Discussion on Enside - Multipurpose Onepage Landing Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on Enside - Multipurpose Onepage Landing Page WordPress Theme

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Hi, I bought this theme via Envato Elements https://elements.envato.com/enside-multipurpose-onepage-wordpress-theme-J53SM6V

But I cannot install it! Need help! I get this when installing:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Can you please give me the product that is working! Best Regards

Hello, Envato Elements don’t have support included. Please purchase full theme version to contact support at https://support.magniumthemes.com/

Hi! What is the best way to use google fonts locally in Enside-Theme?

Hello, you can use third party plugins that may load fonts in custom way.

Seem to be an issue with lazyload images, not correctly resizing on mobile devices. I have tried excluding various classes i.e. portfolio-item-image or swipbox without success. Currently, using WPRocket. Don’t seem to be able to see any document support for this issue or how to resolve for this theme.

Hello, this theme does not have Lazy load feature. If you use third party plugin and have issues with it you need to contact third party plugin support for help.

Getting WProcket to look into this as it seems to be when turning on add missing image dimensions on projects. NOT lazyload issue as first thought. Thanks for the reply.

Hi! Is enside ready for PHP 8.0? If I change php version to 8.0 wordpress 5.7 says, I have a broken theme (enside) ?

Hello, 90% of plugins, themes and WordPress core itself does not have full PHP8 support yet and will not have in near feature (at least 1 year). Do not use PHP8, this is not a stable version and have potential problems.

Hi! I´d tried to use Menu items as onepage navigations. But for now, there is no chance to activate it as onepage-item: https://imgur.com/a/qbev2uW

Have you got an idea why?

Yes, you need to enable it.

Ok one thing, i don´t figured out. On your demo page “Photography” there is a overlay on menu: https://imgur.com/a/XQrv7X4

After selecting one item the overlay will close automatically. I can´t find any settings in the control panel, what is responsible for that.

Hope for your reply.

Issue resolved in support ticket.

I’ve do uploaded the image & content for this website. Then after migrate to server, all url & image link was wrong.

Hello, of course, WordPress migration is not just copy/paste files. We have special service for this https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization/15417-wordpress-site-migration-move-transfer-cloning-domain-change-with-all-data

I’ve worked on many WP site, just need update permarlink in CMS, this is not work on this theme

No, you are not right. You need to update not only permalinks. Images and incontent links does not use permalinks at all. Migration process is the same for any theme. You can read more here – https://wordpress.org/support/article/moving-wordpress/

Goodnight. Do you know when there will be support for WordPress 5.5.x? Thanks a lot.

Hello, theme already updated with WP 5.x support.

This theme is broken. JQuery Migrate identifies the use of a deprecated function: /wp-content/themes/enside/js/template-admin.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated. And another: /wp-content/plugins/responsive-lightbox/js/admin-media.js: ‘ready’ event is deprecated. This is with version 1.4

Additional errors came up: /wp-content/themes/enside/inc/ipanel/assets/ipanel-libraries-pack.js: jQuery.browser is deprecated /wp-content/plugins/responsive-lightbox/js/admin-gallery.js: ‘ready’ event is deprecated /wp-content/themes/enside/inc/ipanel/assets/js/template.js: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated; use the .length property

Hello, you need to update theme to latest version and clear all caches. If you see this errors in WordPress dashboard messages this means you don’t updated all theme files and plugins properly, and have site cache.

Hey are the photos free to use in demo? Or where are they from?

Hello, photos are not included in demo data. You will get placeholders after import. You don’t allowed to use commercial photos from demos from ANY themes on Themeforest because you don’t have license fore very photo for your domain. Photos are from different paid stocks.


after updating wordpress to 5.5 the wpbakery page builder does not work anymore! In my pages the blue edit with wpbakery button is missing?

Hoping for your reply.

Hello, update theme and all plugins to latest version.


Good afternoon. I would like to know how I can unregister the theme in one place since I will not use it there and I want to use it in another. Thank you in advance.

Hello, yes please submit your request to support team at https://support.magniumthemes.com/

I have sent a support request because this theme just doesn’t work. the none header, header.php keeps bringing down my site

Hello, we already answered your ticket. You incorrectly uploaded theme or child theme.

Hi is this going to be compatible with the latest WooCommerce 3.8 ? Wordpress 5.3 and Visual Bakery 6.0.5 ?

Hello, yes. It’s already compatible.

Thanks :-)

how to do popup with slide content. is it possible to do with this theme builder ?

Hello, you need to use third party plugins for this, WPBakery page builder does not allow you to create popups.

theme sticky logo not working and how to adding that ?

Technical Support

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MagniumThemes Help Center

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Any RTL support? :(

Hello, no.


on my page i discovered one bug :/. I am using your theme as “onepage-site”. When you click first on menu item for example “kontakt” the anchor brings you to the wrong section. Why, i selected the correct sections in the row settings?

When you do a page-reload and click the menu item one after another it works correctly.

Link to my page: http://www.mediastyle.at/maklergruppe/

Have you got an idea?

Hoping for your reply.

Technical Support

Thanks for your purchase! If you have some questions or need technical support please visit our Help Center to contact support.

This is automatically reply, please do not answer here in item comments, we offer support in Help Center only.

Support working time: 09:00 – 18:00 UTC+2, Mon – Fri

MagniumThemes Help Center

ThemeForest | Envato Studio | Help Center | Company

Hello! I need to ask you two questions before buying your theme. 1- Is the comment box on the blog always closed? I am seeing that a button appears, but I would like the fields to appear without using the button. This is possible? 2- Can home pages be installed as service pages?

thank you very much in advance for the response

Hello, 1) Yes, but you can disable this behavior by changing code, our support can help you with this. 2) You can import demo that you like, and that rename your homepage to another page and use it where you like.


is theme ready for Wordpress 5.0.3? Hoping for your reply.

Best regards, Alex

Hello, yes of course.

I have a site that has this theme already out of date. Are you doing the migration too? The site is in wordpress, with Visual Composer, Wpbakery Page Builder and Woocommerce.

Should all page formatting be redone? What can already be exported and may appear in the new layout as the old one?

Do you charge for this service? What the value?

Hello, when you change theme you just need to install and activate it, and remove old theme plugins. You will need to adjust your content for new theme (build your pages layouts or use demo data for quick start and replace it with your content in any case). You will need to build similar layouts manually (you will keep columns and rows structure from old theme , but you will probably need to add all elements again if your theme used custom elements). Better to make new site on DEV subdomain (so you can copy paste content from old site and see old layouts – you will have both old and new site working in the same time) and then migrate dev site to old site. If you need help with content building you can find freelancers for help with this at http://studio.envato.com in WordPress category (they can work with any theme). We can help you to move site from dev subdomain to old site main domain after you done with content.


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