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Hello – I’ve been having an ongoing issue with this theme. The transparent header breaks every so often leaving a big white stripe where the navigation and logo are. Re-saving the page seems to fix it for awhile.. My site in question: http://saltedvine.ca/ Trying the preloader. All plugins and VC Bakery builder is up to date… chrome does not like Smoothscroll.js so I disabled it.

Hi there,

You mean like on the About page for example? You don’t have it enabled on the home page, why do you have your default navigation color set to white? Nothing is visible there… Can you point me to a page where the problem is visible?

One more think, not sure if this is the most elegant way to have a row with the background image below the transparent header… Why don’t you instead simply set the background image to your transparent header with CSS by default so you don’t have to add that row on every page?

How do I change the mobile menu color? Right now it’s stuck at white. I’ve tried adding this to my child CSS and it doesn’t seem to work:

mobile_menu ul li a, #mobile_menu ul li a:hover {

background: #1e1e1e; }

Thanks, It worked.

Is there a way to change the color of the 3 menu lines on mobile? (I believe it’s called hamburger style menu..?) Thanks!

Sure, I had it up there as well… :)

.m_nav_ham { background: #fff; }

how to change the color of main navigation bar? please

Hi there, you mean your main header color, the transparent color or the sticky header (that activates once you scroll down)?

You have options for the sticky and transparent headers in Theme options and for main header you can do a simple CSS in your Theme options->Custom CSS:

#header {
    background: yellow;

the list of social media icon not updated. Please try to add more icons, Now how to add additional social media icons?


Which ones are you missing?

Can you please update Parallax & Video Backgrounds for Visual Composer and WPBakery Page Builder for me?

Hi there,

Sure you can find the download links in our support forum! :)

Buenas tardes, compré su tema pero no se como importar el contenido demo y instalarlo. Hay una guía que me indica como pero no me importa el contenido como tal si no solo post

Hi. Can you help me with these questions please?

1. Is there any way to download the demo by theme?

Because I download the 109 pages and to choose one by one is more complex.

What I want is for me to download a single poster, of a single demo and not the 109 pages.

Hey I ask you to help me please because I’ve been trying to start the project for several days but in case I have not been able to do it well, they also take a long time to answer and I could not find a way to send a ticket

Hi there, Sure, I can help you import just a single, page. Which one do you need? Can you email to us via our Profile page’s contact form?

Hi blueowl i need change portfolio in address bar.. how can i change?

Hi there,

You mean portfolio_item slug? If you are just changing just the slug name (portfolio_item) simply change the slug into your \wp-content\plugins\fortuna_portfolio_cpt\fortuna_portfolio_cpt.php

‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘portfolio_item’),

Change the “portfolio_item” to what you like, then flush your rewrite rules (switching back to regular permalinks in – Settings -> Permalinks and then back to the fancy ones should do the job too).

Does this theme allow frontend editing on visual composer?

IT does, but it’s switched off by default as some of the custom elements are not supported in the front end mode. :)

Thanks for the fast response. If I buy the theme will I be able to turn it on and use it? Im building a site for a client and they have to have the ease of editing from the front end.

Hi, yes you will, you simply need to comment out a line in your functions.php file, I will tell you which one exactly. The only drawback will be 15% of the elements won’t be editable in the front end editor, but it’s no big deal as you can manage those in the backend in no time.


Trix20 Purchased

Is it possible to download a particular page from the fortuna theme. For example, if I only wanted to download the services 1 page, is it possible to do that?

I look forward to response. Thanks in advance.

Obviously you will have to add the Media (images etc) as you have not imported them separately but you can do that manually. :)


Trix20 Purchased

Thank you very much for that. Really appreciate it. The theme and the website rebuilding I’ve done for the company has been well received. I may have some general questions in the future as I’ve had a few issues but thanks for the theme.

Here anytime to help out with anything you need! Glad to hear client is happy! :)

When applying the CSS Class “boc_nav_button” to a menu item, any sub items to this menu do not appear correct (rounded frame with white text on white background and a black square just underneath).

Is there a workaround for this or perhaps it is not possible to add that CSS Class to items with a sub menu?

Kind regards,


It is not possible to add subitems to buttons in the menu, a button is only meant there to be clicked. :)

How can I add author name to Post Carousel, in place of date?

You need to override the shortcode_boc_posts_carousel method in your child theme and in it try replacing get_the_date() with get_the_author_meta(“nickname”)

​Hi there, can you gave me the 5.5.2 version of WPBakery Page Builder​?

Sure, we just uploaded it, find the link to it in our support forum! :)

However the latest version at the moment is 5.5.1


before we purchase – is it at all possible to change header fonts to something script-like? Our customer would like to use a script font, but not sure if your theme allow for this.


Hi there,

Sure, you can include whatever font you like and use it anywhere you want. :)

I have a website that was made by a third party and there are updates due. The vc is 5.4.7. and the slider is 5.2.6 will it be safe to update and keep my website in tact to just update to the latest version and buy a new licence. Many thanks

Hi there,

Sure, the theme is compatible with the latest versions of the plugins. You can find the download links in our support forum. :)


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Hi there I just have a stupid question that I can not solve. When I build my site(wordpress+WooCommerce) and enter the product page. When I click product image it opens the image URL (Like :https://youdomain.com/test/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/image_name.jpg)instead of popup image which I see in the demo site. Please advise :)

You might have copied the line with the wrong parenthesis symbol. Make sure you use the ’ symbol from the keyboard instead.


stevenyu Purchased

Just make sure the functions.php is located at host/wp-content/theme/fortuna right?

Sure. The ” and ’ symbols here get changed though, so revert to the default and swap only the 0 to 1 or use the keyboard parenthesis symbols.


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how to make the blog page to be in 3 columns? since post grid are no pagination. so my idea is to make blog page to be in 3 columns


What do you mean? :)


johann21 Purchased

archive from the sidebar. there is a post in year 2018, 2017, 2016 but when you click it you will be redirected to the homepage even though we have post from that date

The archive/category/author blog lists will be using the default index.php template that the default blog is using, have you changed anything in it? I can see the category and author listings work fine…


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It is possible to set a sidebar in the Portfolio Categories and a Portfolio Item? Just like the Woocommerce settings.in Theme Options.

Hi there,

Not out of the box, no. You could override the templates in your Child theme and set them up so that a sidebar is available there, the structure should also be changed though. Good luck!

My site is having some problems loading. My site is https://edkentmedia.com

Actually nevermind. I figured it out

Ok, great! :)

Unable to get the WYSIWYG Front End editor to work with Fortuna Theme & WP Bakery (Visual Composer) – already reinstalled, cut 3rd party plugins, updated, admin permissions, enabled all elements…

THANK YOU (unable to connect with support – Fortuna Theme lisc. not provided)