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very nice and clean. good job

Thank you.

Thank you. Nice to hear that you like the template.

I purchased your template and like it very much. I have 2 questions on the main photo slider on the home page. First, how do I slow down the slider? Secondly, it looks like it allows for 6 photos only, how do I allow for more? I’ve got 8 photos that I want to display.

Thank you for your time! Cathy

Hi Cathy.

Thanks for the purchase.

In regards to slowing the slides change. You’ll need to edit the index.html file. In the first JavaScript code there you can see a value “3000”. Bigger that value – slower the sliding. Change it to any value:

}, 3000);

As for the amount of images in the slider. In the index.html file, find the section starting from div class=”panelContainer”. Within that class you can see the list of divs which contain the sliding images. Just copy the last div with all its contents and add just after the div you’re copying.

Then simply write the image name in img src=”img/image1.jpg”. In fact you can add unlimited images, not just 6.

Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you once again.

What fonts was used? Also you didnt slice this template?

Hi and thanks for the purchase.

The list of fonts is available on the product page:

Diavlo II, PT Sans Bold, PT Sans Regular, Verdana

The PSD file is completely sliced.


Hi, Great theme, this might be a no brainer but I cannot find where to direct the contact us page to my email address.


Hello and thanks for your purchase! Unfortunately the template does not have a built in e-mail sending functionality. It just has a contact form validation feature. You’ll need to write the mail sending functionality in the programming language you’re using to create the site (PHP, ASP .NET, etc.).