Discussion on Facit | React Admin Dashboard Template (Create React App, Vite or NextJs)

Discussion on Facit | React Admin Dashboard Template (Create React App, Vite or NextJs)

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Hi. I would like to ask a few questions;

1- For NextJS part, is it updates with its new folder structure? pages, app etc.

2- Is it using Redux or Redux Toolkit? Or none.

3- In dashboard page, there is a widget “Income” and it has some text styling issues on Dark mode. Any chance to fix? Do you support those things or not?


Hi mehmetcanhoroz,

1. Our update for app/ folder is ready, but because it is beta, pages/ are still used.

2. If you need Redux for your project, you can include it later.

3. If there is a problem we will of course fix it. What’s the problem?

Best regards.

Thanks for answer.

1- Any projection date to release new version?

2- I can but current does it anything or not?

3- https://facit-modern.omtanke.studio/ in this URL set Dark theme and you will see income widget has text coloring issue, In dark mode, its texts are black still.

Could you please provide more information about this theme, including pricing and any customization options? I would also like to know if it is compatible with my existing website research paper writers and if it comes with any support or maintenance services.

Hi michalshawn,

You can check which license you should choose from the https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard link.

All necessary components are available to make any kind of admin panel.

It comes with a 6-month support package when you purchase, and you can extend it to 12 months for a lower cost at the time of first purchase, or you can simply purchase the support package at any time.

Best regards.

If you have any questions you want to ask in detail, you can contact the support team.

Can you find folder lite of Next Js? Full version is so slow. Can you support me?

Hi daominhtu245,

You can get help by contacting the Support Team from the support link.

Best regards.

Looks awesome! I see you have a NextJS 13 version, but I’m wondering if you also have one that’s built for the new “App” Directory architecture in NextJS13? Or is it still using the “Pages” directory architecture? Thanks!

Hi DiscoDiggy1,

We haven’t done it yet as it’s not mandatory. It can be easily passed with the instructions in https://beta.nextjs.org/docs/upgrade-guide#migrating-from-pages-to-app. If you wish, we can prepare it for you during the day.

Best regards.

Thanks for the response! I’ve already tried with a few other templates to port over to the new app directory arch. And each one i tried just had way too overly complicated routing logic baked in way too deep to everything… pages and components weren’t structured properly to appropriately balance server vs client rendering… etc. Just too much work to first learn the entire projects architecture, and then to reconfig for app dir.

If you guys end up making an App Directory version at some point in the next few days, just respond here and I’ll get a ping, and I’ll buy the template on the spot!

Again, your work looks great, nice job!

It’s still in Beta, but we’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Hi, I want to purchase your theme and I want to make sure dose it have the NextJs version


Of course you can use Heroku. Our demos also host Netlify, an alternative to Heroku.

Perfect, Thanks for the quick respose

You’re welcome!

Good morning, is this template available in Next 13? If it is not, do you plan to adapt it?

Hi devdarellano,

The Next version is using the 13.0.2 version of Next. We update it regularly as new updates come.

Best regards.

Ok thank you very much, great news that it is already adapted to next 13. We will buy it today! Great job!

We will be happy to see you among us.

Eye icon on Textbox password (to show the password) (Auth Page)

Hi abewartech,

If you write from the Support tab, the support team will help you instantly.

Best regards.

Hi Dear

kindly it mentioned that have html and

Theme Forest Files Included HTML Files, SCSS Files, JS Files

but only found the React files

would you advise please

Hi Ahmedelfallah,

Unfortunately, Facit only has a React version. If it is not suitable for your project, you can create a refund request.

Best regards.

Could you provide UI like this page (File management) https://ibb.co/fkX1nDx

Hi hchautrung,

We’ve added this to the to-do list. If you need it quickly, you can contact the support team from the support tab.

Best regards.

Can you help me to customize more icons in my project? I want to use the icons outside the existing material! Thank

Hi daominhtu245,

You have been contacted by the Support Team via email.

Best regards.


binpeak Purchased

Is there any support you can provide to integrate current template with github actions? Any time I try to run yarn build as part of my .github/workflows/build.yml file it fails, however it works fine locally.

Hi binpeak,

The support team has contacted you via e-mail.

Best regards.


binpeak Purchased

Issue is fixed now, thanks !!

Any update on the release date for the Figma files? it would be super helpful for me to start working in the customized pages there.

Hi tiggerwolf,

We are currently making the final preparations for the “nextjs” version. Then we will complete and publish the Figma file.

Best regards.

hi do you have more details of when you will release the figma files of this template ?

Hi sephorap96,

We are working on integrating other views that can be taken with SCSS variables into the design. We hope to complete it soon.

Best regards.

Hi are there Figma files available?

Hi juliancxw,

Not yet released, we plan to release it soon.

Best regards.

Can we have map integrated in this theme?

Hi ksaur1990,

Yes, of course. You can include any React Map package you want.

Best redars.

Hi! Awesome template, thank you!

I am struggling with using the form groups, and it seems that you can’t type any text inside the form group. Could you please help me to solve this?

Thanks for a response in the support section, however, everything works good only outside of the inputGroup component, and you can’t seem to be able to type anything inside the InputGroup. It might be a bug

Fixed this by playing around with formik. Thank for quick response! Absolutely loving your product

We thank you for choosing us. :grin:


sysotel Purchased

The compile time is too high for npm run start. A small change in the file takes 3 to 5 seconds to reflect on the screen. We tried developing this theme on good windows machine and mac m1 pro. Both gets heated with high CPU usage. What is causing all this ? Should we worry about this ? We plan to use this for a very big project and we cannot afford to get stuck in the future because of some fundamental problems of the theme.

You can remove icons you won’t use out of about 2800 icons and reduce them to less than 1 second. (Tested with 2016 MacBook Pro i7 2.6GHz)


sysotel Purchased

Hi, Thank you for your reply,

I commented on all the icons from bootstrap/iconList.js and material-icons/iconList.js It still takes 8 to 12 seconds of time for hot reload.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the website rendering time. I am talking about the hot reload. I just changed a text from a component and it took almost 10 seconds to compile and hot reload on the website.

We have not made many changes in the theme. Please guide us more with this as it is being a huge roadblock for development. I would really appreciate it if you can arrange a quick meeting with my team to resolve this issue.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


I have forwarded it to the support team, they will fix the cause of your problem as soon as possible. Check your mails.

Best regards.

You have HTML version?

Hi arahmedraza,

Currently under construction, will be published in the future.

Best regards.

Is there a Vue.js version of this incredible admin theme? I would get it ASAP!

Hi SilenceWF

Unfortunately not yet, but it could be in the future. Don’t forget to follow us.

Best regards.


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