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Hi Before I purchase the theme, is it possible in the Works gallery to have the portfolio squares open out into HD video from Vimeo? Thanks

Don’t worry, i’m here to help. :)

Open form.php, you will find the email address on line 20. Check also below lines and inside file instructions. You have all this instructions on the help docs.

Hi, thanks again for all your help so far! I have changed the css and html with the icomoon codes for vimeo etc (e602, e601, e600) but they do not show up. Can you give me any advice?

Hi. Sorry, i didn’t realise you will need to pack again the icomoon font files to include your new desired icon, right now current file doesn’t include it…

Wow! Excellent!;

thanks! ;)

It is impossible to access the demo. Why?

Hi. I’m moving my server machine. Demo will be available as soon as possible. ;)

Hello, i’m very interested in this design, but before buying it I’d like to clear up a doubt:

In the “works” section of the preview, once you clic over any of the pics, can I put (in the extensible table that appears) not a big image but a little info text + a soundcloud/youtube/bandcamp/whateversimilar embed?. I want to put some projects (embeds related to audio + info), not just a gallery, is it possible? or is it meant to just show pictures?.

Thanks in advance,


Hi. I use PrettyPhoto plugin for lightbox gallery, so basically you can use any component of that plugin up to your needs. About audio, well, that could be little bit tricky, but as lomng as you can use any AJAX call or even iFRAME inside the lightbox, you can manage with external references.

Hope this makes sense! More info and demos of capabilities of the lightbox here:

Let me know if i can be of further assistance. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

hi..nice can purchase this theme…do i have chance to put audio into this theme?? thanks

Hi. Sorry but as said, that would mean custom coding to get that done. Give it a try, make some attemps and i’m sure oyu will get it done, just a bit of JS knowlegde needed… much it takes ??

Hi. Sorry for the delay in answering, have been out on weekend. Please, contact me trough my profile form, i’ll be replying by email. Thanks!