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Great template rodbor :)


Congratulations mate! :)

Thanks mate!

Excellent work mate!!!!! Congratulations!!!! ;)


Looks great. One thing: I noticed that at less than 1024px wide, when I scroll down the page, the WORK section jumps up too far. Also when I click the WORK link. The nav bar doesn’t convert to the more opaque style at the right scroll point either…

I’ve tested this on Chrome 30 and Firefox 24 on Mac.

Hi, yes but if you test it on a mobile device it is working as it should.

Amazing theme!! On iOS 7 Safari on iPhone 5s, your Nav bar completely disappears when scrolling. on the dark theme it turns into an unclickable white bar that is a bit annoying.

Thanks, I’ve fixed it and submitted and update, it’s awaiting for approval at the moment.

That’s a high class Author right there. Will be purchasing! Good luck!

Very good theme!


Realy good work! ;) GLWS! ;)


beautiful. i sure hope you will make a wp version

Thanks, yes a WP version will be made.

Another Great template :) GLWS


Testing on my Android phone none of the links are working in the live preview for the Float – Responsive HTML One-Page Template. It either don’t do anything or go back to the template page.

Also when I click any link it will only select the one next to it. For instance work will select the top link, services will select the work link. They all do this. Clicking one link only selects the one on the left of it.

On my pc however it is working fine.


It will be fixed very soon.

Please notify when it’s ready.

Hello, I need to insert a section “auto blog” on the site. To create the post in autonomy for my clients. Can you tell me how to do?


This is only a html template, so the blog is not functional. Maybe it’s better if you wait for the WordPress version.


This is an absolutely beautiful, clean, crisp theme. Do you plan on adding a gallery section to this?


You can add your own screenshots, but I’m not planning at the moment adding a gallery. But I’ll consider it for a future update.

Great theme but the contact form works not on my server displaying:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in process.php on line 221

I didn’t changed a single line in that file – except the mail-adresses.

Do you know how to fix that? I can’t find the bug?


This should be an issue on your host provider site, you have to contact them an show this error.

Good evening from California. I am evaluating several themes at the request of a client. To that end, I have a few quick questions that I hope you can answer for me:

  1. Single page scrolling templates are great for story telling segments but not for a whole site of this size. Is mixing story-style pages (single page, parallax) with standard single-page sections (page.php) supported?
  2. Is it possible to create multiple parallax sections or is that a home page only feature?
  3. Are bulky JS files conditionally called on a page? Loading up the entire JS and CSS library for a slider on a single-post blog page is a waste of processing power.
  4. Does the theme use a hook/action model for child themeing or is it a get_template_part() model? Or is the code all inline in a few large files?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Without access to the theme code, it can be difficult to evaluate the flexibility and quality of a commercial product before purchasing it.

Best Regards, Ian Armstrong / Imperative Ideas


Sorry, this a static HTML template, the WordPress version will come in 2014.

Dammit… sorry. I assumed my client gave me WP templates and posted a standard set of questions. That makes 4 non-WP templates so far, which would be fine if we were doing a 10-14 hour conversion project. Nice work though.

Here were my notes on your design, for what they are worth. There is some stuff you may want to address in here:

•    Notes: The style of scrolling has some video issues ( on low end video cards. Theme is based on Skeleton, which is an acceptable substitute for Bootstrap and Foundation. Like almost all commercial themes, it uses multiple scripts where it should compact them down to one and neglects to minify assets. CSS transparency feels lazy in places (; 90% of visitors won’t notice. Very 2013 style minimalist theme. Missing four PNG elements, unsure if they are part of the core design. A sampling of PNG images were able to be reduced in size by an average of 77% ( - theme would require optimization for sure.
•    Speed: Aprox 24hr to reply
•    Scripts: 11
•    Stylesheets: 11

Thanks, I will take a look.

Hi Rodrigo. Thanks for this nice theme. Great work.

I noticed two issues with Safari under iOS7, though:
  • The telephone number in the footer is displayed in (almost) the same color as the background (instead of white), making it impossible to read.
  • In iPad, if you jump to a section via menu, the menu items become invisible. As soon as you begin to scroll, they reappear.

Any ideas, how to fix this?



This happens because the iPhone reconizes that as telephone number. I will investigate and come with a solution.

About the menu, yes, that is an issue with the fixed positioning in mobile devices. I’m searching for a better method to implement it.

Hi Rodrigo,

Thank you for your reply. I’m looking forward to the update of your theme.

For the issue with the telephone number, I’ve found in the meantime a workaround that seems to work at least for iOS devises (I hadn’t had the chance yet to check with an Android or Windows device). I added the following lines in the stylesheet (layout.css):

a[href^=tel] { text-decoration:inherit; color: inherit; }

I’m sure you will come up with a more robust solution.