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Hi, how can change the home font?

Hi, is there a way to add a page loader? My page take a bit to load up all the elements and all the images I’ve used are not that large.

Bought this theme and I am NOT happy at all with it. Does NOT work in Firefox! It doesn’t load all the parallax layers in the headers! Sometimes it loads them and sometimes it doesn’t. Am I going to get some help here?


I wanna to put the menu bar in the home page. Is it possible?

I wanna to put on bottom home. In the other pages on top.

hello, i want to purchase this template and wanted to ask whether u planned to develop a wordpress theme which i think wil lbe a good deal as a lot of clients search for themes like this coded for WP. cheers

hello, i want to show my own map but when i set my coordinates, it doesn’t work. I see in the document your coordinates are long and google give me short. (you the first one: 52.218545549866356) and google from my adress: (41,38081)

For iPhone IOS 6: How do you change the mobile icon and button bar? How do you make those buttons link to sections?

how can i use the fancybox to open other websites in iframes?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template, please check out for more info about fancybox.

The template works on pc/mac fine but the Mobile version in Android and iPhone 4 6.0 keeps scrolling up. How do I fix this?


I’m interested in buying the theme, but I wanted to know what video background you’re using. I’d like to have that in my theme.

Can we change the colors or the video? Looks like the gradient is a orange to purple at the bottom.


hi how can I show the sliders on mobil (iPhone) it doesnt seem to work. thx

I was planning to buy this theme as it looks great but after reading comments here, it turns out that author has zero support policy. it’d be nice if he/she can at least care to answer some of the simple questions. raises eyebrow

Please reply my mail.


lots of problems with no support.

I’m having trouble imbedding my YouTube video into the flex slider. For some reason, it plays the Vimeo film in the example no worries, but if I replace the Vimeo example with my YouTube embed code, I just get a blank field in the slider.

Can you offer any advice or assistance?

Problem solved. When copying the source code from YouTube, there’s no “http:” in front of the ”//”. Once added, it plays no problem.

what page/ line can i find the coding to put in my own video bg link

Does your theme allow for multiple pages that use the scrolling single page layout?

I’m looking to have my index.html direct users to one of two versions of the homepage. My current theme only allows me to have one scrolling main page. As such they have recommended that we install WP twice and run the theme twice, but that seems like overkill.

Would your theme allow us to have a homepage/landing-page that was very simple, that directed to two separate scrolling pages?

This is html/css template, no support for wordpress

what page/ line can i find the coding to put in my own video bg link

what page/ line can i find the coding to put in my own video bg link