Discussion on DashLite - React Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on DashLite - React Admin Dashboard Template

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ubestream Purchased

Could I use this theme to create react app?

Thanks for asking.

Well, as this is React template so you can easily create react app.

Thank you

Hi. I’m building a page with a table with the template. The first thing I do is to fetch the data from an API on with useEffect. this should happen only the first time the page(component) is loaded But when I started to test the responsiveness of the design and I noticed that resizing the pages triggered the re-rendering of the whole component. I used the transaction list page as the based example. how can we prevent to re-render the pages on re-sizing? thanks

Well, if you use useEffect to render data then it re-rendering browser state change by default. You need to fetch data outside and render that directly. But you can use useEffect when you use search/filter as that time you will need to re-rendering the table.

Thank you

how can I hide the SIDEBAR ? in a page where I want to have more space, for content, I want to hide the side bar and then let the user click on the APP BAR to navigate again.

Also how can add a button to toggle between light and dark. mode?


Well, all the sidebars of any demo layout works different way. For example if you check demo1 and demo2 then there is already sidebar toggler. But if you check demo demo3 and demo4 then it does not support and you can not add without your own code.

Right now toggle of light/dark option does not support as only theming available. Hopefully in next update we will add that.

Thank you

Your theme is one of the coolest themes in themeforest. Before I purchase I want to ask 1-2 questions. 1. Your react theme has less compopnents and ready to use pages. Are you going to update react theme? 2. If yes, will you also update react versions and other compopents as well? 3. If yes, what is the next upcoming update will be released on Themeforest.

Kind regards. Kagan.

Thanks for your query. Please follow the answer below -

1. Well, we may have less components as per your need but we have those which are necessary. Also those are ready to use but non functional way.

2. We continuously update our template and release update whenever possible. You may check our changes logs.

3. Right now we can not promise next update schedule but it might bit late as we have to release update some other templates.

Thank you

I use DataTable, but if I want to have title colspan all columns on table row. How I can do it. Because Mydata is nested array, I need have section for them. Many thank. and sorry for my bad. I’m backend dev and newbie ReactJS.

Thanks for asking.

We are exactly not how exact your data nested. But in datatable you can simply use colspan/rowspan as regular way. But you want to set like title are for colspan and others data in column then you need to generate 2 rows user single loop as one with colspan and others with regular td tag.

Also you should check out how we each table coded in template.

Thank you

sorry, my question wrong, I used Datatable.js in components/table. It is div and don’t have td to colspan. But after create DataTableHead, when I modify div, it’s just show in 1 columns.

Well, we use React Datatable, so you should read their documentation (https://react-data-table-component.netlify.app/) for better understand. Also you should check API Column references where all the column related option available.

Thank you


eitan18 Purchased

Hi softnio team,

By mistake I bought the regular version of your Dashlite template. after understanding my mistake, I bought the second version that I actually needed (the react one).

Anyway, I need a full refund for the regular version because I don’t use it.

Thanks in advanced, and I’m available for any communications on: eitan@lifecloud-qr.com

Best regards, Eitan Klein

We are sorry to hear from you.

Well, you may want a different version of the template and may purchased by mistake, so if you have not download yet then you can ask for refund. But if you already downloaded we can not accept your refund as per refund policy.

Refund is not acceptable specially if you think that you have purchased by mistake or changed your mind after download. You can also read refund policy from here – https://themeforest.net/page/author_refund_policy

Thank you

I truly understand where this policy is coming from but purchasing the wrong version was an honest mistake. I downloaded the template, saw the files, and understood I purchased the wrong one.

this is unacceptable; please be fair and refund me, no need to be this greedy and earn on others' mistakes...

We are really sorry but we can not do anything if you really think you purchased by mistake. Also in our template everything is mentioned as what you will get after purchase. We must consider if you have not downloaded that.

Thanks for understanding.

do you guys include example of hooks for fetching api data?

Sorry in our template no API data fetching hook as in our code we used sample data in JS file which rendering into template.

Will you upgrade the template to use Bootstrap 5?

Well, we have plans but it takes time to available.

Thanks for the great product, but i am facing a issue of time zone setup in app, i want to change the time zone globally , so just want to confirm from your side that is there any possibility to setup efficiently time zone in your theme pack?

Thanks for asking.

We have not set any time zone in our template particularly. Right now all the date comes from Date() method as default time.

So based on your need you need to add the timezone. You can check this out – https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-timezone-select

Thank you

Node Sass version 8.0.0 is install in my package json which version is supported for this theme please suggest

Can you please let us know what version of Node and NPM version? Please type as node -v and npm -v and see the version and let us know.

Thank you

./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss (./node_modules/css-loader??ref-6-oneOf-5-1\\./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js??ref-6-oneOf-5-3!./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss) Error: Node Sass version 8.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0. Failed to complie please help me

Can you please let us know what version of Node and NPM version? Please type as node -v and npm -v and see the version and let us know.

Thank you

How to install theme on my machine

Well, you should use stable version of Node as v16.14+ with NPM v8.19+ as we used that too and tested with that.

PS. Can you provide us a screenshot of your error details so we can see in deeply.

Thank you

./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss (./node_modules/css-loader??ref-6-oneOf-5-1\\./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js??ref-6-oneOf-5-3!./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss) Error: Node Sass version 8.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0.

Can you please let us know what version of Node and NPM version? Please type as node -v and npm -v and see the version and let us know.

Thank you

When will you update this resource with the Landing Page and use-case examples as in the JS version?

Thanks for asking.

Well, we can not promise any schedule for that but it takes bit time as right now our team working on HTML version so we work on it after HTML version completed.

Thank you

How do I hide the right sidebar from automatically showing in the Chats/Messages page? https://dashlite.net/demo5/apps-chats.html#

Thank for your comment.

It’s seems you may comment in wrong item as the reference link is for HTML template.

So are you looking for solution then html template or in react version? Also did you purchased our template?

Thank you

I purchased the HTML template, not React. My apologies, I didn’t realize I was commenting in the React version. I am looking for the solution in the HTML version.

Well, please contact us via our support center (https://support.softnio.com/) using your purchase code so our team can help you.

Thank you


htmlNet Purchased

When will the Subscription Panel be released?

Thanks for asking.

Well, it takes time to make available but right now we can not promise any advance schedule for that.

Thank you

Are you planning to upgrade this template to bootstrap 5 ?

Well, we have plan for update but not in short time as our team busy another new template.

Thank you


Error in:

Compiled with problems:X

ERROR in ./node_modules/react-quilljs/esm/index.js 77:17-33

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘quill’ in ’/home/archlinux/Projects/personal/project_name/frontend/node_modules/react-quilljs/esm’

ERROR in ./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss (./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet1.rules0.oneOf7.use1\\./node_modules/resolve-url-loader/index.js??ruleSet1.rules0.oneOf7.use3\\./src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss)

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js): SassError: Can’t find stylesheet to import. ╷ 42 │ @import “dataTable/datatable”; │ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ╵ src/assets/scss/vendors/bundle.scss 42:9 @import src/assets/scss/dashlite.scss 37:9 root stylesheet

Sorry: nodejs 16.14.2, npm: 8.5.0

Thanks for letting us know.

It seems quilljs not found, so you should remove node_modules folder and install node again and then try out.

Thank you


I would like to know if they do the programming work, for you to set up a raffle site with an administrative panel.

it would be a raffle site just like the one I’m going to give you to see.


Thanks for your query.

Well, any one can purchase and build any kind of application like raffle website back end. But we do not make those functionality for customers.

Hopefully you can understand.

Hi sir,Do you have any plans to release a Type Script version of this template?

Thanks for asking.

Sorry but we don’t have any plan for that in shortly.

Thank you.

Hey man, I just got this template, am still new to React.js and am struggling to customize it. Is there any way I can use this in a new project and only get what I need from it, or how can I customize it?

thanks in advance.

Thanks for asking.

Well, it hard to explain that how you can start as it completely depends on your project functional requirement.

On the other hand, for customization you must learn more about React from their website (https://reactjs.org/), they provide good documentation and basic tutorial which is help you much.

Thank you


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