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nice work :) good luck with the sales :)

Very Good Job, I Like it, GLWS ;)

Thank you :)

Thanks mate :)

Looks great. Congrats :)

Nice Work Great I Like it

Very nice work :)

It looks great bud!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks mate :)

Cool PSD design!

Thank you :)

FANTASTIC job, I love it! I’m gonna wait for WordPress though. Good luck with sales!

Thanks :) it’ll be released in future

Very nice Is the template compatible with mobile browser ?

HI, Yes this PSD design is based on responsive grid so the working version will be responsive too when it comes out. Thanks

hey i want to buy this, so please provide HTML version ,plz,plz,plz ….. and code it from a right person…. please,please,as early as posible

can you suggest me any good developer….

Hey, let me talk to my developers about details and timings then I can tell you about it. Thanks

i will have to wait for 2 month okee! plz try to release it as quick as possible …

and yesss Your Team is Awesome !! great work

Clean User Interface. Nice Work!

GLWS! :)

nice work! Which forum software/plugin would it be coded for when you release it?

Hi, I really don’t have any idea about it, but I’m trying to contact few developer who can give me the details. I’ll keep you updated here once I get the information. Thanks

Html version will be great! Nice job!

Thanks, will work on it in future. :)

what about wp !?

Will work on it in future. :)

its possible open with gimp ? ty

Hi, I tried opening it with gimp, saw this – https://www.dropbox.com/s/e51iyy4pzg88vmr/Capture.JPG#

thanks beautiful girl ;)

ha ha, I’m a man not a girl, but thanks anyway :D

Perfect design, I will wait for WordPress or HTML version to fit perfectly into Psd.


We won’t be making any WP theme or HTML Template out of this PSD template unless we reach a certain sales number and profit so we can invest money to make WP theme or HTML template. Thanks

Thank you, good luck with sales.

Thank you, good luck with sales.