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sorry for disturb again. i found a problem in responsive_table.html ( no more table )!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE3yPSEESBXXEnXY

this is the bug picture that i has been screenshoot.!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE7nMpj9_l_GRvvL

this is the bug2 picture that i has been screenshoot.

all picture has been uploaded to hotmail. but i don know why the share link become like this.

okay , so now the problem is when the text length is alot ( example : text length = 50 ) and the text is without space. text will not auto break up to next line.

example text : testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtesting

show text : testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtesting!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE9wPE-ef8_3xXRA

this is the 3rd picture when the text length is too high.!Apy_Sq9htNHxhFDRXg2L3YPP2zNV

this is the last picture when i scroll the horizontal scroll bar.

Hi, in that cases you can use a simple css property like “word-break: break-all;” .wd-brk{ word-break: break-all; }

add “wd-brk” class into those text.

Hope solved your problem

ok thanks alot.

hi , can i knw ( form_validation.html ) how to set the <select> required ?

i try to include 1<select name=”testing”> in html file, after that i check the code in ( form-validation-script.js ) rules: {testing:required},message{testing:”try to show something”}

but when i click the submit button , after validate only show the text , but the select border not change to red color ?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. We’ve used this validation for demo purpose only. Can you please check their doc.


I also need a fully dark theme…you have it?

Doe your template also offer to open a popup window on click – which will contain an IFRAME?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately at this moment dark version is not available. But you can made it dark by editing few css style.



maxwen Purchased

Hi there, I just purchased FlatLab, everything looks awesome and thanks for that.

Here I wanna request some supports from you to extend the backend sidebar feature. My project needs a sidebar which is more like AdminLTE’s sidebar, I want it can be collapsed and still leaves an column of icons in the left sidebar displaying. Actually I’ve used the AdminLTE template package in another project , and I like the sidebar, I would appreciate it very much if you could help me to improve the backend sidebar menu.

the AdminLTE demo page:

Looking forward to your reply, Please help help help :) god bless…. & thanks very much

Hi, I’m afraid as the structure is totally different and its need lots of css styling as well html structure. And of course it time consuming to custom this. However, I’ve noted this requirement but not give commitment when we’ll able to do it. Hope you understand. Thanks


maxwen Purchased

:( So any suggestions if I want to make this change? what js/css files should I start with?

Excellent theme, however, I noticed a bug with the responsive menu (left side). When you start out in full width mode on the browser, then you shrink the webpage down to 1/4 width, the menu button no longer works. You then have to refresh the page at 1/4 width to get the menu button to work. Is there a possible fix for this available? Thank you.

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Many many thanks for noticed. This stage it need a refresh however its fine in responsive devices. But we’ll try to fix this issues and let you know.


Thank you, let me know if this gets fixed, would really appreciate it.

I installed it, but I have only demo. How can I customize it? a have a purchase code. But I do not find where I put it

I have /flatlab/admin/ and /flatlab/frontend/


Hi, Its just a HTML template. You can edit it by using any editors Software. Thanks

I need to add a search bar (I have it, it is itself responsive) which is ALWAYS visible (should stay right next to the logo). Can you show me an example of an element which is ALWAYS visible near the logo in the top horizontal navbar?

Hi, yes of course it possible. I’ll do it for you once you purchase this template. Thanks

I completely liked it but would love to see a component. that is users table with small thumb nail/profile icon (profile pic)

Hi, Thanks for your complement. I assume you meant like this



junile Purchased

Hi I got this theme hoping to use it in Bootstrap Studio, but i guess i can’t is there some other tool i can use to modify?

Hi, I am trying the document demo, I copy the sidebar code ,but the icon is not show and the + icon is not show too

when I click the menu which has the sub menu, but the sub menus does not show too

how can i fixed that?

i have already include the css / js file and the chrome told everything is loaded

Hi, May be you’ve missed something. Can you please recheck our theme and your one carefully. Without seeing your file we are unable to say the actual reason.


finally i find out why, in the documentation, the ”+” ’s class is arrow but it should be “dcjq-icon”

but these is another problem when i click the parent menu and it won’t add the class “active” automatically. Is there i miss the jsfile or i need to write the code myself?

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  • Hi, Is this issues have our demo or our original files. If not ,then maybe you’ve missed something.


    Hello there,

    I’ve purchase your template yesterday. Very clean by the way!

    I’m just disappointed at the fact that I cannot position the footer to the bottom of the page completely, without having it as a fixed position.

    When a page does not have much content I looked very bad as it divides the page in two. Also for pages with lots of content it also makes the ui look buggy as it shows at the top and after the data loads it moves to the bottom.

    I found that by setting min-height to the main wrapper it looks a little better, but the I have the problem that it adds more height for small pages, adding unnecessary scroll bars, blank spaces, etc.

    Here is a screenshot for reference:

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers, Juan

    Hi, We’re checking of this issues and get back to you soon.


    Hi, Please replace the following css into .site-footer in style.css line 4738 .site-footer { background: #5b6e84; color: #fff; padding: 10px 0; position: absolute; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; z-index: -1; } like this and also replace the following code into line 41 #container{ position: absolute; top: 0; width: 100%; min-height: 100%; padding-bottom: 20px; } like this and remove min-height to the main wrapper hope solved your problem.


    Thank you for this awesome Theme! One question do i have: In data-tables, is it possible to only search from one colom and not from all?

    Thank you!

    Don’t worry, i’ve purchased the theme form another account.

    Hi, We’re using this data table for demo purpose. So We would request you to check their documentation. Hope you’ll find the solutions.



    I really like your FlatLab template.

    What discipline (language) should I be looking for to hire a developer to get it up and running for me?

    Thank you!


    Hi, thanks for your interest. Actually it depends on which language you want to use your platform. But this template is fit for all languages.


    Hi I’m not sure how to use the admin template. Do I create a button on the main website to link to the admin template? I wish I could see a sample on how I can set it up.

    Can I use another html file other than yours to connect the front end to back end?

    tks Josie

    P.S. How do I feed data to the charts and graphs?

    Hi, This template is made only html. css and js. So all data are static now. As this template has lots of ui components that actually helps a developer to work faster. And developers can use this template for their backend system. So its not like just to linkup your frontend site or website. You have to convert it to your platform dynamic way just using this template components. Hope you understand.

    Replying to your message: I bought this template a while ago, and always when I try to use it, I give up because I can’t figure out how to use it. I cannot believe that it’s static. So why do you provide the graphs if I can’t edit it? It is not even in vector form!!

    I need to how to connect the front end and back end. Do you have documentation on that? I bought FlatLab because of the graphs, and and absolutely do not need the html code as I have other resources.

    I need to know how to connect the front end to the back end. Don’t you provide a tutorial? Do you have something else to exchange, or refund policy?

    Hi, we never said you didn’t edit graphs. Not only graphs all data are shown for demo purpose only. All graphs doc links have in our documentation. In our demo graph data are static not coming dynamically. Its just a front end ui components. It depends on you how to connect your backend and frontend. In themeforest have 300+ admin templates all are do the same thing. If you still not getting our point please talk with your developers.


    Hi VectorLab,

    I am an author on Envato and working in Web design industry from past 10 years. I am really looking forward to get some opportunity to work in your team.

    My Envato username is followtechnique.

    Looking forward for a positive reply from your side.

    Thanks & Warm Regards Aditya Singhal

    please contact us via mail

    Quick question before I purchase this:

    This theme appears to the DataTables jQuery plug-in. I saw on one of the example tables that you had a rowspan. Is this actually possible with DataTables? I didn’t see it in their documentation, though I might have missed it.

    If not, then is it at least possible to use the RowGroup extension for DataTables in your theme? (Or, I guess, for any admin theme on this site that uses DataTables?)

    Hi, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately DataTables don’t support rowspan you can check here for more details.


    Okay, fair enough. How about using the RowGroup extension ( in your theme? Is that possible?

    Hi, Yes you can enable and configure the RowGroup extension for DataTables this link have instruction and example how to enable it.


    I’am already purchase… but not found for source code in ASP.Net. WebForm.. are u can help me to create a supported file to webform with masterpage ? Please. Thanks

    Hi, Thanks for purchasing our template. Our template is made only HTML, CSS & JS. Unfortunately we’re not ASP.Net developer so we are really unable to support this kind. However you can check the following links may be it can be help you. and


    Dear Sir; I’am a FlatLab user. When I try to use form-component.js and advanced-form-components.js at same page (I need to use Custom Checkbox & Radio and Switchey) I realize that Custom Checkbox & Radio has lost colors and advanced affect and turns to classic one. what can be wrong about me? BR.

    Hi sir,actually,,i am creating a php script to sell in,but i have a some questions 1.if we purchase your admin template,,we can use in your php script or not to integrate our development code to your template will provide any source code sir.4.Is there any requirement 5.Will you give login page also

    Hi Thanks for your interest. This template is made only HTML, CSS & JS. It has no php scripts. All are static. Its a set of UI components to help developer to reduce UI related time.


    Actually i am creating a email marketing software,for that we want admin panel from backend to manager every thing about my script ..after that i will sell in codecanyon…Note:-i am not selling your admin panel just i will install in to my php script…i will sell my script

    Hi, As you want to using our admin template for your back end in your script and using your script for commercial purpose. In that cases you have to purchase Extended License.