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Nice design!

Forgive me for not reading other posts, but when I clicked on live preview, I got and error and a potential “malicious process” attempt on my computer. Is the website itself still available for purchase without any problems?


Thank you, Yes, the website is available for purchase without any problems. I double-checked all files using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 with the latest antivirus databases and found no problems. Maybe, you have a problem because live preview has iframe tag from themeforest.


Hey abcgomel, How do I make changes to the map. I am using the html/css version of this template. I have changed the longitude and latitude via the contact.html form, but it basically just gives me a large view of the state I am located in not a map marker or a closer view. I look forward to your response.

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. In this template for map used Google Maps. To show your map with markers you need to create your map in google maps, and then insert it into a template (contact.html) Here are the links to the site where everything is written in great detail

zuq Purchased

Hello, when Wordpress version will be enabled?

Best regards, Piotr


zuq Purchased

I know. Im sorry for my manner :)


zuq Purchased

hello :) month is enough, I think :P

I would like to make good WP template, easily customizing and is applicable for different sites, and this is ,unfortunately, take very much time. thanks. work in process. :)

Hello ! I like your theme but what it is the easiest way for me to customize it. I have my problems with that code stuff. I know HTML basics but i mostly used “design view” modus ! Could you recommend the right programm ? Thanks : )

Hello! Thank you for your purchase. I am very pleased that you liked my template. Unfortunately, there is no perfect program for easy customizing for all of cases. But for editing, you can use any text editor (like notepad) or editor for web sites (like Adobe Dreamweaver). In order to change the color scheme of the site and most of the look of the site, you need to edit file style.css. I use these programs to edit the code. Thanks.

hello! i like your template and I purchased it also but is there a possibility to make it also compatible with IE8??? there are still quiet a lot of people using it at least at the domain I want to use it. thanks

sorry but what I download is defenitely not what I see online, filesize is also identical 19.454kb to before. could you send me the files by email?

Ok, send me your email, because i do not know where to send files

i have sent you a message with the email through your profile, thanks

This is a great clean theme. I just wanted to point out that your email sign up button say “Sing Up” instead of “Sign Up”. i also noticed this on your newest PSD. I hope sales continue strong for you.

Thank you. Sorry, my typo : ) I fix it.

Sorry but i must warn others who are thinking of making significant changes to this theme – DON’T BUY UNLESS YOUR FULLY CONVERSANT WITH HTML5, CSS3, RESPONSIVE LAYOUTS RETINA AND 3RD PARTY PLUGINS AND RECOLORING IN PHOTOSHOP. If you don’t want to venture too far away from what your given in the template and just plonk your own text in; fine – otherwise be warned.

This is NOT a user-friendly theme. Its a nice looking demo web site with little regard to someone else modifying it. There are unwanted ‘demo’ css files in the purchase – from what i can see they have no purpose in the download. As an experienced web developer this is probably the most time ive had to spend on a template.

  • multiple duplicate image files that are nothing more than placeholders – why??? not need even taking into account the different resolutions needed for different devices – way too many dummy files, surplus.
  • demo css files, why?? unless i’ve missed something here?
  • hardcoded ‘yellow’ theme images and sprites
  • (Some) fixed-width form controls (they break the site in smaller mobile resolutions)
  • Cant put a form within accordian menu (if possible tell us how!)
  • Over 3,500 lines in one css file!! really! come on – split it into logical files – pleassssse for the sake of our sanity.

As a nice looking site on theme forest: 10/10 – as a Template, 5/10 sorry

To edit a theme does not need any specific knowledge of HTML5, CSS 3, or Photoshop, you will be enough standard knowledge of html and css.

Need to edit the template css and minimal knowledge of html, like in any sold here template. For example, in order that would change color from yellow to any other you only need to replace the css files hex code yellow (# e8a900) to any other, such as blue (# 0279cc) and your site will be blue. Similarly, the color of the buttons and everything else. Yes, this template does not preset the other colors, but change the color changing css, using any text editor is the case of five minutes using the “find and replace”

All templates to replace the color used exactly the same principle, if you want your unique colors and settings, you have to write them by hand. This is the standard and the only correct way, edit the template for clean code. If you need to change any of the plugins in my template is HELP which are following links to documentation for all plug-ins used.

“Multiple duplicate image files that are nothing more than placeholders” – so as images not delivered with the template, then uses placeholders, but in order to help you understand where what picture is used in the names of placeholders stored images are the same as in the live demo. This greatly facilitates the search and replace the desired picture. If placeholders were less, when you insert a picture in their place, your picture would be duplicated many times in the most not understandable places for you and it would be hard to find out what and where you want to replace.

“Hardcoded ‘yellow’ theme images and sprites” – especially with a template supplied PSD files of all icons, so that you could make them with everything color. Because guess what color you want to do icon impossible. Therefore, there are 2 options or do not default icons gray or black (suitable for all colors) or to you to choose and make them for what you want, to mine the second option is much better. Plus, even if you do not want to repaint some of the icons in the color you want, you can take icon-font – font awesome, which is part of the template and change the color using css, as you like.

“Demo css files” Some do not understand what you mean, download the new version of the template, it do not have any demo.css

“(Some) fixed-width form controls (they break the site in smaller mobile resolutions)” – This template is adaptive, ie, changes its size and shape for different devices depending on their screen. Adaptability based on a template skeleton.css, which many multiple tested and works well for all devices. The template has been tested on devices with screen resolutions of 1920×1080, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 960×640, 1136×640, 800×480, 320×480, 960×540, and all other popular resolutions. He also was tested on apple and android devices and in different browsers. And nowhere in error. If you encounter any errors, please send me screenshot.

“Cant put a form within accordian menu (if possible tell us how!)” – I understand that you want to insert the contact form in the accordion, unfortunately, in this version of the template, this is not possible, I will try to accommodate your needs in the future.

“Over 3,500 lines in one css file!! Really! Come on – split it into logical files – pleassssse for the sake of our sanity.” – 3500 lines – it is almost a standard number of rows in the css for the modern template. For example, you can look at any other new template. All files (CSS, JS, HTML,PHP) have comments that explain the charge of what this piece of code and they are logically separated. Part of the CSS code responsible for responsive placed in a separate file as css and responsible for the sliders too and other, the code responsible for the retina is also separated, but in the file style.css, which, incidentally, is necessary to reduce loading time site. Better for loading site speed option is when the entire css code in a single file. So much of the grouping css code in one file is good for website load time, for understanding the code – are the comments. Sorry for bad english.

hi, great theme…

i want to add “right sidebar” to the portfolio page. (not the portfolio single page). can you help me about this issue pls?


Thank you Unfortunately, a lot of work, but I tried to do something for you. Send me your email and I will send you the files. Thank you for purchasing.

Hey, congrats man, lovely theme. Am I right in thinking you are developing a Wordpress version?

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Yes, Wordpress version will be developed


zuq Purchased

but when? :D

Now we have a problem in the page builder appeared. I am pleased that you are interested. Honestly, myself want to make faster, but still can not


zuq Purchased

Hi, when is premiere of wp version? :D {music}

WP theme we are doing together with another developer, I’m doing the design and layout of html, and he makes from this wp theme. So, as this is our first wp theme for themeforest, and therefore got so much time. At this point, development of page builder ends. Thank you


I’ve bought this template and I love it :-)

But now I have a Little Problem, you can see it only on iPad (Safari) view: the header with logo was not correctly view and I dont konw what I must do..? Can You help me?

Regards from Germany

Hi, Thank you. Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately I do not have ipad, and I can not check your site on ipad. But i checked your site on PC in all browsers, all is ok.


I’ve bought this template and I love it :-)

But now I have a Little Problem, you can see it only on iPad (Safari) view: the header with logo was not correctly view and I dont konw what I must do..? Can You help me?

Regards from Germany

just purchased this theme and when i tried to upload it to word press i get an error that “styles.css” is not included in the zip file.

am i doing something wrong?

OOPS!. just noticed its an HTML (only) theme. SORRY. new to the site. wasnt paying attention.

I have to agree with devgirl’s comments about this not being a user-friendly theme. I’m a reasonably experienced coder, and this theme is the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had editing a theme. The CSS is poorly coded. There are numerous examples where you take 12 lines (literally) to do what could be done in 3 or less. For example, this: border-top-width: 1px; border-right-width: 1px; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-left-width: 1px; border-top-style: none; border-right-style: solid; border-bottom-style: solid; border-left-style: solid; border-top-color: #d6d6d6; border-right-color: #d6d6d6; border-bottom-color: #d6d6d6; border-left-color: #d6d6d6;

That code could be reduced to this:

border-width: 1px; border-style: none solid solid solid; border-color: #d6d6d6;

Or even this:

border: 1px solid #d6d6d6; border-top: none;

In a time where reducing file size is necessary to accommodate mobile devices, issues like this are unacceptable in a paid theme. I don’t like buying a theme and then having spend hours fixing problems.

I’ve used themes based on Skeleton before. They were very easy to understand, but your CSS is very convoluted and confusing. It’s taking me several times as long as it normally does to modify it for my needs.

I also found many issues with spelling and grammar. For example, the drop-down menu that appears at lower resolutions reads “Choise Page.” This is extremely unprofessional. If you aren’t a native English speaker, you need to have someone review your theme so buyers don’t have to correct these problems themselves. It’s a nice looking theme, but it’s not something that should be sold until these problems are fixed. At least I’ve learned that I need to look at the source code more closely before buying themes in the future.

It was my first theme for themeforest, I will consider your comments and make any necessary changes in future versions. If you are experienced coder, you probably know how Dreamweaver work with CSS, that it sometimes inserts an extra code in not depending on your desire. If you want to reduce the size of the css files, you can use the css compressor

Hi there!

The Twitter feed is no longer working. I haven’t made any changes to your original script. Is there a fix for it?

Thanks in advance :)


Unfortunately, now twitter updated his API to v. 1.1 and now twitter feeds does not work, because it is created to twitter API v 1.0. Now, unfortunately, twitter feeds, it’s just a design. As soon as I find the opportunity to work twitter feeds, I will update the version of the template.


One of the best designers on here at the moment from a style perspective. Would like to see WP versions of your templates as I like to buy both HTML and WP for seo purposes.

Thank you very much. I am very pleased. :) Unfortunately, WP version Fincom themeforest did not approved,but there are WP version of Felius – and Solana –

Hi abcgomel, I would like to know if you received my email sent to you from your profile page. I have a question in regards to your template (it is awesome by the way) and I need answer asap. Thanks.

Hi Goldstrikn Thank you. At the moment I am trying to contact with developer that would discuss the terms. Thanks

great. Please email me asap (you have my personal email)

The structure in coding is so clean and logic, that it’s ACTUALLY fun to customise. That’s is true quality in my opinion, very nice work!

Thank you :)


I just purchased this theme but when i upload to ftp, can not choose this theme by admin panel because there is no style.css What should i do?


Thank you for your purchase. But this is not WordPress theme. It’s HTML template (cheaper than WP themes and placed in Site Templated category).