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Downloading template, but in plugins folder no Contact Form 7 install. Downloading and istaling Contact Form 7 from official website, but after installing and insert it in page it looks awfully. Maybe you can write or send customized Contact Form 7 plugin for DART template?

Thank you very much.

Dear, Its Dart HTML comment section. Can you please tell your problem here. Here you can see support ticket also.

Hello! in your blog page i want to put two slider, one slider working fine and another slider dose’t work.. please help

Use different class and ID for both slider and adjust custom.js file.

How can I make the header normal not fixed? When I change it to relative it messes up?

I’m extremely sorry. Its a misunderstand. I thought it was my another html template barrister. Please, write the below css to style.css file

.navbar-fixed-top{ position: absolute; }

Hope it will solve your issue. Let me know the result

That worked. Thanks. One more question: how do i make the slider on homepage autoplay?

i done it. thanks

The sub pages seem to move the body up into the header image a little bit. How could I stop this from happening and make the sub pages look just like the main/homepage?

Answered via mail.

I am having problems with you tube embed like this one: <iframe class=”embed-responsive-item” src=”//”></iframe>

Send your site url and the url it works.

solved thanks to tripleS – great and ultra fast response.

Glad it works. Always try to use firebug, it will save your lots of time. I like this Tutoiral

For the first loading of sub pages, page content animation comes from top, after header image loaded, animation goes correct. How can i solve this problem ?

I’m not clear about the issue. Does it shows correctly on demo :

For first load you should use compress image

Hi, can i get this theme in blue colour instead of red ?

Yes, from style.css change the color.

Hi, the menu in the one page doesn’t close when we select something. So we can navigate but the menu always stays open. Is it normal? I will buy it if this problem is easy to solve

Hi, are you talking about sticky header and yes it is normal. Check the screen shot: Sticky header can be disable.

Hi, Sorry I would say when you are with a mobile phone, the responsive menu should be closed when we select something but it stay on the screen

Please, provide screen shot or you can mail me to

Hello, Thank you for the template.

I want to know, how can I do, in order to start, the mobile animations when I get to the section.

Now for example the section skills wow fadeInUp animated, animation has already occurred when loading page, not when I get to the section.

Or slow down animation.

Waiting for your response. Best Regards


Provide the site url.

and i can’t set Google Maps , have this error

Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys util.js:211 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired js?sensor=false:34 Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

Now you need to create your own API key to use Google map. Mail me to for the solution, I will send you the update contact.html file with direction.