Discussion on Fabia Restaurant Shopify Theme & Template

Discussion on Fabia Restaurant Shopify Theme & Template

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Hi, is there a language tool if not how to add translations or translate 2. Posiible to add more tha 3 slides 3. Possible to add background to body or make template boxed. Thanks


1. You need to 3rd party app for language translation. You can check it at - https://apps.shopify.com/search/query?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=translate

2. Yes, you can add more slides. We need you store access in order to do this.

3. We can add background colour & boxed layout with extra custom cost. If you want to proceed, please contact us via email at – support@magikcommerce.com

Ok tanks, also possible to setup different sidebar banner and custom block for each collection/category page

question: possible and how to make all collections page only showing categories

CAN I GET A REFUND? Customizing this theme is impossible..nothing works properly. If you change one thing something else stops working or doesn’t work properly. And that’s if the setting actually does anything at all.

1. Sticky menu not working. 2. Mobile menu not working. Ultrasupps had to post the fix. 3. Offer Slider doesn’t work properly. When disabled it still slides and text shows on New Products 4. Quick view doesn’t work. 5. Product Pages images do not work. Can’t change or view any images. 6. Random product pages get text cut off. 7. Etc. etc. etc.

It’s disappointing because the theme has a lot of potential.

What information do you need to process my refund??


Can you please send us your store admin details via email at – support@magikcommerce.com so that we can look into this.

Hi Guys,

On my product detail display it shows my full product description. I want to show only a short description and the full description in the description tab further below on the templates

Hi, I need to remove the “Buy now” buttons from the homepage for the Best Seller and New Products collections. Can you please advise what File I need to edit to remove the text or button.

Hi Guys, any news?

Can you create your own pages using the Shopify based Fabia template? I want to be able to make my own informational pages using this template through Shopify. is that possible?


You can create your own information pages like currently about us page in Fabia shopify theme. Please let us know if you have any other question.

Hi Guys, I added a custom product template. At the moment its the same as product.liquid. The only difference is that on the original product the side bar with navigation does not display but on my new custom template the side bar displays. How do I remove the sidebar from my custom template?



Can you please email us detail screenshots and your store URL is password protected so can you please email us your store password.


Will do. The store password is Bike01*

Hi, before purchasing your BEAUTIFUL theme, I’d like to check with you if the following adjustments can be made -

- can some items as ‘contact us’ and ’ about us’ be removed from the blue menu and added to the top one?

- Can i purchase your services for extra modifications?


Does anyone know about how to make the featured image change to the selected variant colour/item? This is a basic feature of all new shopify themes and quite important to me, have contacted the developer but not heard anything except “will be in the next update”, surely one of you smart cookies must know how to change this?

Hello, Can the theme be translated to other languages, in particular, Swedish? Also, can the colour be changed from blue to something else?

For everyone having issues with the mobile menu and don’t want to wait for the developer to take a week to respond to you.. Follow these steps to fix it on your own:

Open “assets.css.liquid”. Add the following line of CSS:

overflow: scroll !important;

to this element:

#menu ul.navmenu ul.submenu

Your code should look like this:

#menu ul.navmenu ul.submenu { overflow: scroll !important; padding:2px 0 0; width:99.8%; }

Your welcome in advance as this is a major bug that should be easily fixed with an updated release of the theme.

I’d really like to buy this template. Probably one of the best looking ones on here. But I’m concerned with the comments above. Mobile menu not working, author not getting back on support issues. People waiting weeks for answers. Is this still the case? If so, whoever purchased the theme, please advise.

Anyone there?


Please go ahead & purchase the theme. Let me know if you have any questions via email at – support@magikcommerce.com


I have messaged you many times and not heard anything back. There are problems on my website like the product images not being able to scroll through. I get a lot of customers complaining and contacting me. Can you please let me know how we can resolve this, its been over 10 days and i emailed you many times. I wait for you.


Can you please email us your site admin details and screenshots. So that we can fix issue on your site.

I love this theme but I have a few issues! I have messaged you 3 times this week – please read your emails so they can be resolved. Thank you


Can you please email us your site admin details and screenshots. So that we can fix issue on your site.

Hi MagikCommerce,

How do I make the description of the product show completely? As of now it just says part of it and leaves a ”...”

Nvm, I have found out how to change this setting in product.liquid


Can you please email us your site admin details and screenshots. So that we can fix issue on your site.

Hoe can I remove the text “© 2015 All Rights Reserved. Design by magikcommerce.com. Powered by Shopify.” from the footer. It does not seem to them theme.liquid file.


Yes you can disable this from admin panel.

Go to admin >> Themes >> Customize Theme >> click on header and logo section then you can disable display copyright… option

Thank you!


I tried to email you but have not heard back. I have a few questions if you can help me out…

1. How do i change the home page title from: New Products to All Products? 2. On the home page the parallax slider text call to action buttons wont update the text/button for people to read. It stays default as: View more, Learn More, Shop. How can i resolve this issue? 3. When an item is on sale on my shop, the sale item is bold and grey and comes under neath the sale price with a strike through it. On your demo its right and has a strike through it, how can i make it the same?

Please help, I emailed. you can email me at tramsebot@gmail.com – thanks. I help asap as my shop is down right now and im losing sales!

I already purchased this theme.

hey its been over a week since i contacted you. It looks like it was a mistake to purchase this theme as there are many bugs that are here and you guys wont address any of my comments or emails. What do i do? If i don’t hear back form you guys shortly i will be asking for refund of the theme and going my way.


We have fixed all issues on your site. Please check

I would like to purchase this theme, but as hostchilli pointed out, the mobile menu has an issue. I don’t think I will purchase until this major issue is fixed.

Notice on the desktop mega menu, you can see the full catalog: https://i.imgur.com/Nm3huwm.png

However, in the mobile version, only up to “Swimware” is displayed and the rest of the menu is cut off. You cannot scroll down to see the rest of the items in the catalog mega menu: https://i.imgur.com/sXkTPKO.png


Can you please email us your site admin details. So that we can fix issue on your site.

I have not purchased the theme yet. Once I do, I will contact you.

mobile menu still doesn’t work properly. Waiting for over a week for you to fix/reply to my email. It doesn’t work on the demo either. When you expand the menu items they get hidden behind the page.


Can you please email us your site admin details and screenshots.

Hello Can you please respond to my questions above?

We are having off on Weekend. Please allow us some time & we will get back to you by Monday IST.


I like your theme very much. I have a few questions before I buy the theme. Can I change the blue color in the background and choose my own? Or Can I use a background picture on the white space? 2- My logo is a round shape and I will need more space on the header so clients can see my logo. Can I change the space on the top left corner so my logo is bigger? 3- Can I change color of the footer background? (its black and I want a different color). 4- Can I change the color of the menu to my own?

Thanks and as soon as I receive your response I will buy the template. I wrote you an email, but still don’t have any feedback from you.



You can customize every element in this theme…


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