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Good day! Request an update fullcalendar to 1.6.4, styles not working. Thank you for your support!

Hi there. Definitely will be updated very soon, including BS3 version.


We’ll wait.

Hello, I’m running IE 10 and IE 11. The pages don’t seem to render right. Is there a fix for this?

I’ll check what’s wrong with the layout later this weekend.


any update? It looks like your demo works on the IE browser? Am I downloading the same code?

Hi. Just checked the package in IE9, IE10 and IE11 – everything looks fine here. Please try to download and unzip the package again and check if it looks fine. You can check my copy here.


nice admin template. but according to me, to be complete, it need some features such as - user profile view/edit page - messages (inbox/outbox/trash) page - invoice page - product details/edit page

i’ll certainly purchase if these features are added

Hello, first of all: very nice template! i already purchased it for a customer and now for me.

got two questions: 1. do you still develop on this? updates? 2. wanted to edit the osd file (change colors). how do I have to export to get alle the correct filenames you used? have no slices in photoshop.

Hi there. Yes, BS3 version is in progress. Current custom version will be updated as well.

PSD files – i didnt slice it, current psd file is a general layout source file where you can play with colors or add/remove/adapt elements.


Hello, I would like to collapse the left menu bar on iPad portrait & landscape mode too. Can you please advice how this can be achieved?

Do you have any eta on the next version? 1 month? a few weeks?


Is there any news or ETA on the BS3 version?


Unfortunately not at the moment, too much work, don’t have enough time to get it done eventually. I will do my best to do it asap. Sorry

Ohhhhhh =( I was almost ordering the template and I saw that the calendar is a non-working mysql script =(

When will you release a full calendar module? What about message system?

Please, make a changelog about the files with changes. Why? Maybe I will order the temp right now and start building my admin area. And, as soon as you release the full modules, I will have my whole script ready-to-go. I will have to modify a lot of things, so I won’t remember what file is “new” or what file was “modified” with the necessary code for modules to work.

Thanks and sry for my english.

What kind of module are you talking about? Fullcalendar is a jquery plugin, but it can be implemented into existing app.

Usually detailed changelog is available in documentation which comes in the package, with instructions and changed files.

A new major update will be released very soon.



i have had your template for a couple of years now. i haven’t been looking at it for awhile. but when i dowloaded it again today, and looked at the documentation, it said last update was in 2012.

So i wonder when is the next update coming? i looked in the comments, and you said a year ago that a new major release was just around the corner.


Yes, that update was planned, but has to switch to another project. Sorry about that. I am waiting for BS4 release to convert all my templates to it, Crown and Aquincum will be the first ones.


Hello, How to modify dropdown width? default width can same with existing one, how to modify width for some dropdown which has long text.


Very sorry for late reply.

Which dropdown you want to edit – select menu or a simple dropdown menu? For select2 it’s pretty easy to do with JS bit of code, for HTML dropdown – you can edit a width in CSS or add additional classes like width-500 (and in CSS .width-500 { width: 500px;}) and add that class to your dropdown.


Hello, first of all: I still love this theme/template. You did a very good job here! You take care about a lot of small things which other authors didn’t care of. Style is clean; if you’re using it you have always the overview what is where – other templates use to less colors and borders or they use it to much of them; so they look like a rainbow/template for kids – you can’t recognize fast enough what begins where and ends where. Also the code here is “better” than other admin-templates. In short words: if I would made a template, I would do it similar! Nice work!

Unfortunelly I am waiting for a long time for updates. Every some weeks I’ll check it but nothing new :( so I start to browse all the other admin-templates. But this one here is still my favorite – even it is out of date!

But now I have to start to move on with a new project, I need a new template, with updates functions & js.

Do you really plan to update this template and if so, when will this happen? Because I’ll start to give up with waiting for it :(

Thanks and regards


Thank you very much for kind words!

This template isn’t in active development at the moment unfortunately, because i don’t really have enough time for it :( But i do provide support for all items.

I have a lot of plans for Aquincum template for this summer, Crown will be updated as well, until then i’m more focused on Limitless. Very sorry about such a long delay…


Hi , Can i ask in table_dynamic.html how make https://datatables.net/examples/server_side/row_details.html like this details open because i try to make but i cannot to success Can you help thank you very much


Can i see your code somehow? Just want to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

You can email me directly to e.kopyov[at]gmail.com


Hi, I used your template to develop a site last year and I noticed recently my sidebars are no longer showing up. Do you have an idea as to why this is happening? Below is a path for one of the pages:


Thanks for developing a great designed template.


Are you sure you are using Crown admin template on that website? I can’t see it anywhere and code is different.