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Would it be possible for you to create a theme for Orchard CMS to match this design? If you can, please give me a price and how to pay for it when it’s ready. I would love to match my blog to this theme.

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately we are not familiar with Orchard CMS. So unable to help you and really sorry for this


Hi there!

So I am extremely NEW to programming and web design and I loved this template so much that I downloaded it without really knowing how to use it! Everything I know is self-taught, and again, I am extremely new at this.

So, my first question is…I’ve downloaded the admin template, but where and how do I start? I honestly can’t even figure out how to access my dashboard. Or rather, what is my first step after downloading the files?

I know it’s probably a dumb question, please don’t laugh.

Hi, Its okay. Its just a template where have huge UI kits which you can use your any platform where you need. This is our structure you can open index.html or any other pages and can work what you want. Or before starting you can check it out our documentation where have user guide line.


can you add RTL support ? having a huge problem when adding RTL languages

Hi, We’ll keep in mind your request. And try to add RTL version.



adding you language switcher we notice an issue that is is not the same hight of the profile box making the design look not profissional we tried to fix it but it seems it is in the core if you can guide or send us a fix
Hi, Please add the following css into your style.css file .top-menu .language { margin-top: 0; } .top-menu .language a { height: 43px; line-height: 28px; } .top-menu .language ul li a { line-height: normal; }

Hope solved your problem.


I have a huge problem. I have to include searchable dropdown (select2) to be exact into the flatlab. But it isn’t working. Please help regarding this. I think the formcomponents.css and advancedformcomponents.css are overriding select2.css. Please how to overcome this problem and make it working. Please help. I would be truly grateful.

Sry sir… I didn’t purchase it but my head did. Please sir help me how to include select2 in flatlab

Head here as in means my project head. Sir, the problem exists in the formcomponents.css and advancedformcomponents.css which are overriding the select2-bootstrap.css which it should’nt. But if I remove formcomponents.css and advancedformcomponents.css the components in the form(textboxes, colorpicker, datepicker other form components) wouldn’t work. I tried changing them but bugs are being formed. Please help me in this case on how to include select2 into flatlab.It is absolutely necessary for me to include select2 into flatlab

Hi, we already start working on select2 and others. Hope within 2 or 3 days we will submit an update.


can you guide me on how to update the main menu to have a collapse version instead of it totally hiding ? something like this thank you

Hi, Unfortunately we didn’t understand your question. Can you please give any screenshot where you need scroll.


ok please check this file , as you see we made the widget in a fixed height so want to add a scroll if data is more then the height we add
Hi, you can easily do it. just add the following css where you defined fixed height. overflow-y: scroll;



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You can change the color of the top bar using

<header class=”header dark-bg” > ..</header>

But, all i want to change is the white above the vertical menu. That is the section that contains the logo name. The left hand side would be similar to the Flatkit template

Image cropping doesn’t work on mobile? So its not 100% responsive. What do you suggest until you implement this?

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: and and In this template(Flat Lab) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?


Hi, Sorry for late reply. As our theme is made only HTML, CSS & JS only so all data are used this theme is static. If you want to import data from other site to this site then you have to do it dynamicaly.


Hello….. I use Caspio Database, whose applications are deployed through the use of embedded html code. I’m wondering if your theme would be a good fit for this application?


Hi, Sorry for late reply. As our theme is made only HTML, CSS & JS only so you can use any kind of database.


hi vectorlab , this stuff come with front-end and back-end ?

Hi, This is only front-end.


Hello, Im using FatLab admin template and i want know the dropzone module functions, the upload.php i dont know how do. This script is necessary? or only whit de js ?

Hi, Here is dropzone doc you can check it out.


Srry for doble post, my purchase code is 8b59f685-067f-40d4-ac43-5bf59c418deb

Can u have me an example ? thx

Please check your previous comment answer.


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I am using your template within ASP.Net MVC application. However, i have an issue when i use the menus on the left sidebar.

With the samples you provide the menu and submenu class is set to “active”. However, i need to set the active class using jquery.

Once i have done this the menu is not expanded automatically. Is there a way to force the currently select menu/submenu to be expanded

Hello there, I’m having problems. <Script src = “jquery.js”> </ script> AJAX post method did not work. I installed the new version of jQuery. Worked. But modal did not work.

Hi, Can you please give us your links so that we can see the issues.



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Hi guys,

I would like to know that How can I reset the date picker?

I selected the date then I try to delete the date on date picker but can not.

Please suggest me.

Thank a lot

Hi, Can you please check this doc as we use this date picker for demo purpose. Hope it will help you to solve this issue


Hi, you can use this template on wordpress ?

Hi, As this theme is made only HTML, CSS & JS so you can use it any framework. But you have to convert it to WordPress.


how to embed your script on a wordpress site ? I would like to create a showcase site with divi theme, on the home page, create a “see my project management” button (for example), the client is redirected to your script to handle its project managements, its possible ?