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Gorgeous work Liviu!

In a WP version, if you find a way to have a grid post style (just like the portfolio) and the possibility to have some “normal” single posts…with the related posts at the bottom…this theme will be a big one!

Congratulations and happy new year! Guga

Hi, thank you for your comment – I appreciate it.

Nice Template man.

How can I change the background?

Hi, thank you for your interest – use simple CSS to customize the template.

Can you show me how I do it?

My gf bougth the template and we are trying to change it to white.

Got it. “Custom Pattern”.


Hi, awesome template!

Can you explain this please?

Regular License Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for – Details | Licensing help


Hi, thank you for your interest – read more about licenses here:

I really like this html template. ”:-)

I did notice a bug or two while viewing the demo. Using your device media icons to switch from desktop to iPhone in the checkout page “Clear Cart” button and “Sub Total” column is cropped off right side.

Can you fix this so I can purchase template? I’m using Google Chrome V32.0.1700.107


Thank you :-) iPhone checkout is great. No cropped tables.

As suggested, I will send you screenshot of my desktop with missing icons. I love the fact that you are dedicated to improve your template. It shows you care about your work.

screenshot sent

Yep, I’m doing my best to help out and improve my products. I’ll continue support via email. Thank you for your feedback.

I like the template it’s very good! I have few questions before I want to buy this…

1. The slider at “index.html” can be edit by the size? (I think it’s too large and I want to make it smaller with the height)

2. Those “called” like – Hearts on each photo-box, they can be saved? that needs to be linked to fb ? what’s the deal with it?


Sure, the template includes a sample .php file that handles the actual AJAX search. You can add tags, terms or any text and link them to a specific page.

Thank you. I’m happy with your service and I just bought it.

My pleasure, if you have further concerns/questions drop me a message via my profile contact form and I’ll continue support by email. Thank you.

Good Sales.;

Hi Liviu,

Does the Slider support videos as well or just images? I tried to place a video in placed of the image tag and it worked but the user experience is a little jenky.

Thanks, Tito

Hi Tito, the built-in slider was tested only with images – I recommend you use a premium slider for additional features such as a video slide:

Hi, I’ve got a pre-sale question: Is it possible in this theme to have a plain visible navigation, which isn’t collapsed by default (only collapsed on small screen-widths)?

Thanks in advance.

cheers Anders

Hi, the theme contains only a popup menu but you are free to implement a classic menu, if your project really requires it.

Hi, I bought the theme, where I find a list of icons available? eg class = “icon icon-settings”

Hi, you can see the list of available icon classes in the main.css file of the template.