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Discussion on Gecco Shop

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Hello, I installed the theme for OpenCart, okay, now I upgraded to 1.5.6 and shows error with muose above items on the home page (site http://www.vinidellemarche.com), how do I fix? (error remains even if I upgrade to – – – Also, if I upgrade to version 2 the site is not visible, only error messages, exists update theme for OpenCart version 2.0? Thank you.

You have to reupload controller files from theme folder.

Also, if I upgrade to version 2 the site is not visible, only error messages, exists update theme for OpenCart version 2.0?

Unfortunately not.

and i just want to clarify, can i replace head background with slideshow instead?

No, it’s impossible.

Unfortunately not.


how to I integrate meta keywords for the start page, what would be the correct sql group and id?

You get the option for the config_meta_description within general settings but not keywords, which I think is still important compared to the sites content.

Any help on this? Searched a while online but couldn’t find anything.


It’s a big customistation, don’t expect that somebody will do it for $32.

why would it be that big, the source code is already giving a keyword value, it just needs to be put as a sql, basically the same than a category or product has. If that’s not possible what about a simple if else code within the php temp? Well seems as I have to figure it out by myself then…thanks

Maybe not big but there will be at least 1 hour of work which is not covered by support. I can help with tiny (1-2 minutes of work) customisations. You can just paste php code into tempate file in opencart.

Hi, very nice theme indeed. But I’m disappointed “Customer Reviews & Testimonials”, “Ready to Buy Sets”, and “News” in the front page are static and not editable from the admin; a backend demo would be useful. No mini-cart too. Regards

Hi How to show japanese symbol ¥ currency in main price?



Go to System -> Localisation -> Currencies and create new currency.

Now go to Settings -> Local -> and change currency,

i do it,but dont show jus the number price,this is the link,


Then it’s not a theme issue, check a default opencart theme.

Also check my e-mail

Hi again,

is there a possible way to create a mobile page for this template? Would love to enable my cst a way for more comfort on a smartphone/tablet.



Unfortunately I don’t have such plans.


first off, well made template, looks great.

Now I have modified and personalized it a lot already but am looking to get the percentage of the discount on the product category overview where you have that red sale icon.

Can you help or give any hint on how to realize that? We have a lot of offered discounts and it would benefit a lot if you already see how much disocunt it has before even making the final click on the item.

Thank you, cheers, Mo

Unfortunately it’s not an easy work. Check this – http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=12224&p=60633#p60774

this will fit the standard template but not the gecco one? At least the coding is different. However i get the point, thought there must be something existing already, cant be the only one who would like to see that.

Will check during the week, must be around this: <?php if ($product[‘special’]) { ?> Sale <?php } ?> unfortunately not much time, thought when purchasing there are some benefits of special requests ;)

thanks anyway!

It should be pasted inside product/category.tpl after:

<?php echo mb_substr(strip_tags(html_entity_decode($product['description'])), 0, 112)."..." ?><br />


I had just purchased your theme, but I have some error message appear on top ..

Do kindly view the website @ www.sillusion.com.sg/yoke/

Hope to hear from you soon. Great thanks in advance.

will like to change it to a square. hope to hear from you soon.

Check in documentation – Where to change product’s thumbnail sizes on the category products listing and frontpage?

Great Thks!!!!

I have question : at front where is Featured Products and on the pictures is like star with price bet problem is there is no space for all price like 125,00CHF so price almost disapare. How i can fix that?


Again great theme.

Thanks for this link on how to disable the store site wide.

How can I disable the store just on the information page layout?

So I can use the information-category pages as information pages. I want to do this because the infomation-category page has meta data and sub menu option without hard coding.

Thank you,


Hi, Sorry for the delay, Yes that’s correct, is their anyway of removing the cart from one category page template ie. category/design/layout override/information

Because category pages have meta data and information pages don’t. And category pages can have child menu.


No, because there is no unique selector for this page.

Ok, thanks for your response.

Hello there,

I saw that your theme supports “selling digital goods”. Would you please let me know “how it works’? Because I am going to sell “digital goods such as website template, etc”.

Thanks, Jooneth


User after successful payment can go to account and download file.


I would like to decrease the size of the review box that is displayed on the product page, as it goes too far over to the right (see example below)


I imagine that there is a setting somewhere in the stylesheet to set the width or introduce a right hand margin for this area, but I cannot find it. If someone could tell me how to do this, it would be much appreciated

Many thanks!


Add it to the stylesheet.css

#reviews-container { width:90%; }
Hello, How do I make my category section in the sidebar look like the demo?

Thank you, Sharon


Open catalog/view/theme/geccoshop/css/stylesheet.css and paste following code:
ul.box-category li ul { margin-top:15px; }

Hello, I have been working with the theme and the site is progressing nicely.

I have a question regarding changing the #common-home #header-background to SLIDER. I have followed the instructions in the post: http://themeforest.net/item/gecco-shop/discussion/1208592?page=1#comment_1627426

Now what do I do? Where do I put my new images for the slider?

Thank you, Sharon


Check Slideshow module.

Hi Diabolique, I actually want to CHANGE THE HEADER IMAGE and install a slideshow.

This adds a slideshow UNDER the header image.

Is it possible to have a slideshow instead of a single image in the header? thank you,

No, there will be too much work. I posted solution in previous comments but it was different slider.


I can’t find the Item Purchase Code in order to post on support page. I found a very very serious bug on version. If a customer creates an account and then makes an order, no order is created! If the customer choses to create an order without making an account, the order is created. I switched back on default version and this one is working fine.

Later edit – I found the licence, therefore I will post the comment there as well


Support for OpenCart and Shopify themes is provided in the comments section on ThemeForest.

There is no problem on my test shop. I can send you a link so you can check it self. It can be caused by some vqmod, usually vqmods are not compatible with 3rd party themes. Also I suggest to upgrade your opencart version to v1.5.5.1

thank you for the check. I solved it by upgrading instead of trying to figure out what the issue might be…


I am hoping you can help me with a few questions. I am new to the Gecco theme (website building in general) so sorry if my questions are very simple…

1). How do I position the main background image on the home page?`- I wish to bump this down a few lines

I tried the command ”#background-position: 5px 25px;” but this had no effect – it fact I lost the semi transparent box behind the “Home, My Account…”

I wish to keep the semi transparent box and simply push the image down the page say 1cm

2) How do I make the main menu bar – with the OpenCart categories – deeper? My categories go onto a second line. Even with reducing the names a little, I am going to need 2 lines

I would have thought that this was a very simple change – what would I need to do and where?

3) The block behind the “Welcome to….” message. It is a little transparent – how do I go about making this more transparent, even changing the color?

Again, I am unsure where I need to look

As I said, sorry if these are real “schoolboy” questions!

Thanks in advance



1. Just upload a new background image with a white strip on the top

2. Decrease spacing between each menu #categories ul li { ... margin:0 0 0 35px;

3. Replace this image /image/bg-transparent1.png

Thanks for the replies Diabolique.

1.I had already thought of the idea of the white strip at the top of the image as a work around. So, are you telling me that the only solution for the image question is to modify the image?

2. Yes I can change the spacing between the categories, but I am certain they will still go onto 2 lines – I am sure that I am not the first person to ask or need this flexibility. Again are you telling me that the theme cannot handle this?

Is this menu bar not simply an image, that could be altered, like the bg-transparent1.png you mentioned? If it’s not, would it be possible to amend the code to make it an image, which will allow for the greater flexibility needed by me (and I am sure others will appreciate)

3. Thanks will try updating bg-transparent1.png

1. You can replace it #header-background { ... background-position: top center; ... } for #header-background { ... background-position: 100px center;

2. It’s an image:
#categories-container { width:900px; height:34px; background-image:url("../image/bg-categories.png"); background-repeat:no-repeat; }


Thank you for your quick reply. Thats where we have uploaded the template. We have even gone and created a .PNG file in opencart/image/template to force it into the list and it still does not work. Do you have any other ideas?



Try to install another opencart for testing only.


We have downloaded the theme and have ben trying to upload it for some days now however have been constintly running in to problems. We can get the theme on to the server in the right directory however when we go to the opencart admin panel to try and activate the theme is does not show up in the list of themes. I am not sure however we have opencart 1.5.5 and the themes that we got only went up to 1.5.4 could this be the problem?

Kind Regards


Theme must be here – catalog/view/theme/geccoshop/

Hello, My client would like to have a “Catalogue” site WITHOUT cart and prices, etc. Is this easy to do or would you be able to supply code for me to make this possible? Thank you for your assistance, Sharon

Thank you. I look forward to working with your theme! :-)


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