&mail=test@test.com&message=test

y is that we have press ok to submit the form. and how can we get rid of that


Nice Template, congrats!

I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that I’m looking for some support with “Octavius”.


Once you have a moment, please advise.

Best Regards, M.


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