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I’ve installed everything and it all works fine apart from the countdown. When I change the colour of the countdown text it just changes the colour of the entire countdown box. Please message me so I can show you further.


This one looks amazing! Really slick, and proper HTML . Really like all the options you’ve built into the CSS files.

Totally worth the money! Thanks

Thank you very much DukeSofr. I really appreciate it.


I believe the countdown text numbers are images. You should edit them with a proper image editing program.


I don’t understand what you mean… If you can help could you message me please.

Any help would be appreciated


Hi goochie. Please send me the url of your site so i can review it.


I feel stupid asking this question, but is there a “help” file? I can’t figure out how to make changes, etc.


P.S. Will send you my email via your profile for further communication.

Yes, of course. Unzip the file you downloaded and you will find a folder with the help. If you need some extra help just send me an email. Regards and thanks for the purchase.

how do i make this start count down?

Hi Skeptic. Thank you for purchasing Display – The final countdown. Unzip the file you downloaded and look inside the folder “docs” for instructions on how to set the date for the counter. If you need more help please contact me through my Envato’s profile. Regards. gustavok


I Cant upload the file ? ANd cant find the help map too.

Please advise

Hi, Choijoe Unzip the file you have downloaded, and find docs folder. If you need more help, please contact me through my profile form.



thank you!!! N1

Hi, please, can you kindly tell me how can i integrate your app to opencart? Thank you to answer me!

hi, Just upload the index.html and display_files folder to the server. to see your website just tupe index.php after your domain. This is not a pluggin!

ok thank you

your welcome. if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask. regards.

Great Template, I love it. I am having issues with the email function. it says the “Email was successfully sent”, but I never receive the email message in my inbox. I’ve double checked and triple checked the email address I typed into the configuration file, any other suggestions?


Hi bbake18, please contact your hosting provider and ask if they support php mail() function. Regards. PD. Contact me via my profile.


It’s possible to do a real login after suscribe if the admin send you an user/password?

I mean: I’d like that, when an user suscribe and I send later an user/password, he can, clicking in “returning user” or something similar (going to wp-admin.php, for example) log in introducing the user/password I’ve sent, not for seen again the launch page but for browsing or exploring the company page, the shop, etc.


It’s one posibility!

Can I put an image as background?


Yes of course, but you need to include some javascript to resize the background image to the size of the browser.

I need some help can you tell me how to make this count up from the date not down to?

Hi sheets

In d_init.js change

countdown({until: dateoffTime


countdown({since: dateoffTime

if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask. regards.

Could you help and produce or edit the mail process to use authentication as i think this is the main reason emails are a problem.

Hi Mark, try the file i sent to your email…

Hello, is it possible to only copy the countdown itself and place it into a div on my own page?

Copy <div id="counter"> </div> and place into your div. Don’t forget copy all links to css, font, and js.

Hello, really nice template. How to implement it on OpenCart? Copy/Paste index.php on server – will that redirect the customer from other pages to this template? Wil the admin have access to edit the frontend etc.

Tnx, cheers.

Excellent work! This is just what I needed, and it’s simple to use. Help/configuration file is brillant, and the attached resources (files, psds etc) is an agreat addition. Allthough, I wish you would consider adding a TWITCH icon to the package. I used the psd file and created one myself, but it didn’t turn out well.. lol. Keep the good work! ;)

Thanks n00bzor. Please contact me from my profile for Twitch icon.