Discussion on FlatCV - Resume \ Portfolio \ HTML5

Discussion on FlatCV - Resume \ Portfolio \ HTML5

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Hi! I bought this theme as another item that is no longer available for download (https://themeforest.net/item/flatcv-resume-portfolio-wordpress/5285379). Can I have an updated theme?


The theme has been removed from Themeforest – that was the author’s decision. Nonetheless, you will get technical assistance and all the fixes till your support service expires. Six months is enough to customize and publish your project. In case you need the plugin updates in the future, they will be provided in Pre-sales tickets which do not require purchase code verification.

Best regards

Dear Customers,

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Temporary Ticksy support system is not available now. During 24 hours it should start to work again and you will get your ticket replies.

Best regards.

Hi there, Like your theme. Just want to know if it’s possible to add some icon myself? Missed soundcloud icon or website icon :( More, is it possible to add some social stream? For ex. Like button w/ iframe?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. b.

Hi, yes sure you can do this, it’s a simple HTML template that does not require a degree in IT :)

(Y) Hello everybody, This Template is very beautiful and likely. i use this template in html 5 but i have one problem i don’t receive message from contact form please replay me how i coding on this template for every message receive me on my e-mail thanks give me answer on my mail KashifHK123@gmail.com


Please, use our support system. Just click on banner “Support Sys” on the item page and get qualified help from our support operators. Enter your purchase key and fill out the ticket form. All information on the work of our support team you will find in the Support section on the theme page.


Hello. I have just this theme and cannot wait to use it. I have just uploaded it to my Wordpress installation on my site and it has given me a ‘bad theme error’ saying there is a problem with the style sheet. I have created a ticket on your website under the name of ‘jordan young’ if you could use the details I have provided you with and fix this issue on my site ASAP that would be much appreciated. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you

Hi, You should contact Envato team. Authors cannot refund money, exchange products etc.

Can you convert this theme as HTML 5 to a wordpress theme?

Hi, These are two different products connected only through demo contents.


Is it possible to put video or swf banner on the FlatCV-HTML5 version, portfolio menu?


Yes, it’s possible to add video from swf banner.

Hey.. Insted of PROFILE and PORTFOLIO TAB.. Can I have EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE TAB insted?.. Regards


As we mentioned in our support info, our support team works 10.00 – 19.00 (CET), Monday till Friday. In the shortest period of time, we will process all queries received during the weekend

Hello.. I want to replicate #profile content in #portfolio.. Pls help.. And yes I had created a ticket but yet to hear from anybody.. Regards

Hi, As of this moment, all the tickets are processed by our support team. ou should receive a notification on your email address. You may go to ticket and view all messages and replies from our support team.

nice theme bro. :) but I have changed there a little bit. check out this. hope you like it. http://masudhabib.com/ .

Thanks! Very unusual custom) We will definitely include it into our list of customer’s solution for our themes and will publish it in our profile

Hi, I’m try install this theme, bit I’m not have success.

1 – I extract the file “themeforest-5458924-flatcv-resume-portfolio-html5.zip”; 2 – I compact the folder “FlatCV” and compact in “FlatCV.zip” and do upload on Wordpress dashboard… 3 – I receive this mensage: The package could not be installed. The theme is without a stylesheet style.css .

4 – After, copy the style file ”/flatcv/style/style.css” to ”/flatcv and compact again. After this, i receive this mensagem: The package could not be installed. The stylesheet style.css does not contain a valid header.

So… What I do to install this theme? My purchase information file:

LICENSE CERTIFICATE : Envato Marketplace Item

This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on the Envato Marketplaces.

Licensor’s Author Username: ThemeREX Licensee: Diego Paes

For the item: FlatCV – Resume \ Portfolio \ HTML5

http://themeforest.net/item/flatcv-resume-portfolio-html5/5458924 Item ID: 5458924

Item Purchase Code: e62fa714-09e9-408f-b149-65e420f015ca

Purchase Date: 2014-01-08 13:59:12 UTC

For any queries related to this document or license please contact Envato Support via http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Live/Tickets/Submit

Envato Pty. Ltd. (ABN 11 119 159 741) PO Box 16122, Collins Street West, VIC 8007, Australia



Please, use our support system. Just click on banner “Support Sys” on the item page. Enter your purchase key and fill out the ticket form.


Hi, I Have a little problem with the installation. When i do the upload file, the wordpress display this mensagem: The package could not be installed. The theme is without a stylesheet style.css .

How I Install this theme?

My purchase code is: e62fa714-09e9-408f-b149-65e420f015ca


lease, use our support system. Just click on banner “Support Sys” on the item page. Enter your purchase key and fill out the ticket form.

I wouldn’t specify the purchase code in a message :)


I send a ticket on this momento. See please.

Hi ThemeRex,

First of all, great job, this theme looks amazing! Its my first website ever and first experience with code. I managed to change a few details on my own page but a question remains. I asked a few friends but they had no clue.

In the homepage’s author_info div, originally showing the short description, phone number, etc. I would like to insert a js slider, instead of all that.

I found several resizable sliders (since the available space is 600×300 px) but whatever I do, as soon as I try inserting them, the whole website bugs and I only have the menu, not working anymore.

Could you guide me through the installation of a simple js slider please?

Let me know if you need the URL to my page. Thank you!


For better speed and quality of our support team’s work, we have launched ticket system. Just click on banner “Support Sys” on the item page and get qualified help from our support operators.

Thanks for your high evaluation of our work.


SendEmail.php doesn’t work. I submit a request to Support (with licence key) and attach ZIP-file with the SOURCE CODE.

Answer is amazing – “read documentation”.

Is it impossible to check attached file before sending such a stupid reply !!!!!

If the first place, let me remind you that in the ‘first round’ it was the first time when you accused our support team of being unproffessional based on the fact that you ‘didn’t’ receive any response’ to your request. You had to lie, since you couldn’t create queries due to the fact that you didn’t have a purchase code. Then you had to purchase the licence ($11), and you had to lie again naming the wrong date of purchase. Despite you didn’t find it important to apologize for the obvious lie, you DID receive support from us. If you had payed a few minutes of your attention to Envato and ThemeREX support info, as well as treated it with due respect, you would have known that Envato ensures that all their products conform to the high technical standards, if developers follow all the instructions and are, of course, competent enough. As for us, we gladly help our customers, based on the terms mentioned in our support info. We are always ready to hear any complaints and improve work of our support operators. But the support you received from us was good and adequate: your issue is not a bug of our theme and can be resolved by simply following all the instructions of the section of Documentation we mentioned. Please, try – many of customers succeed in that) Considering all written above and your EXTREMELLY UNFRIENDLY style, we refuse to provide you any suppot if such your behavior will repeat again, and are ready to refund you $11 you spent on the product. Sincerely yours, ThemeREX


I’ve already sent 3 (three) request to support – no adequate answer till now. Just repeating what I’ve alreade had.


I remember your request made 3 days ago, my russian friend)) If you had checked our support info , you wouldn’t have tried to get support from us not having a purchase key. This is a standard policy of most TF authors. Now, when you bought the theme, you may at least apologize for you unfair words and get qualified help from our support team. Thanks for buying our theme.

I bought template at the 18th of November – please, check you billing. I sent request several days after purchase. All three times I provided license key via support page.

Despite beign Russian, I always buy licences. I hope on your support, my seemed-not-russian friend. ))

I dont have an access to this info, but i can see “purchaser” mark next to your nickname


yesterday (26th of November):

Sorry, but I consider this discussion closed.

Hi there! Nice theme! I have a one question. Used in the mock Cyrillic fonts?

Hi! You can use almost any fonts. Please contact our suppotrt team after purchase and we will inform you about code changes that are needed

Used in the mock Cyrillic fonts? Supported?

it’s really possible, however you will have to make changes in CSS

Love the theme. Trying to switch the dribble and instagram icons to be google plus and linkedin. Tips on doing this? Thanks

Yes, some of our customers have come across such error. Now it’s fixed. Please, try again

Still not working…

Works now – thanks – ticket submitted

Hi. I want to report a error in the template using the mobile version into a Android handset. Sometimes, the map in contact section don’t work, afetr that, the template colapse, if you touch on an icon you can’t not touch again for close that or touch another icon don’t go there, simply you need refresh to start again into the main section.

Please, can you check and fix this?. Thanks in advance.

Hi! What device and Android version are you using?

Hi. Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 4.2.2. I think is something with the map.

IMPORTANT! For better speed and quality of our support team’s work, we have launched ticket system. Please, use the link http://themerex.net/?p=102/#tickets and get qualified help from our support operators. For pre-sale questions, you can use comments in the theme’s profile


Sorry, from now on we are ignoring email queries. Please, use our ticket system. Sorry, from now on we are ignoring comments queries. Please, use our ticket system

Sorry, wrong link! Please, use the link http://themerex.net/?p=67/#tickets

Hi Themerex,Thanks for your reply. I accidentally posted this here but I have the wordpress version. Please see my post there. I’ve tried your recommendation but the only shortcodes.php file is in the (site-root)/wp-includes directory and that file makes no reference to the word mail.

Hi! Ok please provide your wp access via email and we will fix it ASAP.

Please, use the link http://themerex.net/?p=102/#tickets and get qualified help from our support operators

...and please use the link http://themerex.net/?p=67/#tickets and get qualified help from our support operators

OOps, meant to put this on the WP version which I purchased…sorry.

I cant get the contact from to send emiails, error message is “Transmit failed! Error send message!”. In mobile version on iOS error message is “wrong email address.” . I am using wp multisite, so far this is the only site on the multisite server and I am the super admin. SMTP is properly configured on the server via SSMTP and my smart host. So far I have tried all settings relating to smtp or email.

When I exhausted those possibilities I started troubleshooting with 3rd party smtp plugins. For each plugin I installed it separately, then enabled first on site only. Usually the plugin had an email test in the admin panel, and this would almost always work whether php or smtp was used to send. BUT the theme form would still fail. So, when it failed there I network enabled it, then when it failed there I would remove the plugin and try a new one. So far I have gone through the 6 most popular SMTP plugins, and each time the contact form gives the error message.

I have read your other forum responses to this issue regarding confirming the proper email address is typed. I have quintuply checked all settings in every possible location to no avail. My site is http://galanek.net, please help! Thank you!

Hi! Please find shortcodes.php file in your theme folder and replace mail() function with wp_mail().


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