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Hello nice newsletter theme, question can I use this in YMPL , ?

Hi itsnyc,

In the features of YMPL they say you can upload your own HTML files. All our email templates are pure HTML files so yes you can use them in YMPL .

Hope that helps :)


Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?


Hi Peaceonearth,

Yes you can use this email template in SendBlaster as referenced here.


Hi, nice work! Are the icons and images included in the pack? Thank you! Miguel

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2, yes icons and images are included.


Hi, I bought your Delicious Mail 2. 1) Is possible to send me the Picassa and Flicker small logos?. 2) I´m planing to buy you Delicious Landing page. Is possible to add a Menu Navigation so I can use the different templates like web pages?. Thank you, amazing work!!!! Miguel

Hi Miguel,

Just answered your email.


I was wondering if your templates would work with ‘Newsletter System’, which is also featured on Codecanyon (

I am asking you this, because we already purchased the ‘Newsletter System’ some time ago and we need a solid template for my girlfriend’s website (beauty salon).

Please let me know.


Thanks for choosing our template, enjoy using it :)

Works great after a few minor adjustments, so I can really recommend Delicious Mail 2 (and probably also Delicious Mail 1) to be used with ‘Newsletter System’ (also on Codecanyon).

The only thing I do not really ‘like’ is the used fonts, HOWEVER from my past experience the used fonts are always the best for all email clients. So not a big problem there. :)

Thanks, appreciate your feedback.

That’s right about fonts, I used those for best compatibility with different operating systems, tablets and mobiles.


What is the difference between this and Delicious Mail? Is it just a different variety of layouts and options? Does one come with any extra compatibility or other advantages that the other does not?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2, yes the only difference is the layouts, no advantages for any of them over the other because they are designed in way that you can mix layouts modules between both of them to create even more unique layouts.


I just wanted to say that I had some trouble with uploading to Mailchimp and Gifky helped me through every step of the way within 24 hours… If you are considering buying this template, stop considering and buy it!! I’m pretty beginner/intermediate in html and coding and Gifky walked me through it.

Thank you Gifky, great job!!

Thanks Arbel, really appreciate you awesome feedback, enjoy using the newsletter :)

Are the emails responsive? An eariler comment mentioned solid rendering on iPhone/iPad, what about other mobile devices? Android?

Hi cteager,

Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2.

This template is not responsive.

If you are interested in responsive email templates you can check out Idea Mail or Smartx Mail , they are both responsive.


Hi, Sorry about the newbie question, but I just need to dress up my emails with a custom header using my logo, I need simple links & need to add my address, phone number, email etc. I was looking at Delicious 2 / layout #9 and it looks like it might work. I don’t need the theme to be a newsletter, is it easy to remove the newsletter info from the theme? Or am I looking in the wrong place for a simple email theme? Thanks

Hi brettkramer,

Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2.

You can easily place your logo, banner image, etc… all text is editable so you will be able to update it with your content.

Not sure what you mean by “removing newsletter info”, but if you mean to remove some of content blocks (rows), then yes you can remove them and keep only those which you will fill with your content. You can also move content blocks from layout to another.

Hope that helps.


Hi – Nice template. Some Pre-Sales qtn if you don’t mind. I particularly like the 3D effect of the template.

1. Which design gives the best 3D effect (other than Delicious mail2) ? 2. Does it work on Sendblaster ? SB have FREE version of SB to test ?


Hi Peaceonearth,

Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2. If you like this template you might also like Smartx Mail. All our templates should work with Sendblaster since Sendblaster allows HTML importing.


Since SB has a free trial download version, any chance you could test it ?

I use SB. If does’nt work on SB, no point in me buying it.

I can confirm that this template works with SB cause I have clients who are using my templates in SB without any problems.


Does this email template works 100% on mailchimp?

Hi Bonovox,

Thanks for you interest in Delicious Mail 2.

The template will work with Mailchimp visual editor for changing layout’s content, but if you want to change layout structure (for example add/remove content block) that will need to be done in the code (in the Mailchimp code tab or any html/WYSIWYG editor). The code of the template is well commented so re-arranging the elements of layout is simple even in the code.

If you will need any help you can contact me via my profile contact form.


I was impressed with your quick feedback on another product and upon looking at your website – I found this template. Hope it works wonders for my business.

Remember to Serve [someone] Daily.

Thanks for the purchase, hope you will enjoy using Delicious Mail 2 :)

Awesome work! Is this compatible with and work with ?

Hi jamiebarren,

Thanks for your interest in Delicious Mail 2.

If mobilestorm allows you to import your own HTML template then this template will work with it. It’s best to contact their support team if they allow importing HTML template and if any specific merge tags need to be added to the code to make it work with their service.