Discussion on Dexam - Angular 14+ & Bootstrap 5 SaaS, Startup & Product Landing Page

Discussion on Dexam - Angular 14+ & Bootstrap 5 SaaS, Startup & Product Landing Page

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Does the email integration part of the contact form come out of the box or do you need to implement it?

You Need to Implement . thank you

I understand!

As for the landing page content, it is written in some property file and that way I can change between templates or the content is static within each template

how to install this theme in HTML?

I have a hosting on hostgator and I wanted to install this HTML theme there

You can update the html files and it’s assets to directly your hosting.


Do you have a separate blog page that I can use with this theme?

I want my website to display all of our blogs on a separate page instead of the home page like the theme layout is now set up.

There is no path like src/assets/styles/themes/lite/ and no file like src/assets/styles/themes/lite/_custom.scss.

we will check this . thank you

would you check your fb page of UI Lib?

send message to uilib.help@gmail.com thank you

Hello, can I run this theme without ‘npm install and npm start’? I want to run it like normal html.


Yes . You will get compile html css file in dist folder. thanks

The support is very poorly, they does not help after the purchase.

what is your issue ? thanks

Opened 2 issues on github asking if was possible to add 2 simple components, after months no reply.

sorry for the delay, i will check now and will add it on next update soon. Thanks

Hello, I purchased your Angular Landing Page Dexam a week or so ago and I would like to know if you can help me with the following:

I want the V1 view to be the first page to display.

How can I change the Route from this: http://dexam-angular.ui-lib.com/#/landing/v1 To This http://dexam-angular.ui-lib.com/v1

Please help.

We have added Instruction on app-routing.module.ts file. please check . thanks

That worked. Thank you!!!

Welcome :)

Hi, are you using jquery or any other js lib in the angular version of your templates? Regards Lars

No Jquery or other js Plugin used Thanks

Please help me for resolve this problème. the angular recommandation doc not fun

E:\Revendstonlive\dexam-angular>ng build—prod

chunk {} runtime.929ef2f14a07844afc76.js (runtime) 2.29 kB entry chunk {1} common.0c36345e8e756f16f54e.js (common) 726 bytes [rendered] chunk {2} main.3cbe42c8ce707ba7b857.js (main) 513 kB initial chunk {3} polyfills.c8fab2deba814f04c161.js (polyfills) 126 kB initial chunk {4} polyfills-es5.5641b4f88d8632885855.js (polyfills-es5) 209 kB initial chunk {5} styles.3ec851840d962b7ea8bb.css (styles) 367 kB initial chunk {6} 6.3f92fedbdc12b9053d9f.js () 199 kB [rendered] chunk {7} 7.1bfa8cd4d4bd5b1497ec.js () 6.28 kB [rendered] Date: 2020-10-13T14:05:34.526Z – Hash: 7540fac3be4c47f1b263 – Time: 52091ms

WARNING in E:\Revendstonlive\dexam-angular\src\main.ts depends on ‘hammerjs’. CommonJS or AMD dependencies can cause optimization bailouts. For more info see: https://angular.io/guide/build#configuring-commonjs-dependencies

ng build—prod not working it’s send in console the same problem

ok we will check and fix soon if there any issue. thanks

merci je suis a votre écoute

Bonjour je vous prie de me fournir la démarche a suivre pour compiler le thème en local. j’ai besoin de lancer sa comme un nouveau projet afin de prendre la main. mais je ne connait que la procédure pour créer un nouveau projet angula.

cordialement michel

English please . thanks

Hi, thanks for the cool template, I bought it, everything is super. Only I can’t convert from sass to css, I’m working in ubuntu. Could you send me ready-made css files of the project? I’ll be very thankful

Hello, I opened your template, connected all styles and js, but the icons are still small. How to fix ? See screen on you email


we will check and get back to you. thanks

Hello Sit, I’m from outside US and all the payments methods do not work. Is there any other way to purshase this website ?

Please contact with envato . Thanks

Waiting for correction :)

we checked your query but did not find any issue as you mentioned .

See http://dexam-angular.ui-lib.com/#/landing/blog-details, in navbar click FEATURES option, it does not redirect to FEATURES section of http://dexam-angular.ui-lib.com/#/landing/v1

you need to edit the header url for blog section. thanks

Hello, The navigation bar on localhost: 4200 / # / landing / blog-details does not work. Click option does not work (example pricing), it does not redirect to landingpage -> section-pricing. Please some guide to fix it.

Thank you

We will check and fix if this happens. Thanks

Thanks, I wait for notification of the solution.

We will Inform you :)

Hey there, I would like to know if i can use the images on Dexam theme if i purchase the theme?

yes you can use the images if you purchase the theme. thanks :)

Hi, how can I make sure every section covers the full height of the browser window, regardless of the device being used.

thanks in advance.

please send message with screenshot of which content , to uilib.help@gmail.com thanks :)

just to make things faster, i will add all my questions in a bulk to avoid to many iterations. 1. what is the best strategy to use my own font? i assume it is possible to ship the font files with the rest of the resources to the server. 2. what is the best strategy to reduce the size of the file to the bare minimum?

You Need to install your font or you can use CDN as normally used , For size minimization you can select 1 page from demo and remove other demo views from template. if you have more questions reach here uilib.help@gmail.com Thanks

hello, we have issue in this theme this them not working with mac viewport.

Pelaee give us more details. Thanks


I want to create a landing page for my mobile app. I’ve got Godaddy Windows hosting with benefits as you can review on https://uk.godaddy.com/hosting/windows-hosting?isc=trhosTRY1. I’ve got 3 questions; - Is my hosting meeting your template requirements? - What are the recommended template editor(s) to customize your template? - Is there blog part on this template, I couldn’t recognize on HTML5 demo when I click on “read more” link?

you can edit the template using , VSCode https://code.visualstudio.com/ or sublime text code editor . Here is the Blog details page http://demos.ui-lib.com/dexam-angular-html/components/blog-details.html Thanks

Hi there,

I am a Angular developer. I’m using the angular 8 template.

The only simple thing I want to do is just use v6 as my main/root landing page nothing else.

I want to take everything else I don’t need out. What would be the possible best approach to accomplish this.

To accomplish this you need to do two things : 1 . open app-routing.module.ts file and add this code


    path: '',
    // redirectTo: 'landing/demos',

    // pathMatch: 'full'
    component: LandingLayoutComponent,
    children: [
        path: '',
        loadChildren: './views/landing/landing.module#LandingModule'

then open landing-routing.module.ts and add this code
    path: "",
    component: LandingV6Component

Hope this will work for you. let us know if you need any help . thanks :)

Thank you so much. It works perfectly fine :)

welcome and take some time to review our item, thanks :)

Dear Theme Owner

Dexam is very a beautiful and comprehensive theme. I’m interested to buy the theme, but the only problem I have checked in the theme is that it’s speed measured at Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix is very low. Google: https://pasteboard.co/ITnqza0.png GTMetrix: https://pasteboard.co/ITnrhgD.png

You can check these two points there on the respective websites. Can this issue be resolved. On Google Page Speed and GTmetrix, after making a test, you will also find the reasons of being slow, thus your developer can adjust some of the mandatory points to address the issue.

Your prompt and favorable reply will be highly appreciated.

- Shahid

We will fix these issues as soon as possible , thanks :)


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