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Thank you :) glad to hear that

Great template!

Thank you :)

Wow, nice work :). Good luck with the sales.

Thank you so much

hi shamsoft, congratulations for such a nice work. I would like to know how to make the sidebar keep its state when expanding and collapsing it, for example: if i am in a giving page and i collapse it, then i go to the next page, how to maintain it collapsed….thanks.

Hi denhay, thanks. You can do it using ajax and a server-side code. But I think using cookie is a better way. Thanks for your perspicacity, I’ll add this capability to FLATY in next release.

Hey. Nice work. Thank you. Please fix dynamic table. If you show “10 records” only, without to scroll and change records to “25 records or higher”, you must scroll, but you cant scroll. Please fixed with following code. (tigger table1_length and resize scrollbar).

    //------------------------ Data Table -----------------------//
    if (jQuery().dataTable) {
            "aLengthMenu": [
                    [10, 15, 25, 50, 100, -1],
                    [10, 15, 25, 50, 100, "Alle"]
            "iDisplayLength": 10,
            "oLanguage": {
                    "sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ Einträge pro Seite",
                    "sInfo": "_START_ - _END_ von _TOTAL_",
                    "sInfoEmpty": "0 - 0 von 0",
                    "sSearch": "Filter: ",
                    "sZeroRecords": "Keine Einträge gefunden. Sorry.",
                    "oPaginate": {
                        "sPrevious": "zurück",
                        "sNext": "vor" 
            "aoColumnDefs": [{
                    'bSortable': false,
                    'aTargets': [0]

        // Dynamic Table-Fix by Group
                if (jQuery().getNiceScroll) {


Thank you, I’ll fix this bug in next release

form doesn’t submit after i added the validation. please help.

open flaty.js , go to Form validation section, and remove following code from validation options:
submitHandler: function (form) {

I’ll fix this bug in next release, thanks for report

Gotta say, love the way you managed plugins, so that each page isn’t a heavy monster. So refreshing to see that taken into account for once.

Thanks JBzdawka, no one like heavy page ;)

Great work shamsoft! I’m trying to add a second Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor in the same page, but it is not appearing. Any suggestions for that? I would also like to know if the tags input value is updated every time i add a new tag, is there a problem or do i need to do this with javascript?

Thanks mdanilakis To add second bootstrap WYSISYG Editor, you should use different class for each one. For example we’ve a editor with class wysihtml5, so new editor should has a class name like wysihtml5-sec. Now open flaty.js, go to Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor section and change code to following one:
    //------------------------ Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor -----------------//
    if (jQuery().wysihtml5) {
Hope it’ll help

Demo site down

It’s up again

Having trouble with mobile functionality (Using Windows Phone 8 ). After a few seconds during loading I am unable to scroll in any direction

Maybe this problem is because of themeforest iframe that wrap demo page. Try this url:

That’s what I was trying. Didn’t work. Not sure if its just my particular mobile phone or happening to all mobile phones

You are first one that saw such a bug, but I’ll try to find out reason of this problem and fix it. Anyway thank you for report

color picker is not working?

It seems I removed color picker’s script from page in version 1.1.0 !
Add below code to end of form_component.html :
<!--page specific plugin scripts-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/bootstrap-colorpicker/js/bootstrap-colorpicker.js"></script>

Sorry about that. I’ll add this line of code to next release too.
Thanks for report

thank you very much for the quick reply

OMG I just saw this theme, I actually feel butterflies in my stomache.

This is THE most beautiful admin theme ever invented. I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY IT :D

Hey do you have any documentation on the Charts? They’re freaking great, but I can’t load my custom data in.

Nevermind, it’s over at:

Yeah, all of libraries that I use, has a good online documentation.

Cool theme…. Is possible change the sidebar on the left and put it on the top??? When a mailbox, timeline and tasks pages??


No, sidebar is in left.
New pages will always add in future releases, in next update, I’ll try to add 2 or 3 of the pages

ok but can I remove de sidebar in the left and insert a navbar in the top?????

Of course, you can, But It’s depend on your html/css skills!

I just had to check in and say this is a wonderful admin/app theme. I have purchase quite a few on TF for different projects over the years and never have been so pleased with the organization of the plugins. I generally have to waste a lot of time figuring out what I need or don’t need for my application pages, this was designed very well to make that task much easier.

I can see me using this for quite a few projects down the road.

Obviously I have stumbled across some of the minor issues mentioned above, but that is expected in newly released packages. I look forward to really diving into this.

Very well done!!

Thanks a lot for your inspirational comment.
Yeah, this version has few minor bugs, but I fixed theme in my local machine. I’ll release next version after adding some new features in few next days.

I developed sites for well over 15 years. It is near impossible to not have a few bugs. The main thing is support and that you have shown. Good luck with sales!

Thanks. I’ll do my best in maintenance phase ;)

Great theme!

Just running into a few issues:

1. When a box contains a form and the screen is resized down to about the 970px width range, the box continues to shrink, while the form width stays constant. So, the form fields eventually overlap the right side of the box. When I continue resizing the browser down, the box width eventually widens again at which the point the form again is properly contained.

BTW, this is most noticeable when the box is inside a span4.

2. I want to stop using niceScroll. Looks “nice” but it’s difficult to tell that the page is scrollable. I commented out the two init lines in flaty.js and the standard scroll appears for the page as expected. However, some content (like conversation) overlaps its box vertically and there are no scroll bars. Do these boxes depend on niceScroll? Is there something else I need to change so the boxes use scrollbars?

3. In the default search results, if the content on the right takes up too much vertical space, it eventually wraps as it should. However, it wraps beneath the icon on the left instead of staying in its “column”.

All of these are on at least FireFox and I’ve confirmed it on IE and Chrome as well.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks again for a great theme!


1. Do you using static input width like width=300px ? If yes, look at form_layout.html to understand how you should set the box size (mini, small, ... and span1, span2, ...). For responsive design, it’s better to use spanX classes. But about widening of boxes when you resize down, this is done by twitter bootstrap to reach responsive design.

2. One way is to don’t comment
$('.nice-scroll').niceScroll({railoffset: {left: -3}});
and use NiceScroll for that boxes. But if you don’t like NiceScroll, you should add css style “overflow-y: scroll” to that boxes.

3. Do some changes to flaty.css as follow:
.search-results li > .thumbnail {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 10px;
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
       -moz-box-shadow: none;
            box-shadow: none;
    -webkit-border-radius: 0;
       -moz-border-radius: 0;
            border-radius: 0;
.search-results li > .info {

Tell me if you needs more description.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been experimenting to determine what might be happening. Responses below:

1. No static width. Only using span1, span2, etc. But, I think what may be happening is that I have removed the left sidebar for some pages, but the responsive design may think it is still there. So, it does not switch to single column when it should or is just confused.

For pages with no sidebar at all, is there something else I should change in .css?

2. I am now using overflow-y for scroll where needed. Thanks!

3. Your fix did not quite work (it wrapped the entire block of text to next line instead of keeping column format). This may be because some of my images are wider than the original 80px of the design. But, you pointed me in the right direction. I simply added more margin-left to the .search-results li > .info style (changed it from margin-left:110px to margin-left:140px). Works fine now!

So, in all, I think I’m all set now, with the exception of item 1.

Thanks again.

1. I’m not sure what is the problem exactly, if you could provide online demo, it will very helpful. But about removed sidebar, don’t forget to add below css:
#sidebar+#main-content {
    margin-left: 0;
3. Sorry, it seems I didn’t understand your mean correctly.

Hello. Impressive template. I’m wondering if you used LESS ( to generate all the CSS ? If you did, is LESS code provided with template?

Hi, Thanks
No, it’s only plane css, I didn’t use LESS.

Will this template be available with Bootstrap 3 anytime soon?

Yes, I’ll switch to bootstrap 3 after release candidates

Nice template. Very easy to customize. ;) I just downloaded the new version. what should I do to update the libraries? I see that some things have been fixed and I would not mess up my customization.

Thank you Fabio

Thank you :)
Just upgrade this folders content: assets, css and js. Also add reference to jQuery.Cookie in bottom of pages:
<script src="assets/jquery-cookie/jquery.cookie.js"></script>
See one of html files for example.
Ready yourself for major change and upgrade to bootstrap 3.0. Next version has lots of changes, even in html files (because of bootstrap!)

No problem! Thanks again ;)

Hi, this template looks very nice, even on mobile. The only problem I encountered is on the mobile though. (android chrome and webkit)

The blue menu won’t slide further open when clicking on menuitems with a submenu. Causing half of the menu to slide out of view.


Thank you. To fix this problem, add following css code to flaty.css: {
    height: auto !important;