Discussion on FullPage - Fullscreen One Page Template

Discussion on FullPage - Fullscreen One Page Template

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marcusg Purchased

Found an “issue”... I’m just modifying the “full-page-business.html” demo… Take that first slide and flip it with any other slide below it and the RIGHT arrows of all slides disappear. It’s like there HAS to be a slide with a RIGHT arrow at the top of all the slides for any of the others to work. Is that the case, or am I doing something wrong. Again, you can use your business demo template to replicate just move the entire <section> down replacing any <section> below it. Thanks!

Ok thanks. Please use this CSS and the arrows will be always visible:

.fullpage-arrow .arrow.right, .fullpage-arrow .arrow.left { opacity: 1 !important; visibility: visible !important; }


marcusg Purchased

Shows on both sides of the screen now instead of just the side needing the arrows, but least they show, thanks :)

Yes but it works now . Thank you!


marcusg Purchased

So I’ve found an issue. You can replicate it on your demo that I didn’t notice prior to purchase…

Open your business demo: http://templates.framework-y.com/fullpage/demos/full-page-business.html#section-1

On that first slide, click the RIGHT arrow… So now you should be on “Latest News” with an arrow going LEFT.

Scroll DOWN one slide, then back up to the previous slide. The LEFT arrow is gone and now you have no way to return to the starting place.

You can replicate it again on section 2 “Services”, scroll RIGHT, then scroll either up or down, and the LEFT arrow is gone but the RIGHT arrow remains. But again no way to go back to the previous slides.

The only way to fix it is to refresh the browser window, which I don’t really want to tell visitors to do.

Hope this can be fixed as its breaking the very essence of the theme.

HI replace the file scripts/jquery.fullPage.min with this: https://www.dropbox.com/t/YwtSoaj6C7MRwoHa

marcusg Purchased

Groovy, the demo is working perfectly now. Thanks for your help! Yes I’ll definitely assign a good rating to the product!

Thank you!

HReally a very good job with many possible combinations. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep the main navigation visible on mobile devices. I tested all templates with navbar-fixed-top. It only works in the desktop version. Of course that’s not a good thing. On the smartphone you have to scroll all the way to the top again and again. Where could there be a change? Many thanks for the help. Regards tobcontributorello

Hi please ask the refund from the link below and I will accept it now: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new (or https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new). Thank you!

Showing a menu on mobile is possible but support does not cover help in creating it sorry. Regards


tataev Purchased

The archive could not be installed. The theme is missing style.css stylesheet.


You bought the HTML version instead of the WordPress version, if you want to switch to the WordPress version you need first to buy it at https://themeforest.net/item/fullpage-fullscreen-multi-concept-theme/20370784 and after the purchase you can contact us again here and we will give you the full refund of the HTML version.

Thank you!


could you provide an update for boostrap 4 or 5 ?

thanks !

Hi, we are not planning such update for now sorry :(


Sorry for my english, I use translator.

I ran into a problem. If the browser made to the width of the phone or tablet, then when you return to the version for wide devices, the layout of the menu and full-screen sections break. Could you fix it?

1 – first load https://c2n.me/46RMD4Z 2 – changed to phone https://c2n.me/46RMNMs 3 – changed to desktop https://c2n.me/46RNhPR

Ok sorry, this feature is not available but you can add it via JS or I can do it for you but there are extra costs (10USD)

For what? It will be stock option, if in descriptions says: “adaptive”.

Again, it is fully adaptive. If you really do not understand that no one will never resize the browser, and so you want a customization, that something not included in the support. Anyway again, your request is not sense due it does not have any application in the real world.

Hey there! I’m trying to make some adaptations to the templates, specifically the fullpage-skyline. Is there any manual to help me change the column scheme and make captions for the images? Thanks in advance.


Is it possible to use parallax on each section? And on the first section it would be a video background

Maybe the second section must not be parallax, do some test and you will see immediately

I have downloaded FullPage – Fullscreen Multi Concept Theme , APP template Added main menu but not displayed on home page, kindly help

how do i change menu links from section links to page links

Hi, you need to edit the sections ID by click the Setting box from the top right gear icon of the section. Then change the menu anchor and you’re done ;)


I have bought your template and i have tried to run it using an nginx server.

The whole website load fine with animation and stuff. However, all the images are grey for some reason. from the webtool all the images have a 200 code.

Is there a pre required step to run this?


The images are not included into the download due to copyright reasons (almost all the themes do the same). But don’t worry I can send you privately, just contact me at support@schiocco.com

Thank you!

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your html template. Does it come with a working contact form?

Hi, I just downloaded the template and I saw the HTML CODE IS UNDER GPL LICENSE. I might refund this item if I should open my full code because of this license.

Hi, I think there is some misunderstanding here :) the code of the framework is GPL, this not mean that your products are GPL. Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to open anything ;)

Sothing problem on clean version.

hi have a look at your clean version,

there is an error with the sorthing. whenever you look at catgory 3 it shows 2 items on page 1 and 2 items on page two? how can i fix this so the 4 items get displayed on the first page?

kind regards, Max

Hi, Yes, unfortunately it’s a know bug not jet solved.


1. Don’t use filters and pagination together.

2. Use Load more instead.

3. Use the TABS container and into every tab insert the GRID of the relative category

Thank you!

Hi, you have an example for me?

Hi. Love the concept of full page. One question… I see there are no dropdown menu items. Are dropdown possible with this template?

Hi, Thank you! Yes you can create a dropdown menu on top ;)

Hi thanks for making this template. I’m looking to place my own images on it. But I need to make about the same effects on them otherwise my images don’t look good. Do you have any directions to help me what effects I should look for in my image editing software?

Hello, I have just bought a theme. It is impossible to install him. Indeed, there is no file index.php and during the installation of the theme he put me everything in error. Can help me? My request is rather urgent …

Cordially Yours


I have a question. I’m trying to manipulate the header background color for some sections; I know there is a onLeave callback function but I don’t know where to put it.

The home section has a transparant background but other sections should have a background color.

Where should I add this callback? Is there any general JS script file where you initialize the FullPage script?

Thx & Grts!

Hi, it’s really hard to read any code in a min file. Is there any way I can get a normal code file ?

Only the top part should be minified, the bottom part no. If yes you can use the scripts of /source folder.

Oh yes you are right. Thx!

Hi, i’m currently editing the full page template. To be precise; the business template and in the “events” section you have a: Multi service box carrousel according to the framewrok Y. I need to make the image that appears on the multi service box: A lightbox / scroll box, I’ve tried to add the line of code from the lightbox section from framework Y but it doesn’t work because of the Id and class tags. Could you please explain to me how to do it or a solution to this. Thanks a lot


So you want that when user click a event a lightbox with text and other contents is showed?

You must add class: lightbox only and should work. If you have the site link I check. Thanks

Hello. I really like this template and the framework, but I have a question: do you have a css utility/class to place container in the “corners” of a “full page” ? I mean for example, top right, bottom left, etc. I setup my div with absolute position but maybe you have a more elegant way. Thanks.


Thank you! There are top and bottom areas, inside it you can set a container and right left areas. But are relative to the single section so are not always visible. If you need always visible you can try to put them at top, inside the main fullpage container, before the sections.

The doc for top and bottom areas is here: http://www.framework-y.com/templates/fullpage/template-fullpage-documentation.html#fullpage-sections

Thank you


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