Discussion on DOIT - Creative MultiPurpose Theme

Discussion on DOIT - Creative MultiPurpose Theme

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Hey, I know this theme never been really successfull but we are still using it and unfortunatly with the recent WP 5.5 Update the theme is not compatible anymore (especially the themebuilder). Maybe you are using this similar scripts with other themes so there is fix for it?


I’ve updated the theme recently. Please update there your theme and refresh your browser multiple (10 times) on your dashboard (because this latest update has javascript changes then you need to let your browser get new one instead cached file).

Then let me know if you see something more or you see it does not work there.

Thanks a lot

Hey there, thanks a lot for the update. I really appreciate your efforts. Looks like the content is showing again in the frontend on WP 5.5.1 and the latest theme and plugin updates. This looks good so far, even I cant adjust items via blox content builder in the backend but I think I can deal with it. Cheers!


Could you refresh your browser multiple times and let get updated scripts for your browser.

Thanks a lot

i tried getting the site demos but nothing happens when i click on the demo and try to download that demo.


Please use manual methods (XML import) for the demo data. Here is the instruction http://docs.themeton.com/doit/#full-content

Thanks a lot

hi this template can support rtl?

Hello, the theme does not support rtl. Thanks for your interest

Can you help me this error; Hi, i cant save this: change personal logo, change menu font pixel. On Less Editor “OPT?ONS UPDATED” But its not updated. Logo and menu font pixel. “From 12 to 14”

Please leave your site details on the support forum. Thanks

Hi, cannot add Topic in support forum. I could still change Menu color. How can i change menu color “costum” and “primary navigation color” it is white color.

Please share your site details on http://themeton.com/support site. I removed purchase code validation and hope you don’t have trouble with login. Then I’ll assist you those things after inspected your site


Can you help me this error; Hi, i cant save this: change personal logo, change menu font pixel. On Less Editor “OPT?ONS UPDATED” But its not updated. Logo and menu font pixel. “From 12 to 14”


Thank you for purchased our theme! Have you solved your issue? if you don’t have please update your theme!

Thank you.

I would like to change the padding-top above the page title from 150px to a smaller amount when viewed in mobiles so that there isn’t a large white gap at the top when there is no image in the header area. Could you please point me to where I could find this as it’s an inline style and I can’t find where it’s taking this style from.

Many thanks

PS love love love the theme! :)


I wanna give you simple css solution. Custom styling with a predefined option is always safe and easy. Please just put it on your Theme Options => Custom CSS field. Put it on a single or multiple fields depending on your content visibility on tablet & mobile

/* Reducing padding top */
.page-title.section {
    padding-top:50px !important;


Great thank you for your reply.

I have just experienced a problem with the admin area, if I try to edit a page I just get a white screen with the menu still showing on the left. I have disabled plugins and this doesn’t help and tried it using a different theme and I can get into edit the pages then. So I am assuming this is a theme problem, I hadn’t made any changes before hand so I’m not quite sure what it is. When viewing the page in IE I do get the error message:-

Most likely causes: •The website is under maintenance. •The website has a programming error.

Would you know whether this is being caused by the theme?

Many thanks

White dashboard issue on which browser? Can you create a ticket with your details on themeton.com/support site.


I purchased the theme, and im facing the following problems:

1. If i use the Text element (etc.) via Blox content builder, i always get capital letters for headings (title). I only see 6 heading styles, all with capitals. I do not want to use always capitals, but “normal” text even for titles. (where is style 7, introduced here: http://themeton.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/152080-heading-element ?)

Same problem with the service box element: the title is always written with capitals. How can i change this? I would sometimes need “normal” text for headings too, like in case of “callouts” : the title arrives with “normal ” letters, not capitals… ( there is no possibility to change this as well)

2. Another problem for editing text: i would like to change the font size & font family per block. Why is this possibility missing from the editor window (should be beside “bold, italic…left-right-center-letter colour etc.) ? Now i have to use the same font for all the headings which arrives from the theme option page: “heading fonts family + general font size” automatically… (and even worse – always in capitals as mentioned before) …

Can you probably include a “Font Family and Font Size” changer-bar into the text editor window? Is it possible to import there the google fonts you are offering for the theme?

waiting for your feedback!

1. Okay sir. I understand your situation and I’ll remove those text-transform options from headings and update it soon. Then you’ll get text case only controlled by added text case

2. Typically WP doesn’t allow those font features on their tinymce editor. You don’t see it on your main editor as well and then I don’t want to hack wp default options. Maybe you should try this plugin there. Seems it is potential solution for you


Thanks a lot!!! )

I already updated those changes. Please update there :)

Hi, can’t find localization file for theme options.

Sorry It has only frontend translation. Thanks

Is this theme compatible with Events Calendar Pro and Modern Tribe’s Woocommerce Tickets? (We’d like to sell event tickets on the site)...

I just answered on your another comment. Same here again. Thanks

Hello! I purchased the theme, and i see that there is an update of master Slider avaliable. As MS was included in this theme, i wanted to set the “Enable Automatic Update” for it. For this, MS wants me to activate its licence, but then I faced the problem, that i dont have any MS purchase code, only the DoIt Api key. How can i upgrade the MS to its new version? (DOIt Api key does not work for that)



You only have theme purchase but don’t have MS purchase. I’ll provide you slider updates with theme update. And I’ll update it today with latest version and please stay tuned and update there new version


Perfect, thanks!!!

Hello! I have a question about woocommerce categorie pages. I am customizing this theme to a client.

I need to setup category pages like a normal page with a master slider and extra information on the top, the products of the category would go under that. Are there any extra plugins for the page builder to add a category shortcode or anyother idea?

I know this is not a support question, but any help is very appreciated.:)

Thank you very much, and all the best with your theme.

Hello, Have you tried Woo element of our page builder? It shows your products like on demo site. But it doesn’t have category filter.

And then you can use regular woo shortcode. I think [product_category] fits your need and you can use it on text element with PageBuilder. Here is the full list of woo shortcodes.

And finally if you have many categories and hard to create pages for all those cats, you can new create custom category page and put slider shortcode at top of it.
<?php echo do_shortcode("[masterslider id='3']"); ?>


Thank you.:) You helped me a lot.:)))

Hi guys, Thanks for great theme. Having troubles activating the header and footer nav. They don’t seem to be activated in the demo either. What am I missing. Turned them on in appearance theme customization as well as in the menu section.

I have also enabled the top bar (included the social icons, custom menu – none of which are showing). Can you advise?

Everything else brilliant. kat

Legend. I’ll try that.

Brilliant – the update fixed the woo category titles – much appreciated. Absolute legend.

Still can’t get the topbar navigation to show. I updated it in appearance>customize as well as in appearance>menus. Theme options> top bar is turned on as well. Have left login details in support forum. Will leave some screen shots there as well.

:-) thanks heaps for great support and code updates.

Hello, Answered on your ticket. Please check there. Thanks

Love at the first look and Just purchased. GLWS

I’m wondering what’s difference between separate blog pages. You can create multiple blog pages with different options and design


Hey, it’s me again. I’m looking at shortcodes on your demo as reference to implement new things on my site. They just show up [t2content]. Could you please take it up?

Here our demo site has simple tricky method to show all those shortcodes paralleled on all multisite blogs. But I’m giving you this xml file that has all those shortcodes. Note: it doesn’t have post and portfolio posts!


any attempt to save them theme options triggers error message

FYI the cs says the menu is https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Noto+Sans – wich is a) not what i sent and b) not what i selected in the customizer

ok menu, option and logos are all set at the page level in the samples. But am still getting error every time theme options are saved

Hello there,
Sorry for all those troubles. Please send me your site address and login details on http://themeton.com/support site and I need to take a look and inspect what is the cause of those


I really like this theme a lot. I have 2 questions:

-The effect on the shirts in the ecommerce mode is in layer slider, revolution slider or theme specific?

-I find the loading time a little bit too long. Do you recommend anything for that?

Thank you in advance.:)

Thank you.:) My client bought the theme, and we are working on it. I love it very much, and I am very excited about it.

My question is about SEO:

I would like to make the theme SEO friendly. Do I need a SEO plugin (like woo commerce seo plugin for products micro data) for optimalization? Or it just wouldnt do more?

“Rich snippets & Micro data format applied for all blog loops” Is this automatic, because i havent find any places where I could do this manually… and is it “only” for the blog posts or products as well?

Thank you very much.


- You need to use there SEO plugin.

- This snippet data printed on blog portfolio posts but doesn’t on products. Maybe you can use some additional plugin for it plugin1


Pre-buy question, just need to know one thing:


1) Is this a product slider? So can you create it easily with Woo Products?

2) Or do you have to create it with a Slider option and give url’s to all buttons and add the information and title’s again (manual input)?

Also the “Buy” button is not working so i cannot see what happens after a click.

Hope to hear form you!

I’ve created it with Master slider. That helps you to create beautiful slider with your shop products easily. And you can make additional decoration on them such as extra text and hot spots + animation

There have some shortcodes those can take your product details easily. http://masterslider.com/doc/wp/#WooCommerce

For example, You should create your first slider with everything + button and price and description. Then duplicate that slide or allow effect for next slides.

Those Buy button is just an example button and now I’ve added link on the blue one, click on that now ;)


Master Slider looks great! Thanks! Great theme by the way! Will buy for sure if my customer feels the same way!


Sound great. :) i hope you have created website well. Good luck :)

Thank you.

can i have pagination for the team section here? http://demo.themeton.com/doit/shortcodes/team/
Those are page builder elements (just a page content) and there don’t have an option for pagination like blog posts. But you can simply achieve it with page split

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Appreciated all of you guys. All the best for you!

nice theme gud luck :)


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