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I love the template is it exclusively made with angular js or there is a version without angular? I am really interested

Sorry for answering a little late, it is available in HTML as well as in Angular version. Both the versions are given in the download. Thanks a lot for your interest. Let me know if you have any other question to ask.

Hello, which Angular version are you using? 1.3 or 2.0?

Sorry for the delayed response, somehow we missed your question. Are you still interested in our theme. Thanks a lot

hello. liked the theme… just have a quick question… There is only 1 map of US listed.. I wanted to know if we can have world map (vector) also in it?

which angular version by the way? v1 or v2 ?? kindly update quickly.

We are using v1 and we are providing an update very soon. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Hi, I didn’t see any updates after April 2016. What’s the status of this theme? Are you planning updates? or using Angular 2 etc., There are few bugs in some pages, Are you still providing support?

We are providing an update within next two weeks. Please be patient as the update is in designing process and it will be completed within the given time. But please tell us what errors are there so that we can fix those errors in the upcoming update. Thanks a lot

Hi ! Looking forward for the Angular 4 Version of this. When will this be available? :) Thanks!

We are starting its conversion in Angular 2 after that we will jump to Angular 4. Thanks a lot for your interest.

Awesome Theme!

We need to use this for our upcoming project but as the Angular 2 is re-written so we can’t upgrade the Angular 1 to 2 easily and some functions are changed so we need one favor, if you give us the time when this theme available in Angular 2 that would be great!


Hello, yes we can do it for you but this will cost you some extra money because we will customize it according to your needs. Thanks a lot – if interested do let me know at sugotech@ymail.com Thanks again.

Hi I need a support. Left Menu should be in “X” initially(to close the menu actually initially it’s opened right) and after when we are clicking that should opens up. What i need was to be reversed. Appreciate your quick response.

Thanks for asking us for help, first of all go to Templates folder in Main directory and find footer.html. In this file add class “wide-footer” in “footer” tag. Then go to header.html in Templates folder and add class “slide-menu” in “header” tag. In the final step, go to index.html file and add class “wide-content” with “main-content”. You are done now. Your need will be fulfilled now. Thanks again – let us know if you need further help. :)

Hi.. You have a problem with support on your website! I’ve entered the purchase code and not work..! I’ve the PDF of the purchase

Hello, please explain what is the problem that you are facing at this time. You can submit the ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will contact you through it. Thanks a lot for your patience.

No.. The ticketing not work..! I’ve inserted the purchase code, but he says that is incorrect.. But I’ve copied and pasted it to the ticket support..!

Please send an email to webinaneff@gmail.com and our team will contact you about it shortly. Thanks

which Angular version?

Sorry for missing your comment, its version is AngularJS v1.4.2. Thanks for your interest in our product.

How plug and play is this? Will it interfere with my current app? I ask this because I want the upgrade to be seamlessly as possible (ideal: “overwrite” theme folder and thats it).

It depends on the current system with which you want to replace. You will have to make adjustments in it if you want to make it work perfectly. If you need further details, do let us know about it. Thanks a lot

Hello! I am looking to buy this theme. There is only one thing stopping me. Do you support Modals? Please let me know.

Hello, thanks for liking our product, yes we do support modals in our theme. Sorry for delayed response. Regards

Hello, Does it contains html files also?I mean i need only html.not angular.Also does it have any react version?

Thanks for your interest, yes it includes html files as well.. Regards

Hello Team, this is great job on angular. I am willing to make purchase today. Can I have it in latest angular version? Example angular 6 or 7.

We are sorry this is not available in Angular 6 or 7. Thanks

hello ! Purchased Electric Template but not working properly

hello muzubair,

What you were expecting about it? How it should have worked?


Hello! Whether this template has a version with pure html 5 without angular?

Thanks for your interest, yes it is given in the package. Thanks