Discussion on Fortuna - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Fortuna - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hello, referring to this screenshot of the main slider


Is it possible to change the idle color and the mouseover color? (different from main background color)

Sure you can do that with plain CSS to mod the styling of your slider.

Can you show us how to do it in unfinity theme?

unfinity theme?

Hi, since the last theme update the addon Parallax & Video Backgrounds is causing on issue with the template. The pics are not visible anymore and the footer on the page has dissapeared. Please advise.

You can update the theme to the latest version, the jquery compatibility issue is fixed in it. :)

Yes!! The issue is resolved. Thank you!

When can we expect a new update of this theme? The main issue is the updates of the plugins like WPBakery Page Builder. The versions before 6.4.1 have a vulnerability, while the version from Fortuna is still 6.2.2. The latest version is 6.5.0.

The plugin updates are available on our support forum! :) http://blueowlcreative.com/support_wp/forums/topic/plugins/ A theme update is also due soon.

I’m managing (updates, security) websites for clients, so I can only update plugins via WordPress, because I don’t have access to their paid theme/plugin accounts. So please update the theme regularly for plugin update, just like most other themes do.


arenash Purchased

Wordpress 5.4.x compatible version installation on local host and theme working fine (everything is editable ) but when we installed theme on live server then Fortuna theme is not working (edit option is there but when i want to save its not saving and gives error that mentioned below )

Unable to update pages, error found ( The page you are trying to access does not exist!………….) Unable to update my footer widget1 text & Logo & its not saving. unable to make changes with revolution sliders? Found Ajax error !!! error!.

How to install my license on the theme FORTUNA?

Hi Arenash,

Most likely something to do with your environment. The theme doesn’t behave differently on localhost/production server. Check your server logs to find out what might be causing the errors. Please send me your URL/user/pass in the forum so I can also take a look. Sorry for the late replies – we have limited support during the holidays.


I am trying to amend the current H1 that is displayed on a single page template so I can amend the title. I have found the code as below which is used to configure the title. Now my question is how can I get it to use a custom field of my choice called “boc_content_main_header”


Hi there,

Do you mean the one within the heading section where the breadcrumbs are? Yes, that’s the spot, basically you would want to replace this:



get_post_meta($post_id, 'YOUR_FIELD_NAME', true);

read more here:


updated to removed

sorry wrong post, do ignore

Hello, suddenly the visual composer no longer works, perhaps because the version installed in the theme is 6.2.0. while the recommended one is 6.5., are new updates planned? Thank you.


You can find the latest plugin versions on our support forum:


b-jou Purchased

Hi! can you explain me why in th import demo about “custom slider” page the last icon go below? in your demo works fine and I no have set anything myself…


Best regards

Hi there,

Add this to your Theme options->Custom CSS:

.cs_nav .span_1_of_6.col { margin-left: 0; }


Hi, in the documentation I did not see info about the subheader menu and if in mobile view it will be displayed in some way or not with the main menu. Please let me know.

The subheader menu was subsequently added. You can display it in mobile by first showing the subheader with some simple CSS… If you need further help and you can’t do this yourself pls open a thread in our support forum with your URL so we can assist you! :)

Hello, is there any chance, how to show template page setting into custom posts? Thank you.

Yes, you should also implement them in the templates that visualize the CPT, though. Check in your \fortuna\includes\meta_boxes.php, around line 123:

'pages' => array( 'post','page', 'product', 'portfolio'),

Add your custom post type there.


Arash72af Purchased

Hi there, i have a problem with your theme which I really don’t know what is wrong, i create a page from scratch, add rows and colums but in the final result the heading is going in the middle of the page which should be on top and the content of the page will be seen twice, the view in edittor is totally fine but not in the page itself, i share the link here maybe you can check this out. http://chistatech.ir/toddler-classroom/

You have the page heading switched off, these are regular rows with text in them… What is the outcome you are after?


Arash72af Purchased

http://phillymontessori.com/toddler-classroom/ yes you are right, I turned off the heading on purpose, I made so many similar pages on the website but this one has this issue and it won’t fix, http://phillymontessori.com/toddler-classroom/

this is the mother website I am trying to make a duplicate.

just look at this page and how it works just fine and the structure is the same: http://chistatech.ir/primary-classroom/

PS: i made this page three times from scratch and having this problem, I would apreciate it if you can help me in some way as long as it doesn’t seem to be a front-end editor problem. thanks in advance

Ok, I still don’t get what you are trying to achieve, in both links I see custom rows with Headings in them that act as custom page headings. Tell what you are trying to do and why you cannot do it, please…

Hey, I have an issue with sitesped on ym site with this script taking a huge amount of time to download – https://www.kevinwiles.co.uk/wp-content/themes/fortuna/stylesheets/fonts/icomoon.woff?mb3b1k it’s been recommended I pre-load those request but as soon as I do this the site breaks any ideas?