Discussion on EdgeFolio - Nextjs React Blog Portfolio TailwindCSS Template

Discussion on EdgeFolio - Nextjs React Blog Portfolio TailwindCSS Template

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Hi, no search tool?

Hello, Search functionality is not available.

can you please share documentation link ? Do you have video tutorials on theme deployment ?


Thank you for your interest in our theme.

The documentation is available to customers only and it’s a text-based documentation.

Great theme, love it! Just one bug though – In the /layouts/index.js, I think the line `BlankCentered: dynamic(() => import(`@/layouts/BlankCenter`)),` has a typo. The `BlankCentered` should be `BlankCenter`, otherwise the 404 page is not displayed with the correct layout.

Thank you for pointing that out. We’ll update it in the next version :)

Hey there, thanks. I found another bug related to contact email. After a lot of debugging, I found the solution. In the /api/contact-form.js file, the line 58 should be `from: sender` and NOT `from:recipient`. Otherwise, the contact email is not sent.

Thank you! I will look into it.

I wanted to buy this theme buy I’m worried about this spacing at the bottom: https://sunkie.tinytake.com/msc/ODIwMzUyMl8yMTQxNTc0OA

Will it be quick to fix that?

Could you submit a support ticket and include the device name in the ticket?


can i use this together with winden plugin and bricksbuilder?

Hello, EdgeFolio is a NextJS theme. It’s not compatible with WordPress.

I truly love this template, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are building in the future, if I’d ever need a blog, FlexiBlog would be my 1st choice

please feel free to check out my result after customizing EdgeFolio http://jacobdmn.me

Wow I like what you did with the template! The customizations are super clean and inline with the overall design. nice work Jacob!

PS. Thanks again for your awesome review.

Hi there,
Great work. Can this be installed on the Cpanel?

Hello, Since the theme is based on the Nextjs framework, we recommend hosting the site on Vercel.

Can i host in github & deploy through netlify or vercel? Or is there any best low price hosting that supports nextjs applications

Yes. In our documentation, we have a guide for pushing your code to a Github repository and connecting the repo to Vercel. We’re doing the same for our live demo and it’s hosted for free.

Thanks for the faster response. Does it have the admin panel or we should manage via code

Blog posts are managed via Markdown/MDX files and configurations are accessible via a single config file.

i love this template… there are html css site template ?

No, sorry. We don’t have an HTML version.


jurajKE Purchased

still some errors.. I bought it 2 days ago but every time new error … so example:

Server Error Error: Error serializing `.page.github.repositories.records0.name` returned from `getStaticProps` in ”/[[...slug]]”. Reason: `undefined` cannot be serialized as JSON. Please use `null` or omit this value. This error happened while generating the page. Any console logs will be displayed in the terminal window.:


Server Error TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘login’) This error happened while generating the page. Any console logs will be displayed in the terminal window. Source lib/computed-fields/repositories.js (23:28) @ login 21 | return { 22 | name: json.name, > 23 | owner: json.owner.login, | ^ 24 | url: json.html_url, 25 | description: json.description, 26 | language: json.language,

Hello, This issue was fixed in the last version we released recently (v1.1.1). Please download it and if you encounter any issues, submit a support ticket to help you resolve it.


jurajKE Purchased

I bought it 2 days ago -> Last update from your site was 15.2.2023 so please read message before you will write something… I want my money back. I wrote ticket but nothing from your site only copy paste this message.

The update date is incorrect. Last version is released on Feb 25th. Please download it from your ThemeForest account.

Please note that, support is provided via tickets only. If you have any further questions, please submit a support ticket. I had to copy the same response to your ticket and comment because both were same question so please reply to the ticket only.

Hello and have a good time Our team is interested in using the Edgefolio template to develop its website. And for development, we need the template to be html, css, tailwindcss and not have react, next. Now we request you to specify the cost of the edgefolio template for us so that we can pay for it and start our project. thanks. my gmail : hamyarsho@gmail.com


Thank you for your interest in the EdgeFolio theme. We don’t have an HTML version of the theme and we don’t have any plans to develop an HTML version.

hi , thank you.

Thank you!

Congratulations , GLWS :-)

Thank you :)

Great Work,Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you!


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