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I want to purchase this template , But i want to know how i can move the side main menu to top as horizontal menu, can you help ?

Let me check, maybe I’ll add horizontal menus in next release

thanks for Horizontal Menu Page ,

You are welcome

I like this theme so much but I’ve found the bug.

In advanced table (only this table I have checked) when I put more columns and I start zoom page the content of table goes outsite the box. It hapens on the phone (android) as well.

Do you know how to fix it?

BR, Tomek

Thank you for reply but it still doesn’t work. My code looks like this:
<div class="table-responsive">                                                                
  <table class="table table-advance">

Still rows go out of the box (right side the page) when I change the focus. It happens one or two steps before nav-bar becomes hidden. When nav-bar becomes hidden the rows displayed correctly again. It hapens only if I have more column than in your example. I have 4 more columns with 16 chars each. Rows are the same.

In bootstrap.css, .table-responsive defined for @media (max-width: 768px). So if you have big tables, you should define something like this:
.table-big {
    width: 100%;
    margin-bottom: 15px;
    overflow-x: scroll;
    overflow-y: hidden;
    border: 1px solid #dddddd;
Use this class in place of .table-responsive.
Next version will release in few days later, I’ll add this class to flaty.css

It works. Thanks.

Hi, I found a bug with the datepicker. If the icon for the date picker is on the right of the screen and you click it then the date picker appears on the right but is cut off by the screen. Is there a fix for this. Thanks

Hi, There isn’t any option in bootstrap-datepicker for open datepicker dropdown in left side. It’ll add inline left and top style to .datepicker, so we can not style it relatively. Maybe it’s better to use smaller input or place your .input-group-addon in left side.

Hello, I have problem with “tiles”. I have tile like this:
<div class="col-md-4">
    <div class="tile tile-orange">
        <div class="img">
            <i class="icon-thumbs-down" />
        <div class="content">
            <p class="big">123467.08</p>
            <p class="title">Count</p>

When I zoom my page tile icon covers text.

Is it any solution to avoid it?

BR, Tomek

Maybe you have to do one of this solutions:
1. Use col-md-5 or bigger
2. Disable page zooming
3. Decrease icon’s font-size from flaty.css – .tile .img > [class*=”icon-”]

Thank you.

I’m having trouble with the datepicker and making it auto close after selecting a date. I have been on different sites showing me how to do it but it either doesnt work or breaks something else. Can you fix this bug please

Use this:
$('#datepicker-id').datepicker().on('changeDate', function() {

i really wanna buy that template but missing thing is in that template email pages…. i need email pages too in my project… hope you will add that email pages

wait until next release in few next days, maybe I add email pages

thank you! if you add that pages your template will be complete solution for my project…

hi, this admin template looks really nice. i really want to buy this but i wonder, do you use LESS with the bootstrap 3? And if yes, do you provide them to with the template? Or do you use other CSS framework like SASS/COMPASS? thanks

Hi, Thanks
No I did not use any CSS preprocessor language but flaty.css is highly readable and easy to change, e.g. change skin colors, add new skin, ...

Hi I noticed a bug on the Form. Your File uploads will only work ok in Chrome. Default works ok in firefox too but advanced, without input and image upload doesnt work in firefox. Can you fix for next release please

Hi, I did not check the code to figure out what is the problem is, but I’ll check it soon. I am working on version 2.1 and I think it will release in about 7-10 days later

Thats great thanks

Hello, I have found few bugs on the phone:
  • When I put into the box title “button” and “dropdown-menu”, on the phone, the second elements goes out of the box title bar. I don’t know why because there is still a lot of free space in the title bar.
  • I have used two words (20 chars) in the page title (navbar) and the second word goes out of the navbar.
  • Last time you gave me a hint with a big table “overflow-x: scroll;”. It works fine on the PC but there is no scroll bar when I display page on the phone.

Is it possible to fix these bugs in next release? Do you have any hint?

BR, Tomek

Check them again in v2.1. They are fixed

Thanks for next release. I’ve check it with adnroid 4.2.2 on thwo browsers. Sumary:
Android native browser:
  • icons are not visible
  • becasue icons are not visible the navbar disapeared.
  • generaly strange behaviours
Chrome 30.0.1599.82
  • second level of side bar is not working
  • big tables work fine
  • more than one dropdowns in box title bar works fine
  • page title is rendering correctly

BR, Tomek

I’ve got android 4.2.2 too and I don’t have any problem with icons! According to you should be able to see icons.
“second level of side bar is not working”: I’ve just saw this, I think there is a js error, because some other functionality like close/collapse box, tiles, setting don’t work. Let me check this more precisely.
Thanks for bug report :)

You mention in previous comments that “next release will be in a few days”. This was 12 days ago.

When is the actual ETA on the next release? :)

Sorry, I’ve been busy. But it’s almost done, I should do some optimization and bug fix for phones. I think it will be ready in 2-3 days later.

Hello Developer :)

what a great skin, I had purchased you item, btw, is your themes support horizontal menu ?could you provide on the next update ?

Oh yeah, I don’t find email template either.



Thanks. I’ll provide email template in next release, actually it’s ready in my local development.
I’ve made a horizontal menu, but it has responsive issues. If I could fix it, I’ll embed it in next release

I don’t know if this one is fixable or not, but I’ll ask anyways.

There is an issue with your various title bars not rendering correctly if the title is too long.

An example would be the very top title/nav bar. By default it has an icon and says “Flatly Admin”. If that text gets any larger, say “Welcome to the Flatly Admin”, and you view it on the phone, the dropdown for the admin gets pushed down and gets rendered half-on/half-off the bar.

Similarly, if a box has too many tabs. The extra get rendered half-on/half-off the bar.

I have seen a demo (I wish I had book marked it) where if there are more tabs than room, it automatically made the extra (but not the tabs that fit) into a dropdown. That would be an amazing addition to your theme.

I’m not sure how to fix the nav bar. I tried doing a .visible/.hidden thing but it screwed up the rendering. Maybe an overflow would work.

Hopefully you can find some solutions for this.

Thanks for an otherwise great theme!

I’ve fixed top title for large text.
About tabs in box, I’ll give a responsive example in future release that will come few hours later

Do you have any advice for getting json and the advance tables working? I have tried a few different method but nothing is working.

THIS IS AN AWESOME ADMIN INTERFACE!!! Yes, I started there! However I am not having much luck with the advance grid or the dynamic grid displaying data.

Thank you :)
Our dynamic table using DataTables, I didn’t read/write json data to DataTables, but I think if you read their documentation, you could do it ;)

I was looking at the time pickers and they work ok in firefox but in Chrome it will not let you type the time into the box, you can only use the button at the side for Chrome input. Is this easily fixed do you know?

I tried that but it didn’t fix the problem. I tried removing all the e.preventDefault() as well but nothing

Are you sure ?! I have did it and work for me!
Anyway, if this isn’t urgent wait few days until I release a minor update (because of some bugs in phone devices). I’ll update this asset to last version and fix this.

Sorry, yes it does work, just not the same as Firefox. In FF it will increment the hour by pressing up key, decrement it by pressing down and the minutes by 15 and switching am to pm. But it works ok the way it does now. Thanks

Hate to be the barer of bad news, but your latest update is busted.

The navigation is no consistant, as is the new email templates don’t have links on all pages. And on the pages they do exist, the CSS is broken.

Also on the email template pages themselves, the CSS is not working. The text and images are fine, but the layout makes everything appear vertically.

I tested by first using a local copy, then verified via the online demo. I will email you a screenshot of what I’m seeing for the email pages. It was taken using the latest version of Firefox.

Turns out it was my bad. Firefox was still caching the old css so screwed things up. Thanks for looking into this.

You are welcome ;)

thank you for adding that email pages! its really perfect template and give me all i need!!! thank you again…

I found that if you are using a validation form with input-groups like this Once you enter valid or invalid data the error appers and increaeses the height of the input addon

The addon seems to be realtive to the height of the input-group which increases when the span is added below the input

Do you know how to fix this?

Open flaty.js and go to “Form validation” section of code. Add following code after “errorClass: ‘help-block’,” option:
errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
    if(element.parent('.input-group').length) {
    } else {

hi ShaMSofT,

i love your Admintheme…

Is it possible to validate the Wizard-Forms. The reason must be the submit button.

the JS is looking for an <input type=”submit”> but the wizard use

<#a href=”javascript:;” class=”btn btn-success button-submit” value=”Submit”>Submit

any ideas?

Thanks :)
Yes it’s possible. I did this in my local development for second form wizard. I’ll release verion 2.1.1 in few next days. If you need it sooner, send email for me and I’ll send you the updated files back.

It looks like in your theme, you disabled how normal Bootstrap tabs look; specifically I’m trying to get .nav-pills to highlight when you hover over them. It no longer changes the background so they just look like links.

I think I’ve traced it down to this bit in flatly.css /*** - Default Skin ***/ .nav > li > a:hover, .nav > li > a:focus, .nav .open > a, .nav .open > a:hover, .nav .open > a:focus { background-color: transparent; } Where you globally make all .nav’s transparent. How hard would it be to change this to only happen on certain classes/situations?

Ok, let me check and I’ll consider styling tabs and pills for next release

The theme not working in IE 8. The left side menus are not visible. Throws JS error.

As I mentioned in “Compatible Browsers”, this theme does not support IE 8.