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i would like to buy the product how do i receive it after purchasing it?


After you will buy it you will see download link where you can download package with template and documentation.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

thank you…sure will let u know once i’ve purchase it

Hello Friend! The theme is fantastic, congratulations. What has changed in this latest update? Thanks!

Thanks! I only update prettyPhoto to 3.1.6 version as previous version has xss vulnerability.

I’m going to attempt to add another section to the theme and I was wondering in the media.css file how did you calculate the values (height, top etc) in this bits of code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ #section-wrapper .fancyscroll-section { height: 430px; } #section-wrapper .section-content { max-height: 340px; width: 80%; top: 65px!important; } #section-wrapper #home { top: 0px; } #section-wrapper #about { top: 430px; } #section-wrapper #portfolio { top: 860px; } #section-wrapper #blog { top: 1290px; } #section-wrapper #features { top: 1720px; } #section-wrapper #contact { top: 2150px; } }

PS Absolutely awesome theme btw


all sections have same height, and they go one below another. So, when section is 430px (height) then section below should have “top:” css position set to 430px to put in underneath first section with “top: 0”; Then third section will have top set to 860px. And so on.

Good morning, in this theme is possible to put the menu on the left side? I’m looking for a model with one page, horizontal scrolling, and navigation of the left side of the grid portfolio, this theme has these features? Thank you!

Is it possible put to horizontally scroll?

No, it’s not possible. Site content (sections with animated backgrounds) goes vertically by design.

ok Thank you!

Hi, I can´t install the Theme. WOrdpress says the style.css is missing

Hi! This is HTML Template, not a Wordpress theme.

Can you tell me if it is possible to get a scrolling front image like www.thespottedpig.com?


just checked your site. which image do you mean? site logo or something else?