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Great Job! :)


wow, compliments from such a big guy? Thanks! :)

Nice template,. Good Luck,.

thanks! :)

pretty cool concepts in this design!

thanks Simon! We appreciate that! :)

Nice Template and Good luck

Great template love the menu in mobile mode more theme creators should use this style. Will you be updating the wordpress version to style like this?

Roughrida, thanks!

Which exactly part do you mean needs updating? When doing WP we were trying to be as accurate as possible :)

cheers, createIT team

Very nicely coded. GLWS! :)

Thanks Park! Talk to you soon! :)

Beautiful! Definitely in my to buy list.

I purchased you template before you removed and added again. Can I please have the php files for forms (contact, reservation and comments)


Hi danzii,

This item is pure HTML template and it does not contain any PHP files. I can suggest you use some form2mail a-like script, which will do the mail delivery – there are plenty of them, free, on the net :)

Thanks! createIT team

Hi, I have problems for customizace the theme, can you help me? are some tutorial?

Is there any way to see how the demo site is configured via WP-admin?

I see you have only 2 items in the testimonials widget but mine has 3 and I don’t see a setting for that.

I know this is not the proper forum for this question but I’m not sure where to ask it.

Great theme! Thanks

Hi Chris,

Are you sure you’re using Delimondo Seafresh HTML template (not WP theme)? There is no WP-admin whatsoever in HTML template :)

Anyway, if you’d be so kind to post this question on our support forum here:

... our brains there will quickly help you :)

Ah, please don’t forget to post your licence ID to avoid confusion.

Thanks! createIT team

i download the template but a lot of links came broken, it is me or i have to fix it?

Hmm :) Hard to tell. Could you please create a new issue at so we can investigate where the problem is?

Thanks, createIT

I´ve bought quite a few templates from and quite frankly this is the first one I want to buy, if I recall correctly, that does not come with working forms since php scripts are required.

I know they can be found for free on the internet but making them work with a template is not so easy for some of us.

Any chance of adding the scripts in an update anytime soon?


Hi moffie71,

Seafresh template is bundled with working contact form AND working “Book a table” form. Please make sure you are using the latest version. Detailed guide how to configure it properly can be found in documentation, section “Contact/Table Form”.

If you have any problems regarding this form, please create a new issue at so our support team can solve it for you.

Thanks, createIT

Bonsoir, Déçue… J’ai installé le thème mais il manque la feuille de style. Comment faire ? Merci pour vos retours, CMARY


It seems you are trying to install HTML template into Wordpress. This template is available as WP theme here:

Thanks, createIT

Thanks! Now I try to change the “logo” ...


Could you please create a new issue at our support system:

Thanks, createIT

what happened to your wordpress version?

It was taken down due to security flaw in Revolution Slider. It’s online again now:

Hi. Is the font in the logo free? If not where would it be purchased. I want to check the price on that as well. Thanks


Logo is created with two fonts: Shag Longue and Rosewood Fill, please check the screenshot: here. The main font can be downloaded for free: here.

Thanks, createIT

Great! Thanks


Please help me for menu on the phone? When I am on the site with my iphone or Samsung phone, I see big white space on menu! How to avoid the white space on the menu?


Please add this custom css via Appearance > Theme Options > Code – Custom styles:

@media (max-width: 729px) { .slider5 .anythingWindow, .slider5 .anythingSlider { height: 895px !important; } } @media (max-width: 729px) { .slider5 { background: none; height: 1085px; } }

It will remove the extra space on menu.

Thanks, createIT

We bought HTML template from you not Wordpress. Can you provide HTML codes?

Thank you


This issue can be fixed by adding the custom css I suggested before. There is no HTML to be changed. Please add this style at the end of your CSS stylesheet. It should resolve the issue.

Thanks, createIT