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clean… good work!

thank you :)

Good luck, looks fantastic :)

Thanks mate.

Very nice! Good luck :)


Fajnie, powodzenia przy sprzeda?y :)

dzieki :)

Great theme, but why don’t you choose to integrate a contact form? That surely will top it off…

Hi, I`ll propably add version with contact form in next update. I`ll update 3XIT after I`ll release my next template – in about 2 weeks

Ok, will wait for the update!

Great work! Do you have any plans to do this as a WordPress theme?

Thanks, no WP planned by now.

Finally, an awesome parallax template that looks great on a 27” display. Keep up the great work!

thanks :)

Very good work!


WP NOW! ;) Great theme. If you make some hot portfolio with cases instead of just images, then you got a killer theme. Please just make it WP, won’t ya? :)

Is there support here.

just about to buy, however on the ipad, when the user changes from portrait to landscape (or vice versa) the menu system stops working till a full page refresh occurs.

Do you know the cause of this and will it be fixed?

Hi, witch iOS version are you using? It should work fine on iOS 6 but it will propably broke on iOS 5 (safari limitations), also did you try to open the page withou themeforest bar on the top? It sometimes coses some problems.

Would buy this theme immediately and gladly pay more if it was WP!


Tempted to buy, but support seems nonexistent? Looking at your other TF projects it’s been several months since you’ve chimed in on the comment threads.

Also, it looks like you’ve never released an update for a file – basically what you see at launch is what you get forever. This concerns me since inevitably there will be at least minor bugs fixes to address, if not something more pressing like the iPad issue @craigheyworth pointed out.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but until I can get more peace of mind I’ll have to pass.

Hi dantehicks, Yes you are right, I was absent for several months because of health issues, but now I`m back and ready to help.

right on, thank you for the feedback! and great work here

Love the design Shegy, and before I buy want to ask a question about the Gallery.

I want to be able to click on image and pop-up shows image, slide-show or video. The videos are stored on Vimeo. Can this be done?

Asking this as other designers in Themeforest show this working on their designs and all you show is a blank placeholder. Also, not clear if can be done from your comments on your portfolio (see Starlight – Responsive Portfolio comments).

You do show embedded video in Works, but I want to showcase video by pop-ups in Gallery.

Hi, lightbox used in this template is fancybox (1.3.4) and it supports many content types including image, slideshow and video. More info how to use it you can find here:

On lightbox page vimeo video is not listed but it can be embaded just the same way like youtube video (iframe).

Just bought it.. looks great and clean so far! One question, is it possible adjust the height of the parallax headers without screwing the whole layout up?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template, if you want to change the height of parallax headers you will need to ajust the parallax elements placement too, You can do it in the graghics itself or ajusting the stellar offset parameters.

Hi I am having an issue with the template on the iphone 5 it seems to always automatically scroll to top when ever I attempt to scroll down.. Thanks for any help!