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Love it! Good luck with sales :)


Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)


Thanks )

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Hello, first congratulations on the job, I would just take a little doubt in the main banner module only has the option of placing title in opencart where I put the subtitle as well as the demo has the title and the text below the product description?

Hello Ivent,
we need your url and acces to your admin panel to see what is wrong on your side. Open a ticket to our suppor team on http://support.itembridge.com/ so we could help you.

is not something specific site but the time the error occurs even on your demo screenshot by http://opencart.diamond.itembridge.com/ and http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/5140073-diamond-responsive-opencart-theme?index=1 there is text below the title and above the buy button with the text the hardest part is over … But it does not appear on your demo which only has one slider and buy the subtitle button does not appear if you would like to know how to include this subtitle so you can buy this module …

Yes I see not existing module. Thanks for the bug report, we will fix it soon.

Theme and design looks great! Only 13 purchases after 5 months surprised me.

Will certainly have a look next time when I have an online store project. Bookmarked!


is there any update soon for oc 2.0 version this template ?

Hello, virgotech.
Sorry, but we have no plans to update the Diamond theme.