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Congratulations! This Theme looks amazing, Glws :)

Thank you! Much appreciated! It’s a template! :P

Great Job ! GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Awesome work! :)

Thank you! :)

Strange not working with phonegap build…

Well, that’s strange, because this runs on what the others do! Same framework! :) There is nothing we can do, Phonegap states it’s compatible with HTML and CSS, this is it! :)

I’m sorry for the back and forth and I figured out the issue…the image folder had so many files it wouldn’t load correctly…I streamlined my template and it’s fine.

So it does work! hehe :P

Any updates needed? Is this still working?

That’s an awkward question. Why wouldn’t it still be working? We don’t sell broken items! As an author yourself, you should know this! Of courses it works.

Is this template using jQueryMobile? Or is it only jQuey?

Hey there! This is jQuery. We don’t use jQuery Mobile


I just bought your template, yet i found that it is not jquery mobile, how can i change it to be jquery mobile and upload to phonegap?

Thank you!

If you could please send us a message through our support form we’ll send you a piece of code to add to your CSS to do just that! :) Thanks for your kind words and patience! Cheers!

I sent you the email already! thank you!

We didn’t get your email, could you be so kind as to send it again through our profile page? Cheers! :)


How can i put a check box

<div class="check_box"><a href="#" class="checker checkbox-v2">Check</a></div>

into the box of

<div class="portfolio-item-thumb one-half"> <a href="images/gallery/full/11.jpg"> <img class="responsive-image" src="images/gallery/thumb/11s.jpg" alt="img" /> </a></div> Thank you!!

Checkboxes cannot be added inside the portfolio page by default. It needs a lot of changes to it and you need to connect the checkboxes to JS as this is only a site template! :)

Hi; i want to embed it in phongap does it work? thank you very much

Hey there! Thank you for your question. PhoneGap is compatible with HTML, CSS and JavaScript items. This is also written on their website

Q: What is PhoneGap? A: PhoneGap is an open source solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with standards-based Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

We’ve had customers use our products both with PhoneGap and Cordova without issues in the past.

Please Note: We do not provide support for PhoneGap or Cordova build, as per Envato Rules, only the main purpose of the item is supported by authors. Also, if you plan on building an app for any application store that is paid or has in-app purchases you must purchase an extended license.

Cheers! :)

Hello, author. Please, I need this template but for Jquery Mobile. What should I do? Thanks.

Hey there! Our products don’t use jQuery mobile. Cheers! :)

Why does the syntax “sup” not work properly ?

Hey there. Simply add the code below anywhere in your css. Cheers and please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :) sup {font-size:xx-small; vertical-align:super;}

Solved! i give you 5 star,..

Help please newbie,.. I have removed the menu icon in the first row, leaving only two icons just from the default 3, how to position the center?

Hey there. The navigation icons are created to be placed in rows of 3, you can’t center them individually. Cheers! :)

Hi,.. How to add text under six icons in welcome page?

By default you cannot add text under the icons. It requires some small changes. Please renew support extension and open a Support Ticket on our Forum and we’ll help you out with this. Cheers!