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index2 does not currently provide support for this item.

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Just purchased this template and using in Acymailin of Joomla plugin for newsletters.

To answer the previous questions – reason why it is breaking because it is written in html4 and not html5. So if you format it to html5, mail services like google, hotmail, yahoo it will break because of present they are not up to date.

I was able to import w/no problems as a template, but bringing it into a newsletter there were some centering issue’s that the html needed a few tweaks. Nothing major – just need to change a line or two.

Hope this helps – but ultimately, it is a great template.

Thank You Index2


I contacted the designer at his web site about this template and surprisingly didn’t hear back from him. Interesting to see how a designer puts a product out but never responds…;-)

I am using this product with Acymailer and now is working perfect.


Surprise surprise, no support neither for me.

Template is working real well with Acymailer for my newsletters. However, the lack of support for this template from Index2 is lame.

I even tried contacting him at his professional web site. Requested a quote on a project and of course he did get back with me. When money is involved he is quick, but after the project is completed he’s no where to be found.

Index2 (FYI) – just because we purchase your product we are still customers…

Please, forward me the email where you requested a quote and I “got back with you” quickly. I haven’t taken any new jobs in over a year, you are making up stories now trying to bash me for no reason. I try to help as best I can.

Hello, i bought you template, and it has table problems with mailchimp and other mailing plataforms.. what can I do??

Please I have a client waiting for it.

Please mail me directly and describe the issues in more detail. Screenshots would also help to describe what you’re experiencing. I’ll try and help as best as I can. Thanks


First, thank you for this temple, nice and easy to use.

I just have the same problem (as several other users) regarding the use of this template with MailChimp. Did you find a solution? I also tried to copy/paste directly the code from your template to MailChimp, but it’s still not working.

Thank you for your reply.

Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on Targeted.io with their 40 email clients?