Discussion on EduBlink - Education VueJS Template with NuxtJS

Discussion on EduBlink - Education VueJS Template with NuxtJS

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Hi, can we get any updates on the Nuxt 3 Release? My team would like to start developing a new project.

There has been a while since we bought your template

Thanks for your query. We’re extremely sorry for the delay of the update. Unfortunately our in-house developers could not able to finish the project and we’ve contacted with a team for the Nuxt 3 compatibility. We hope we can release the updated version by the mid June. Thanks again for your patience.

Hey there, any updates on the Nuxt 3 Release?

Thanks for reaching back to us. We apologize for the delay in completing your request regarding Nuxt3 update. Our developers are currently facing challenges with some NPM packages that have conflicting issues with Nuxt3. However, rest assured that they are working diligently to resolve these issues and complete the task ASAP. We understand the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience in this matter. We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know once the task is completed. Sorry again for the delay.

Hi there, also waiting for the Nuxt 3 Release before I buy.

Additional Questions:

1.) Are you going to use Bootstrap with Nuxt 3 or Tailwind / other Solutions? 2.) Is your Project Structure in Nuxt 3 going to make full use of Components, Json Placeholders (ready for external data), basically are you using the new Improvements in Nuxt 3 or just porting your Theme?

Thanks for your interest on our EduBlink Vue Template. Our developers are working on Nuxt 3 convertion and we hope we can release it by the end of March. But, there is no 100% confirmation regarding release date. It might take a few days back and forth.

1. Yes, we’re going to use Bootstrap only, no Tailwind or any other CSS framework.

2. Yes, it’ll be full of components.

But, there is no external data query in our template. We’ve created json file for storing course data and we fetch course data from that json file.

Please feel free to reach out if you’ve any further queries. I would be happy to answer them.

Yes, that`s what I mean, using json file, makes it easier for future implementation of api endpoint.

Thanks for informing us. Ok, then I think it’s the right template for you. :)

Hi there, i had browsed the last comment mentioning about the Nuxt 3, any update for the actual date for releasing the nuxt 3 version? Would like to start project with nuxt 3,

Thank you

Thanks for your interest in our EduBlink VueJS Template. First of all we’re so sorry for the delay and We’re still working on a total of 8 other new home pages and converting it completely in Nuxt 3. That’s why it’s taking some time. Hopefully we’ll release it by the end of March. Thanks for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi, if we purchased now, we still entitled to the Nuxt 3 upgrade?

Hi, Thanks for reaching back to us. Yes, of course. If you purchase the template once then you’ll get life time updates for free. We hope we can release the update of Nuxt3 compatibility by mid March or by the end of March. Please feel free ask if you’ve any further queries.

Hi there, does this template compatible with nuxt 3 already?

Hi, Thanks for your interest on our EduBlink Vue Template. Sorry, the current version is compatible with Nuxt 2 and we’re working on an update with the compatibility of Nuxt3.

Good to know that, do you have any estimation when the Nuxt 3 version will available?

Thanks for reaching back to us. We can’t promise any specific date but it might take up to 45 days.


shiro2 Purchased

Can you please guide me how to make transparent header at Kithcen Coach page?

Thanks for your query. We already replied to your ticket you created at our support forum. Your issue will be fixed. If you’ve any further queries then please feel free to let us know, we’re just one message away.

Is there any offline documentation of this template?

Hi, Thanks for your query. Yes, there is a offline bundled documentation available on this template.

Nice template. Does this template have complete dark version support at all the pages?

Hi, Thanks for your query. This template has complete dark version support.

To the author: - I greatly appreciate your work on this and other projects, but your project is inoperable for any user running either Nuxt3 or Node v18.x. - I would hope that you will upgrade when possible to a structure that can build with current versions of both Nuxt and Node. - Otherise, you should explicitly inform prospective buyers that they can only run this with legacy Node. - There were security vulnerabilities with OSSL which is of course why Node no longer supports that encryption algo. - There are issues with your current build dependency of Webpack v4.x which should be updated.

To the prospective buyer: - As of 120822 this package uses Nuxt 2.15 whereas Nuxt 3.0 is now officially released. - There are serious and mostly insurmountable errors in installing node modules via either npm or yarn due a change in SSL encryption support from Node v18 (whereas okay in v16, v17). LTS version of Node is now v18.12.x and latest is v19.x. - You will most likely not be able to install and run this code to a working app due to the error: ERR_OSSL_EVP_UNSUPPORTED. If you pass that, you will experience other errors with incompatible JS libs like vue-awesome-swiper that will also conflict or fail to build if using Webpack v4 (you’ll need to upgrade to v5). - You may try to hack this with the—openssl-legacy-provider flag in your scripts definition. However, you will most likely not succeed as you will find that most individuals who talk about this (and related downstream) issues will discuss that the best solution is to downgrade to Node v17.x. - You may find the code and app structure very helpful, but if you are running Node v18+, you will likely experience pain or inability to get this app to build. Note further that while you may get npm or yarn to complete module installation, Vite’s build process will likely error unless again you downgrade to Node v17.x.

Best, RevolutionBlue

Thanks for your in details feedback. Sorry to hear that you’ve faced issues with our template. When we released the template, in that time Nuxt 3.0 was not stable. Now since Nuxt 3.0 is released the stable version, we’ll update the template and we’ll make sure all of the issues you’ve raised will be solved. Thanks again for your feedback. We really appreciate your constructive feedback.

Are you planning to create it with react/gatsby ?

Hi, Thanks for your interest on EduBlink React version. Yes, we’re working on React version of EduBlink and helpfully we’ll release it by mid November. Please let me know if you’ve any further query. Have a nice day.

Hi, we’re happy to announce that our long awaited React version of EduBlink just got approved. If you’re still interested on the React version of EduBlink then please click on the link below to purchase the template.


If you’ve any pre-sale questions then please feel free to contact us at our support forum. We would love to assist you.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for wishing us. :)

Congratulations GLWS :)

Thanks a lot. :)

Great Work,Congratulations GLWS :)

Thanks a lot. :)


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