Discussion on Esthetics Admin-Clean Admin Template

Discussion on Esthetics Admin-Clean Admin Template

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Hello, i’v bought this months ago when the author was saying that there will be a responsive version of this template.

I feel robbed ! Want my money back!

Is there a responsive update to this yet?


You can buy “Flatron” this theme includes android + apple app

Flatron Responsive Admin Template Web App

We were told there would be a responsive version was coming. This is unacceptable.

It looks very useful. Can someone help grandma here, find out if this can be applied to any theme? How can I use this?

or we can help you to do the same… :)

Nico Theme: http://themeforest.net/item/nico-fullscreen-responsive-opencart-theme/3554648 & Showroom: http://themeforest.net/item/showroom-portfolio-responsive-html5-theme/3322137?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=mad_dog

Im in the process of learning some basic web design, so how would I make sure that something like this functioned on my site. If you have a promotional video or a tutorial to point me towards .. im pretty sure I’ll work out the details.

Thanks Infynitix

Sorry we dont have any promotional video but you can check out our documentation of this theme.

documentation contains all stuff to support you like :-

1). To Change the basic structure. 2). To change the color theme. etc etc…

or still you face some problems feel free to contact akshay_thakur05@yahoo.com

Hi can you help me? I can’t find file/picture upload template

I mean single file upload

On the “step by step wizard page” do the back and forward buttons work on the download package or must I write some code to make the wizard go to the next step? http://infynitix.cyberscriptsolutions.com/esthetics_admin/wizard.html

Nice job on the design.


Its working on download package. :)

The update contains only the original files :( No changes. Maybe wrong package on themeForest?

It sounds like you are hopefully close to releasing a new version. I have been waiting, but it I go ahead and buy this will you let me upgrade when you release it?

Have you planned to release the new version ? Still waiting for it

Hi Infynitix,

I’m trying to use the datatables pluging with server-side processing to get the registers but the datatable design gets all messed up.

Could you provide an example?


Share the link…

Any update on an update for this?

Is there any in depth documentation for this? Just purchased the theme but i dont know how to proceed.


Explain your project I will help you in this, don’t worry about this.

Regards Akshay kumar akshay_thakur05@yahoo.com


Do me a favor? How could i disable dynamic table sorting by default?



Send a test mail at akshay_thakur05@yahoo.com i will send you the code.

I was wondering how difficult it is to include new pages to this admin template.

As an example, a user will logon to this template as a user and will have access to various queries that would pull back data from a mysql db. This data would need to be formatted to fit this theme.

Is this easy to do, and is it possible to gain access to the documentation prior to purchasing to see if this is something that I have the skills to do?

Thanks Robert


Its easy to add these kinds of design to my admin theme (you can use chatting layout for this). If you need some help from me to design a new one, plz let me know.

For documentation email me at akshay_thakur05@yahoo.com

Regards Akshay Kumar

Great design. Can you tell me what css changes we’d need to make to get it fixed width (1200px) & centered?


Make a div

<div style="width:1200px; margin:0 auto;" />

and paste all the body elements into this. Dont forget to rate my theme..

Regards Akshay Kumar

Hi, that almost worked…

I have put the div immediate following the body tab and the end div right before the end body tag…

That worked for the main section.

The nav & the aside are both attached the the left side of my browser where they were before the change.



Remove the css property (position:fixed) of nav and aside.

Hi, I want to have the calendar localized in Italian. I try to translate all the single label in all the js file but I’m still having it in english.

Can you help me please?



Yes, I know .. but I already translate all the label from english to italian and nothing change … can you help me?



in script.js line no 5.


Open this URL and save it to your scripts folder then open it and find “January” , now edit as per your requirement. dont forget to change the path in script.js


Nice template! But may I know how to apply this template to my Admin Page?

Many thanks!


Just apply my css, js and The html elements you want to use in your admin theme.


Nice template: i love it! For the upcoming version, could you please include a feature: save the box position and state (closed/open) with cookies (for example)?


The next version is almost done, Im trying to add this too.


Are you planning to make it responsive, integrating iPhone and iPad versions? If yes – when? Would buy right away if it worked on mobile devices.

Yes it will… :)

Qr generator does not work? is this something i would need to add on server side or do you have the code?


Thanks 4 telling me, I have the code.


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