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Fully responsive template.. I like it :D

JOGJAfile, glad you like it!:) createIT team

Very awesome! ;)


< ‘Black Angus’ looks yummy… :)

Good luck, CreateIT ..


Thanks candeed ;) createIT

Can you provide me with the simple php that would email me on the contact form and book a table since it is one of the main features of the site?

Hi mhaney, no problem – would you mind opening new issue here:

we’ll post PHP files there :)

cheers, createIT

BTW – the template is rockin’.

thanks! Don’t forget to rate it please :)

Love this theme but it does seem very slow to load?

Anyone else noticed this?

Hey, I think it’s a matter of our demo server – it’s getting slower and slower everyday. May I ask where are you located? Maybe it’s a matter of our location – it’s in Europe.

Thanks! createIT team

nice template and very close to what I was looking for as for the background and rustic look. I want to isolate the wooden elements such as the wood planks and chains showing the weekly specials. It says you include the PSDs, does this include the wood background by itself without the green and the wooden planks and chains without the writing?

I just want to make sure before buying. Thank you in advance!

Hi DawsonC,

All elements are isolated and on their own layers. All typography can be deselected and is not combined with the graphics. All graphics are separate.

Thanks, createIT

just one more thing, can I view this on my iPhone?

Hi DawsonC, Yes, this layout is responsive so it will adjust it’s content to device resolution (like iPhone).

Thanks, createIT

Thanks for your quick response on previous questions. Just one more question. Is this HTML5 and CSS3 or does it include other technologies or frameworks?

Yes, it’s HTML5 and CSS3. Javascript framework is jQuery and CSS framework is Twitter Bootstrap.

This theme will also send email messages when someone is using Book a Table or Contact Form. In this case PHP is required to actually send email messages.

Thanks, createIT

All I’ve ever done are Wordpress templates. I’d like to learn HTML however and thought working with this template might be the best way to start. I basically want the same layout just change pics,logos,text etc. Is this hard to do?

Hi kcmojoe,

It’s hard to tell;) I think it won’t be difficult but time consuming – it really depends how many changes you plan to do.

Thanks, createIT

I just need help with the menu….subcatagories of the menu items etc. All of the products are there I just cant seem to get them to work. =)

Sure, please do not hesitate to post a support request here:

Our support team will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks, createIT

Hi, I can’t seem to get the PHP contact & booking forms to work. Is there another way this can be configured ? Testing live only comes up with an error message.


Hi brightondesign,

Using contact form may be tricky due to different server setups. Please post a new question at – our support team will guide you how to make it work.

Thanks, createIT

Thanks, just lodged it then, Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The pizza layout is just what i was looking after. One question b4 i might purchase this. I do not need any kind of php involved in templates because i put it into a CMS and make all those by myself. So, is it easy to take all the php and such away (are they well commented in code?). And because i need a menu that has over 40 pizzas, is it a problem when creating the menu? (I see that it loops all, drinks, etc. but not one set of something).

Layout is clear, white space awesome. Thanks for reply in advance.

Oh, and do You plan to fix errors if found?

sure, i tried to look but didnt find any solution cos the code is not mine, i’ll go ahead and post there, thanks so far :)

I got an answer from the supportpage of yours but that reflects some other templateset you are selling. I dont have the products_slider in use at all. Wish i get proper answer from what file i modify needed codes. Thank you.

Hi jokipoika,

I can see that finally you managed to come to understanding:)

Thanks, createIT

I was testing something out with the css, i’ve disabled the repeat, but it won’t align center when I try to.. I’m talking about the top header/footer

Hey, please get in touch with us on our support forum and please share your code with us – we’ll try to help then :)

Thanks! createIT

Hello. The full width menucard breaks bad when going smaller screens. I should be opening one Pizzeria website 1.4.2014 but now when going tests, all breaks up when using different screen sizes. Only full computer screen shows ok, and iPhone, in middle of those 2 devices i run constant issues with menu.

Even the basic html in use (that comes with the package) breaks up in certain sizes of screens.

Just an update to this. Got semi-fixed this issue by the assist of Support. Hope you make this better in future, it has great potential to be supa-cool set of responsive template set for Pizzerias in general! Cheers.

Hi, Yup, any feedback would be appreciated :)

Thanks, createIT

It’s showing the last update to this as over a year ago. Just wondered if the script is still in development? Looks like exactly what I need, but concerned about compatibility with current versions of WordPress and browsers…

Hi JoomX,

This particular item is a HTML template and it’s still 100% compatible with latest browsers. Awesome WP version can be found here:

Thanks, createIT

Thanks for the reply and the link, I’d completely missed this was HTML…

No problem at all :) WP version is kept up to date with newest releases of WP, so you’re safe there.

Have a great day! createIT

will you be making the wordpress version available again any time soon?

Arghhh – just spent all day converting the angus one over to WP!!!! LOL

Hi! Sorry for your inconvenience. This theme was temporarily offline due to Revolution Slider security issue. Sorry again!


Hi The Pizza and Amici theme is not working on the demo site. Is it still offered?


Can you please check again? I’ve just checked this and everything works as it should.

Thanks, createIT