Discussion on DanHost - Hosting Template

Discussion on DanHost - Hosting Template

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Can theme be used as it is alongwith images too or do we must change those Eurovps

Hi, all the images are included for free in the template.

Thank you, we will go for it now :)


can you edit this for me?

Hi. i want to buy this theme but i want know if we can integrate it with vbulletin , if its possible than can some one guide me or can do it for me . many thanks

Because I’m not very familiar with vBulletin and because I don’t usually do customizations as part of support.

well i am gonna give a try now and will buy if it works ….

finally i made it , have few issues at forum home and i think its because of CSS , hopefull you ucan help[ me now … any way gonna buy you theme now

I need help! it tells me the template is missing when I try to upload to wordpress

This is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme.

I am a Hungarian man and I want to be measured by censoring the issue of such letters (i, I,, o, u, o, u, etc. ..)

Hello longben35,

Could you rephrase that comment? I didn’t understand what you were trying to say.

Az hogy a weboldal átírom magyara de ha irok egy (á betüt) vagy (é betüt) le tarakrja azokat a betüket amely vesszö van rajtuk

I don’t understand Hungarian.

How would I go about removing the colour changer?

The same way you would remove any other element on the page… open an html page and remove everything between “<!-- START #optwrap -->” and “<!-- END #optwrap -->”.

hi do you have any error pages? 404 ect?

Hey, no, this template doesn’t have any “404 Error” page.

Hi just wondering before purchase if there is a way to make it so that each time someone comes to my site they get a different color?

You can do that using Javascript, by making it load a different stylesheet on every page load. It shouldn’t be too hard.

is it posible tot get it in wordpress? or can you assist me with a cms for this template?


Can you guide me to a cms system that you prefer? if needed i would pay for te advice.


This is a HTML template, so it won’t work with any CMS out there, I’m sorry. Besides, I don’t own the license for the Wordpress version of this template anymore and I’m not planning on making it compatible with any other CMS.

I got it ported to wordpress.

mh the slider bug is a problem from the display size and website size. where i can change the font?

To change the headings’ font find these lines inside style.css and replace them with these lines. Then open all your HTML pages and look at the top of each file for these lines and delete them.

You can also delete the ”/scripts/cufon-yui.js” and ”/scripts/Delicious_500-Delicious_700-Delicious_italic_500-Delicious_italic_700.font.js” files because they’re useless now.

hey dan i have buyed your design but now i have two problems sometimes the slider is buged and shows 2 slider items. and the other problem is i cant can use ä, ü and ö in headers can you held :S

Your problem with the slider has never happened to me… it’s probably due to the fact that the page wasn’t fully loaded either because of your internet connection or you stopped the page from loading… if this is not the case then I’m gonna try to see what’s the problem and fix it. The font used in the headers doesn’t contain those characters, just replace it with Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, or any other well-known font.

Have bought the theme, how could i fix the price compare table on blue/web-hosting.html

As it looks in internet explorer not aligned,

Please help

Nope, i see that the demo works, but the source from themeforest gives the error, downloaded about 4 min ago but same result


Please read the 10th comment for this item.

Ok thanks, had not looked at the first comment page ;) here it is for other people that have te same issue by not looking at the first comment page

==================== style.css file:

.plan-plan-middle ul li img { padding: 9px 0; }

And replace them with these ones:

.plan-plan-middle ul li img { display:inline-block; } @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { .plan-plan-middle ul li img { padding:9px 0; } }


it is alowed to make changes on the design? and it is posible to get the psd files?

Okay nice if I buy it i will get a colors? And if you make WBB Designs what will it cost if you are makeing a WBB Design for this design?

Yes, you will get the theme in 4 different colors (blue, green, red, brown).

This theme is not compatible with WoltLab Burning Board and there won’t be any WBB version for this theme.

:/ okay ty i think i will buy it :)

Is there a psd for this theme?

No, there aren’t any .psd files.

So it was index.html page on please replace: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function(){ $(’#slider’).bxSlider(); });

With this: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function(){ $(’#slider’).bxSlider(); $(’#slider’).bxSlider({ auto: true, speed: 1000, pause: 2000 });


It will work now. thanks and enjoy, Great template Dan!

Please provide complete information.

Hi Dan, where do we paste this code to make the slider automatically rotate???


Great theme indeed! One question, is there a way to make the slider automatically rotate?

Yes, you can make the slider rotate automatically by replacing this line: $('#slider').bxSlider(); from index.html with this one: $('#slider').bxSlider({ auto: true, speed: 1000, pause: 2000 });. The “speed” element from this code represents the duration of the transition (in milliseconds), while the “pause” element represents the amount of time (in milliseconds) between each transition. Have a nice day! :)

At the package has one example page with Image and Content BX Slider example?

I don’t understand what you’re saying. The template demo has 10 pages, and only one of them contains the slider, although it is very simple to copy the code for the slider from that page to another…


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