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This is beautiful, looking to buy, but we need

1) drag and drop widgets, nested widgets 2) Multiple layouts 3) Icons extensibility 4) portfolio 5) Will add theme switcher Capture the layout positions for portlets, and post back to server via JSON or Ajax?

On asp MVC I want to apply this to ASP.NET MVC, for two sites, but need some guidance. Nuget adds the bootstrap automatically to the ASP MVC project, is your folder structure different how can i change this to razor syntax can you show an example to edit the setting on the droplets/portlets do your roles page to add and edit, members, and roles can you give me an example on how change the layout lastly, There is a void for some functionality currently, and I was wondering if you could let me know Can you do drag and drop widgets/portlets, and post back the layout/save it. with post back. Grid Sizing/re-sizing Form resizing like here, Drag Drop – Nestable lists Themeable, let the user select his color options.

Hello. I will do that, some extra features I thought it would be good to let it aside. Thanks for it.

Sad this is only using Bootstrap V2 =(

oh ya. It’s a remake of mine paulo admin template. I think many people is not using bootstrap 3 yet.

Lol. Loads are using Bootstrap 3. You’ve got one sale compared to another theme using BS3 which has 5 already.

Ok. Sales depends on what users want and the user exposure!


I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at

Regards, Alex

Sorry. I am not available.

Super Awesome. Love it;

how hard is it to integrate on to a web page?

is there any documentation preview?

Does this still work from 2013?

yes. Its a template. You can use it to developed a back-end functionality for a website for admins.