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Nice design! Good luck! :)

Thanks mate :)

Great clear desing, Good luck! If you build a responsive template i will buy ;o)!

Well, I don’t know anything about programming :( maybe I’ll contact a good programmer and make the responsive template version later.

Nice Work Bro!!!

Thanks mate :D

very good~!!0

Thank you :)

Are the icons paid icons?

I made those icon specially for the website, feel free to use those icons when you purchase the theme.

Do you have a HTML version of that template ?

Sorry, no, I’m still looking for programmer to code it

ok, keep me inform and I will buy it ;)

Does not coded ? :(

working on it, I’ll let you know when it arrive :)

any info about a coded version, I love the design great work!

I just mailed you about it.

For anyone looking for an HTML Version of this Template: We are working on it!

Take a look at the current Progress

Please let me know if you have a time range of when the HTML version will be comp,tee and if there will be a Wordpress version. Thanks!

Hi, only one programmer is working on this template. That’s why it’s taking some time. also it’s a little complicated design. I’ll let you know when the HTML arrives, thanks :)

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. Any chance for wordpress version? Just confused if the html is just a template or also has the functionality.

It’ll be full functional.

I`m looking for a wordpress theme for a gameing mod website. Your design is perfect, but i don`t know how to make the theme. Maybe you could make a wordpress theme and i assure you that people will buy it.

Hope to see the wordpress theme soon.


I’m sorry, there will be no Wordpress version, I’m a designer only guy but the guy I’ve contacted to make the theme is not doing well. So I can’t promise you. :(

Thank you for your quick reply. I`m interesed in functionallity more than design. If i`ll find someone to do the functionality i`ll definitevly buy the template.

Sorry for bad english.

Hey, we are already making the HTML version, please wait few days. It’ll be available soon. Thanks

How long does it take for finishing the HTML Template ?

Sorry, the development process of this template is dead :( nobody want’s to work on it anymore. kind of big work for programmers. :(

Real shame this project died. The design is beautiful hopefully it’ll get coded eventually.

of you are done yet. I want to have it. I can see the demo version does not?

wordpress version?

Hey, there’s no wordpress version available for this theme.