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Hello, before i buy the theme, i want to ask you if it is compatible with PHP version 5.5 ?

Thanks Dora

Hello, Yes, it’s compatible with PHP 5.2 or later versions.

Hope it helps :)

Thank you very much! Helps a lot :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi, it doesn’t work anymore on chrome. Problems with Page Builder(?) and WooCommerce I think. It doesn’t show the products’s images and in home page after the Rev Slider I don’t see the product carousel, the post carousel, and all of the section. Thank you Camilla

Hello, Can you tell me the things you’ve done before they stops working? please reply through official support tab https://themeforest.net/item/fortun-multiconcept-wordpress-theme/19341019/support .

thank you

Hello, I want to buy your Theme. Just i want to know if you can send me PSD files after i buy. Thank you very much.


Only few demos has PSD files (Demo 1 – Demo 10). I can send you on request through support tab on post purchase.

Hello, I wonder if it’s suitable with the famous email plugin

Yes, It is suitable for almost all email plugins. Can you tell me your name of the plugins ?


Yes, its 100% compatible even theme recommend this plugin for email forms.

Hope it helps :)

WPBakery Page builder error on page after WordPress 5.0 update Thank you for your help.

Now latest version of theme is available on themeforest. Try downloading it.

Which Page Builder is included?

Fortun includes WPBakery Page Builder (formerly visual composer) https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431

Thank you

Full Version? all the time? or is it with a period of validity?

Its bundled so you can activate the product license (you will not have purchase code) and you will not get access to their templates & support. Everything else can be used all time.

Hope it helps :)

importing Demo is taking a lot of time I think is stuck, any ideas how to resolve it?


Can you please send me the complete screenshot of “Fortun/Welcome/System status” through official support tab?

Thank you

Hi Guys, I am trying to register on your support site but its not accepting the purchase code, we purchased the theme in June 2018. I just wanted to see if the Particle background is the only option and if there is any way to edit that or change it to something similar? We just want something that is a bit different from other websites that are using that effect. Thanks


You can simply mail from this link https://themeforest.net/item/fortun-multiconcept-wordpress-theme/19341019/support for queries. btw: I’m really sorry! We can’t change particle background settings at this time.

What version is this?

Are you asking for theme version? If so, its Fortun 1.1.13

Hi, how can I add comment area to singe portfolio post? Thanks, Jenda

Hello, Unfortunately, there is no option to do it. But i can give you a tip to enable comments for portfolio. Can you please contact me through official support tab?

Hope it helps :)

Hello, is it compatible with WP 5.03? Thank you

Yes, its compatible with WordPress 5.0.3. Make sure that you’re using latest version of theme Fortun 1.1.13

Thank you


jkaal Purchased

Could you post the solutions here instead of emails? I read the posts and identify problems that I also have encountered and yet I have to write mails and wait for reply’s when the solutions are known already.

Love this theme. Loaded it on my website but struggling with the mobile site. Mainly the menu. It doesn’t work on my mobile devices. Also having a little trouble with the way it adjusts to the mobile size. Can anyone help?

Just replied. Not sure why we arw having so much trouble with email.

EVERYONE!!! This author is awesome! They have been so very helpful in getting me where I need to be. Highly recommend!!

Thank you so much for your awesome words.


Im looking to purchase “Demo 15 – Agency”. I just wanted to make sure that the $59 is the price for any theme that i purchase? And i can use any theme i wish or the charges are separate?

Thanks a bunch.

Hello, For $59 you can use any demo (mix from multiple demos) content shown here http://demo.agnidesigns.com/fortune/demos/

Hope you can get it now.


anotario Purchased

Good Morning

I am trying to write a new post and I get this message on the screen.

I would appreciate if you could help me.

Thank you!

Warning: a non-numeric value found in /homepages/39/d701877171/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Extraordinary/wp-content/themes/fortun/template/theme-functions.php on line 2144

Warning: a non-numeric value found in /homepages/39/d701877171/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Extraordinary/wp-content/themes/fortun/template/theme-functions.php on line 2146

Can you please send me the complete screenshot of System status (“Fortun/Welcome/System status”) through official support tab?


I can guess this already. But i actually need you to contact through official support tab for detailed interaction. Also i need system status to see your hosting information.

Hope it helps :)


Jordy8 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to make the Page Title in the Page Header an H1 (instead of the current H2 setting)? Thanks!

Yes, can you please contact me through official support tab?

Thank you

Hi. I can’t add WP Bakery elements anymore. It’s because the WP/WP Bakery update?I have to buy the license?


Can you please contact me through official support tab? I will give you recent version of page builder.

Thank you

Hi, love the theme. Which are the minimum PHP requirements? Like the max post size and upload filesize. Thanks!


We recommend you to use PHP version 5.6 or later. max post size & upload size can be 32mb or higher (but it will not affect much on your site, even many servers working with low upload & post size 8mb). You can refer following link for more info http://demo.agnidesigns.com/fortune/documentation/kb/php-server-configurations/

Hope it helps :)