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sorry for disturb again. i found a problem in responsive_table.html ( no more table )!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE3yPSEESBXXEnXY

this is the bug picture that i has been screenshoot.!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE7nMpj9_l_GRvvL

this is the bug2 picture that i has been screenshoot.

all picture has been uploaded to hotmail. but i don know why the share link become like this.

okay , so now the problem is when the text length is alot ( example : text length = 50 ) and the text is without space. text will not auto break up to next line.

example text : testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtesting

show text : testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtesting!Apy_Sq9htNHxhE9wPE-ef8_3xXRA

this is the 3rd picture when the text length is too high.!Apy_Sq9htNHxhFDRXg2L3YPP2zNV

this is the last picture when i scroll the horizontal scroll bar.

Hi, in that cases you can use a simple css property like “word-break: break-all;” .wd-brk{ word-break: break-all; }

add “wd-brk” class into those text.

Hope solved your problem

ok thanks alot.


JasonThum Purchased

hi , can i knw ( form_validation.html ) how to set the <select> required ?

i try to include 1<select name=”testing”> in html file, after that i check the code in ( form-validation-script.js ) rules: {testing:required},message{testing:”try to show something”}

but when i click the submit button , after validate only show the text , but the select border not change to red color ?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. We’ve used this validation for demo purpose only. Can you please check their doc.


I also need a fully dark theme…you have it?

Doe your template also offer to open a popup window on click – which will contain an IFRAME?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately at this moment dark version is not available. But you can made it dark by editing few css style.



cywen Purchased

Hi there, I just purchased FlatLab, everything looks awesome and thanks for that.

Here I wanna request some supports from you to extend the backend sidebar feature. My project needs a sidebar which is more like AdminLTE’s sidebar, I want it can be collapsed and still leaves an column of icons in the left sidebar displaying. Actually I’ve used the AdminLTE template package in another project , and I like the sidebar, I would appreciate it very much if you could help me to improve the backend sidebar menu.

the AdminLTE demo page:

Looking forward to your reply, Please help help help :) god bless…. & thanks very much

Hi, I’m afraid as the structure is totally different and its need lots of css styling as well html structure. And of course it time consuming to custom this. However, I’ve noted this requirement but not give commitment when we’ll able to do it. Hope you understand. Thanks


cywen Purchased

:( So any suggestions if I want to make this change? what js/css files should I start with?

Excellent theme, however, I noticed a bug with the responsive menu (left side). When you start out in full width mode on the browser, then you shrink the webpage down to 1/4 width, the menu button no longer works. You then have to refresh the page at 1/4 width to get the menu button to work. Is there a possible fix for this available? Thank you.